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    Tico Becomes a Legend by Climbing a Mountain More Than 6 Thousand Meters at Age 75

    In a story full of courage and determination, two Costa Ricans, 75-year-old Daniel Ramírez and Oscar Hernández, set out on an exciting expedition to conquer a mountain.

    Costa Rica Chosen as”Best Latin American Destination” in the “Readers Awards 2023” of National Geographic Travel

    Costa Rica has achieved an important achievement by surpassing prominent destinations such as Colombia, Oaxaca (Mexico), Chilean Patagonia and Ecuado

    Learn How China Promotes the Yuan’s Influence in Latin America

    You may not see it in the price of cars or household appliances in your country, but the yuan, the currency that China promotes

    Costa Rica Recognizes The Leadership Of President Erdogan

    Via social networks, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was in charge of sending a congratulations from Costa Rica to the re-elected Government of Turkey

    Are There More or Less Migrants? Expectation of Costa Rica with regards to Migration Changes in the United States

    During the pandemic, a system called "Title 42" had been applied; this allowed a series of guarantees for people who made irregular income

    If You Want to Apply For a US Visa Soon in Costa Rica, Pay Attention to this Change

    If one of your plans is to apply for a US visa soon, you should take into account that starting next week there will be an important change for all those interested

    United States Sanctions Leader of Hackers Hive, Who Was behind CCSS Attack

    The list of sanctions against Matveet is extensive and includes actions in various fields

    United States Will Force Airlines to Give Extra Compensation for Delays

    A new regulation that will force airlines to grant extra compensation to passengers when they are responsible for delays and cancellations.

    Elon Musk Will Remove Inactive Twitter Accounts

    Through technology based on data recording and Artificial Intelligence, Twitter would be identifying accounts

    Nicaragua Will Use Atomic Energy for Peaceful Purposes, in Cooperation with Russia

    Nicaragua and Russia will implement cooperation in the areas of design, construction and modernization of nuclear research facilities
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    WHO Warns of Health Risks of Sweeteners to Replace Sugar

    Sweeteners that replace sugar would also not help reduce non-communicable diseases (NCDs), such as cancer or diabetes, the report says
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