Best Places to Live in Costa Rica’s Central Pacific: A Comparison for Expatriates

    According to the International Monetary Fund, Costa Rica boasts the second largest share of foreign-born population in Latin America, withan average of 10% of...

    Best Places to Live in Costa Rica’s Central Pacific: A Comparison for Expatriates

    According to the International Monetary Fund, Costa Rica boasts the second largest share of foreign-born population in Latin America, withan average of 10% of...

    Digital nomads: Joining a community might be the solution to avoid loneliness and enhance work connections

    Nowadays, in all parts of the world, there is a notable shift in preferences regarding work conditions. In fact, we can observe an increase...

    Remote Work in the US: These are the Opportunities for Costa Ricans

    Remote work has established itself as one of the preferred options for numerous transnational companies. This trend, which has been gaining momentum in Costa...

    Being a Digital Nomad Expat, the Ideal Lifestyle?

    Living as an expat and a digital nomad simultaneously is a unique and fulfilling experience.

    If Moving to Costa Rica Embrace an Eco-friendly Lifestyle

    Following an eco-friendly lifestyle is a conscious choice that anyone can make to reduce their impact on the environment and promote sustainability. By adopting...

    Teleworking Can Reduce to Halve Your Carbon Footprint Compared to Going to the Office

    Teleworking, can reduce the carbon footprint by up to 58% compared to that of those who go to the office, according to a study...

    Remote Work Productivity Revolution: Longer Hours, Higher Efficiency, and New Challenges

    Remote work has undergone a significant transformation over the past few years. While some employers were initially hesitant about the effectiveness of remote employees,...

    The Changing Face of Digital Nomadism: 5 Archetypes of Digital Nomad Lifestyle

    The digital nomad lifestyle has gained unprecedented momentum, capturing the imagination of millions worldwide. As the desire to embrace location-independent work soars, researchers have...

    Enhancing Well-being: Digital Nomad Retreats for a Balanced Lifestyle

    In today's fast-paced and demanding work environments, burnout has become a prevalent issue, affecting two-thirds of full-time employees at some point in their careers....

    Thriving in Costa Rica: Building a Supportive Network as a Digital Nomad

    Being a digital nomad in Costa Rica offers a multitude of opportunities for personal and professional growth. From breathtaking landscapes to a vibrant culture,...

    Becoming a Digital Nomad: How to Embrace Location Independence

    In an increasingly interconnected world, the traditional nine-to-five office job is no longer the only option for professionals. The rise of remote work and...

    Living the Digital Nomad Lifestyle: Costa Rica’s Hotspots for the New Generation Workforce

    The digital revolution has given rise to a new wave of young remote workers. These trailblazers are breaking free from the traditional office cubicle,...

    The Digital Nomadic Movement: Alternative Lifepaths, Growth and Challenges in the Global Context

    Reports from the Global Business Travel Association and Fragomen's World Immigration Trends Report project that the number of digital nomads is on track to...

    Hostels: A Lucrative Real Estate Investment in the Era of Global Remote Workers and Digital Nomads

    In recent years, the world has witnessed an incredible rise in the number of remote workers and digital nomads. This transformative movement has not...

    Costa Rica Is the Leader in Central America and Fifth in Latin America with More Digital Nomads

    Costa Rica is first in Central America and fifth in Latin America with the most digital nomads according to the page.

    Guide for Being a Digital Nomad in Costa Rica

    Costa Rica is a popular destination among digital nomads. It offers flexible opportunities for workers to stay there.

    What Costa Rica’s Digital Nomad Visa Means for Remote Workers

    Remote work has been around for a while, but lately, it has been getting more attention from companies. It is any work that you can do in a location outside of an office setting.

    These Are the Areas In Which Costa Rica Should Invest To Consolidate The Attraction Of Digital Nomads

    The approval of a law, a visa, and regulation for digital nomads is the bet that Costa Rica must make to compete and position itself as an ideal destination

    Central America Launches Initiative in Search of European Digital Nomads

    The Central American Tourism Promotion Agency (CATA) has launched a campaign to attract digital nomads to the region

    Costa Rica Can Improve Connectivity and Experiences to Attract More Digital Nomads

    Improving internet connectivity on the coasts and mountains, and offering differentiated services and experiences will attract more digital nomads

    Workplace Ecosystems is the Real Opportunity for Attracting Digital Nomads to Costa Rica

    While people will change to balance the office, home and third places, the office will continue to be a fundamental engine of culture

    Costa Rica is Positioned as the Best Option for “Digital Nomads”

    Although the Covid-19 pandemic encouraged a digital wave that consolidated remorte working as a temporary option for company employees

    Costa Rican Institute of Tourism Creates Exclusive Informative Microsite for Digital Nomads

    Foreigners who define themselves as digital nomads and who wish to visit Costa Rica to telework and do tourism now have a specialized

    All You Need to Know About the New Digital Nomad Visa in Costa Rica

    Costa Rica will host digital nomads under a new tourist visa. This after a process that culminated in the signing of the Law...

    Requirements to be a Digital Nomad in Costa Rica: Income of $3,000 and Payment of $190

    those people who wish to come to Costa Rica and take advantage of the law can already do so

    Regulation for Digital Nomads is Ready and Will Be Signed into Law Very Soon in Costa Rica

    the Digital Nomad Regulation would be ready, which would allow the formal arrival of remote workers

    Costa Rica Will Point to the United States as the Main Market for Digital Nomads

    Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) after the signing of the regulations to Law 10,008, "Law to Attract Remote Workers

    Explaining Costa Rica’s Remote Work Revolution

    Costa Rica generated a significant demand for remote workers during the height of the coronavirus pandemic, and this appeal has endured

    Why Hire Digital Nomads And How To Attract Them?

    A digital nomad is a professional who uses the internet as their work tool and thanks to this they can work remotely. Faced with...

    How to Convert From Remote Worker to Digital Nomad?

    igital nomads are professionals who, through technological tools, can work while moving around different places and cities around the world.

    Digital Nomads: A Trend that is Here to Stay

    Get up. Go to the workplace. Comply with the working day. Back home. And every day, start over.

    Costa Rica And Panama Among The Best Countries In The World For Digital Nomads

    Costa Rica and Panama were ranked among the 10 most attractive countries in the first 'Travel and Work Index' developed by Kayak, the travel...

    Costa Rica Advances With Legislation to Attract Digital Nomads

    We have been emphatic in what has been the evolution of remote working and the important role of the so-called digital nomads throughout the world, today Costa Rica.

    Resonance Reinforces Law of Attraction for Digital Nomads to Costa Rica

    Infrastructure provided by Wellness Resorts such as Resonance facilitate the development of the strategy for attracting digital nomads proposed in the country by providing...

    Attention Digital Nomads of the World: Costa Rica Awaits You with Open Arms

    On September 1st of the current year, Law Number 10008 was finally put into effect in Costa Rica, called “Law to attract workers and...

    Requirements for being a Digital Nomad in Costa Rica

    As a solution to economic reactivation, on August 11th, the “Law to attract workers and remote service providers of an international nature” (No. 10,008)...

    Digital Nomads Already Have a Legal Framework to Use Costa Rica as Their Workplace

    The President of the Republic, Carlos Alvarado, and the minister in charge of the Tourism sector, Gustavo Segura, signed the Law last week to...

    Costa Rican Tourism Sector Applauds the “Digital Nomads Law” but Acknowledge That an Optimal Internet Connection Must be Guaranteed

    The Costa Rican National Chamber of Tourism (Canatur) celebrated the sanction of the “Digital Nomads Law” after an act held this Wednesday at the...

    20 Thousand Digital Nomads Per Year Would Leave $ 1 Billion to the Costa Rican Economy, Says Tourism Institute

    According to the Minister of Tourism, Gustavo Segura, with only 20,000 tourists, classified as digital nomads, coming to the country for a year, they...

    Strengthening Internet Connectivity For Attracting Digital Nomads to Costa Rica

    Tourist destinations in Costa Rica are located in coastal and mountainous provinces where access is not always stable and fast. Digital nomads leave the...

    Law To Attract “Digital Nomads” Strengthens The Country’s Tourism Competitiveness

    Law to Attract Remote Workers and Providers of International Services, Costa Rica now has a regulatory framework capable of attracting "digital nomads"

    Garabito in Costa Rica Aspires To Become a Strategic Center for Digital Nomads

    Converting Costa Rica into an ideal destination for digital nomads and being a strategic point for these tourists, promotes the Chamber of Tourism and...

    Costa Rican Congress Approves Benefits For International Digital Nomads

    With 41 votes in favor, Costa Rican deputies approved in the first debate the bill to attract workers and remote service providers of an...

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