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    Get To Know the 15 Professions for 2022 with Highest Employment and the Best Salary

    The professions of the future require incorporating technology because financial institutions, the agricultural sector, health, industry and commerce require...
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    Resonance Costa Rica: The Ultimate Experience In Wellness Retreat

    Resonance Costa Rica The Ultimate Experience In Wellness Retreat
    According to a recent study, luxury wellness travel will grow exponentially in the next years; That is why the resorts in this market niche have started hard work to include activities that are exclusive and implicit in their services such as emotions, memories and contact with nature, and in this way differentiate and improve its services


    Job Choices with Math Degree in Costa Rica

    When it comes to studying, it’s always hard to choose what degree to get. In this article, we will consider some benefits of Maths programs and discuss what career options Maths graduates have
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    The BPM Festival Returns to Costa Rica to Celebrate its 15th Edition

    To celebrate its 15th anniversary, the BPM Festival will return to Tamarindo, Costa Rica, from January 12 to 18, 2022 for 7 days and 7 nights with an epic line up that will present the crem de la crem of house, techno genres , deep and more as well as the most outstanding showcases of the underground scene globally. Featuring...





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    The 7 Most Requested Tourist Places in Costa Rica

    Costa Rica is a beautiful country that has attracted the attention of visitors, ecotourists and backpackers in recent years

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