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    Pope Rules Out Investigation Into Canadian Cardinal Accused of Sexual Assault

    "Francis declares that there are not enough elements to open a canonical investigation for sexual assault," a Vatican spokesman said in a statement

    Tourism Entrepreneurs in Costa Rica Continue to Reinforce Their Campaign “Depending On Tourism”

    “I depend on tourism” is the name of the campaign launched by the group of Costa Rican Tourism businessmen in order to educate and raise awareness economic

    Costa Rica Lost More than 1,200 Hectares of Forest Due to Pineapple Activity in 5 Years

    A disappearance of more than 1,200 hectares of tree cover registered in Costa Rica between 2015 and 2019 due to pineapple activity

    Costa Rica Looks towards Asia to Increase Its Foreign Trade

    Another of the steps is to complete the incorporation into the Pacific Alliance, said Chaves. "We recognize that only through united

    Claims About CBD Content in Over-The-Counter Products May be Misleading

    After analyzing more than 100 topical cannabidiol (CBD) products sold in stores and online, Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers have found that the CBD content claim on labels is significantly inaccurate and misleading

    Spiritual Retreat: What is it and Why Do One?

    Let's say you can consider a spiritual retreat as an alternative vacation, do you sign up for the idea?

    Costa Rica’s Commitment: On The Road To Carbon Neutrality

    The scientific evidence currently available has shown that the benefits of decisive early action far outweigh the costs of inaction.

    The World Seeks to Finally Ratify a Treaty to Protect the High Seas

    are today highly threatened by pollution, climate change and new technologies that open the door to mining at the bottom of the oceans

    Poás Volcano National Park Enables New Trail to Attract More Tourists

    With a greater influx of tourists, growth and opportunities are promoted in nearby communities. All these factors favor a greater economic

    New Guidelines for the Entry of Foreigners to Costa Rica Comes Into Force

    According to the Ministry of Migration and Immigration, among the changes are the equalization of the validity of the passport
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    Costa Rica Asks to Evaluate Environmental Risk Before Starting Seabed Mining in International Waters

    The States Parties to the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea have the mandate to guarantee the protection of the marine
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