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    Why Celebrate Thanksgiving in Costa Rica?

    This year, 2022, has been a year of great beginnings in Costa Rica, in all aspects, but there is a very special one and that is that

    Costa Rica and its Historical Richness in Turrubares

    A few days ago, it was learned that through laser mapping, studies and excavations, coordinated by the archaeologist Yahaira Núñez

    Pele’s State Of Health Has the Football World on Tenterhooks

    The former Brazilian player, since September of the previous year, has been fighting against intestinal cancer.

    Resilience in Tourism

    Surely this title caught your attention: “Resilience in Tourism”. In this regard, the term resilience refers to the ability of a person

    Costa Rican Institute on Drugs Defends that the Recreational Marijuana Project RegulatesConsumption in Adults

    Spokesmen for the Costa Rican Institute on Drugs (ICD) appeared last Tuesday at the Environment Commission to give their criteria

    The Oldest Turtle in History Turns 190 Years Old

    Although scientific, the calculation of the age of "Jonathan" is inconclusive. What is known is that this turtle is the oldest living land

    Crocodiles Resist in the “Most Polluted” River inCosta Rica

    Around 2,000 American crocodiles (Crocodylus acutus) inhabit the Tárcoles, which rises in the Central Cordillera, near San José

    Hybrid Work: A Gen Z vs. Baby Boomers Perspective

    Post-COVID, there is no “normalcy” regarding our work situations. With most interactions going digital, hybrid work

    Costa Rican Government Signs Two Decrees With New Immigration Provisions

    The government of the Republic of Costa Rica signed two decrees this past Wednesday, the first modifies the Refugee Regulations

    A Tica Was in Charge of Directing the Pre-match Shows at Eight Games in Qatar World Cup 2022

    Paola Alvarado Freer played professional soccer for several years. She was a national champion and played a Sub 20 World Cup
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    Godfathers of Rock in Los Santos: Anestesia Local: Documentary Film

    In the 1990's in Costa Rica's Zona de los Santos, a rock band called Anestesia Local formed and went...
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