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    How to Buy Bitcoin in Costa Rica in 2021

    The craze of cryptocurrency is real, and a lot of people are looking to invest in it. When it comes to crypto investments, Bitcoin is considered the safest option
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    Best Colleges in Costa Rica

    Costa Rica, a beautiful Latin country south of Panama and a little north of Nicaragua, is ideal for getting an education. Its pristine white sand beaches, surrounding tropical rainforests, delicious food, and fantastic culture make it highly conducive to studying
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    Top Local Destinations

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    “La Ruta” Celebrates 29 Years Conquering Mountain Biking In Costa Rica

    Anyone familiar with Costa Rican sport knows what “La Ruta de los Conquistadores” is, but it was not always like that. “La Ruta” was created in 1993 as an effort to raise awareness about the protection of natural resources, the historical roots of our country and, above all, as a unique sporting event at that time. The idea was born...





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    How to Travel Safely With Pets

    For most of use, our fur babies are part of the family. When traveling our pets can come along, for the most part, if steps are taken to ensure their safety and comfort

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