A Contingency Plan can Shield Your Venture against Technological Blackouts, Expert Advises

    Additional communication mechanisms and a backup of vital data is essential to face situations such as the one that occurred with Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram recently

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    Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp have become engines for many companies and enterprises that use these platforms to market their products and maintain contact with their customers, which is why the blackout for more than six hours last week caused a break in these processes.

    Although these situations occur sporadically, the general manager of Atty Cyber, Hernando Segura and an expert in the area, explained that it is necessary for companies to protect themselves against these types of setbacks.

    “We must prepare in our lives so that something like what happened can happen to a greater extent. The more we are accompanied by technology, the more possible this type of blackout is”, commented the specialist. “Companies must know what data or systems they depend on to function and take on the task of protecting it,” he added.

    Additional communication mechanisms

    Segura pointed out that you have to have additional communication mechanisms to be prepared and always have a backup of vital data for the company. The expert recalled that today many entrepreneurs depend on social networks such as Instagram or Facebook, to manage their business, sell products and make them known. This is why it is recommended that employers have a defined line of action in the event of a problematic situation.

    “You must have a business continuity plan, which tells me what to do when a risk situation that I have already identified materializes, what are my plans to have a plan B to continue complying with the business”, concluded the specialist.

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