Garabito in Costa Rica Aspires To Become a Strategic Center for Digital Nomads

    The “Law to Attract Workers and Remote Service Providers of an International Nature” is now a reality for the country

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    Converting Costa Rica into an ideal destination for digital nomads and being a strategic point for these tourists, promotes the Chamber of Tourism and Sustainable Commerce of the Central Pacific. The organization showed its support for the legislative initiative that seeks that those who bet on remote working in different parts of the world, and put their eyes on the Land of Pure Life.

    It is estimated that on national soil there are already between three thousand and four thousand digital nomads, who, together with their relatives, can generate income in our country of up to ¢ 15 million per semester, according to data from the Costa Rican Tourism Institute. As part of its commitment to contribute to the development of the canton of Puntarenas, the Chamber works to strengthen all services and amenities.

    Destinations par excellence for digital nomads

    “The canton of Garabito has everything and more to become one of the destinations par excellence for digital nomads. The place has excellent Internet connection, impressive tourist attractions and diversity; a first-world gastronomy and a wonderful vocation to attend and satisfy all the needs of visitors. This is key if we want to stand out in a market like this,” said Juan Carlos Chavez, president of the Chamber.

    The project of “Law to Attract Workers and Remote Service Providers of an International Nature”, and which has already passed to the first debate in the Legislative Assembly of the country, seeks to provide different benefits to this group of workers, among which a residence permit stands out. one-year extendable, the possibility of opening bank accounts and using the driver’s license from your country of origin.

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