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    Practice Speech-boosting Exercises at Home during this Pandemic!

    Every child is different. There are no parenting manuals for your child. Even deciding if your child...

    Using Coffee Sediment to Purify Water, an Active Research at the Nanotechnology Laboratory

    Deilyn Ureña, an Environmental Engineering student at the Tecnológico de Costa Rica (TEC), was awarded the CeNAT-Conare...

    Thermal Glasses to Detect Possible Cases of COVID-19

    Every time the world experiences adverse moments, difficult situations, stages of danger, ideas arise, imagination is revealed...

    “BabyCenter”: an Excellent App for Pregnant Women

    “BabyCenter” is an app designed to help pregnant women enjoy those special nine months of their lives....

    Narwix Company Powers Development

    blue whale narwix

    A New App Created By a Talented Costa Rican Allows You to Find Your...

    A talented young Costa Rican, Jonathan Martinez, from Santa Ana, recently created a website with the intention...

    Main technological trends for 2020.

    Technology has changed the world in many ways in recent decades and it could be said that...

    Franklin Chang Díaz: Astronaut, Engineer, Physicist, Entrepreneur

    To say anything about Franklin Chang is to fall short. The astronaut with more space missions (seven, between 1986 and 1992)

    Google: a Digital Corporate Giant with Very Humble Beginnings

    The foundation and expansion of "Google" is the classic history of the Silicone Valley
    How Digital Technology Aids in Costa Rican Schools

    How Digital Technology Aids in Costa Rican Schools

    Computers, smartphones, video beams, digital cameras or calculators are some of the many tools currently available

    Keep Track of Your Little Ones With a GPS Tracker

    This watch has become fashionable in the first communions, on birthdays and many of the parents consider buying it for the summer

    Check Out Some Of The Hottest Technology Trends For 2020

    The technology sector is the one that will present the most news, all of them designed to make our daily lives easier

    Smart-Home Technology: Making Our Lives More Practical and Efficient

    We cannot deny that technology is already present in our homes more than we can imagine and has greatly facilitated everyday activities thanks

    Using Digital Technology To Boost Your Business

    Today's societies are increasingly determined by technological advances. In recent decades, technology has advanced by leaps and bounds transforming our environment almost completely.

    5 Interesting Facts about the Use of Internet in Costa Rica

    The use of the Internet in Costa Rica is consistently growing and projected with advanced levels of acceptance and adaptation. In this...

    Internet and Digital Technology to Further Costa Rica's Education

    Some schools have taken on the challenge of implementing educational proposals with new technologies, from the use of mobile devices to the use of computer labs in a much more integrated way

    Costa Rica Leads Latin America in Technology And Innovation

    Our country was among the middle-income economies that exceed in innovation in relation to their level of development, being the only country...

    Costa Rica Begins Switchover From Analog To Digital TV

    Nowadays television is a fact of life for billions of people. Since it was invented `the box' has become an enormous success.

    The New OCR Technology Available for Google Photos and Google Lens App’s In All...

    One of the best things that Google Photos has created is its powerful search tool. It automatically recognizes objects places, pets, events or even people events in the image gallery

    Costa Rica Promotes Its First “Green Technology” Fair

    The 1st International Fair of Green Technologies in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (FIVERAC) was held at the Costa...

    Solar Energy in Costa Rica, Its Present Status and the Aim for Future Growth

    Everything has a purpose in life, which is why from The Costa Rica News (TCRN), we want on this occasion we want...

    Is Social Media Bringing People Together or Tearing Them Apart?

    We live in an era of hyper connectivity, where we can communicate by video or text with our friends and family anywhere...

    Costa Rica Moves Forward by Betting On 5G Technology

    The 4th Industrial Revolution is a phenomenon around the world and Costa Rica does not shy away from it. That is why...

    Columbian ‘Talking with Julis’ Software Breaking Down Communication Barriers

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) - People with some degree of hearing impairment can communicate without an interpreter through a software developed in Colombia...

    Microsoft Donates $1.4 Million to Train Latin American Youth

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) - The technology company Microsoft has announced an investment of $1.4 million in 2014 to improve training and employment...

    Facebook Introduces Hashtags on Their Content

    .The Costa Rica News (TCRN) - The big social media company recently enabled the use of hashtags on posts and comments. A hashtag is a...

    MEP announces plan for accessible technology in rural areas

    The project aims to equip rural students and teachers with computers, connect them to the Internet, and provide training.

    New Apple app broadcasts technology news from Costa Rica

    Companies and organizations should look at this trend as a clear opportunity to develop such applications and thus support their marketing objectives.

    Foursquare gaining popularity with Costa Rican consumers and businesses

    The concept of Foursquare is already prompting some Costa Rican businesses to give special offers and promote themselves within it.

    Costa Rican Students Go to International Science & Engineering Fair

    Five projects involving solar energy conversion, robotics, biological disease control and a device for teaching music, will represent Costa Rica in the fourteenth edition of the International Intel Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) from May 9 to 13 in Los Angeles, California.
    Costa Rica participates in global science and technology meeting

    Costa Rica & Brazil Cooperate in Nanotechnology & Aerospace Engineering

    Costa Rica and Brazil took the first steps to reach a bilateral agreement that would allow both nations to mutual cooperation in the development of nanotechnology, the space industry and in other areas of mutual interest.

    Google tries where others failed: shaking up TV biz

    (Reuters) - Google TV, a service that will bring the Web to television screens, is likely to create more headaches for broadcast and cable...
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