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There are many different ways of doing journalism. When in 2008 we created The Costa Rica News our purpose was to create a different news source, free from hate and negativity. One that would give every day events a fresh perspective.

At TCRN we share a positive, dynamic, and nuanced perspective on world affairs. We shed light on topics that range from culture, environment, technology and economics to society, politics, and health. Here we take investigative reporting seriously so we don’t shy away from bad news. We just don’t dwell on the dark side of life or seek to exploit it in anyway.

Now, at 10+, TCRN is a fairly young news source, with a readership of about 33,000 and growing subscribers and a sizeable real presence in several social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. We know there’s still a long way to go but we’re getting there.

Today we need a small favor from you. We cherish both our financial independence and your preferences so, even as advertising revenues are not what they used to be, we have decided not to put up any kind of paywall to defray our costs.

So, would you consider helping us funding our effort? We want to keep our content unrestricted and thus give you the possibility to both read and share our views on global matters. We are TCRN and we are looking to change the way you look at news!


Starting at $1USD, any amount you chip in will go a long way towards achieving these goals without affecting the quality of our journalism.