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    Ticos definitely like to dress to impress

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    Maybe we do not think of Costa Rica as a fashion capital of the world like New York or Paris, but Ticos definitely like to impress through their clothing.

    Like every country, Costa Rican fashion has a traditional costume. For women, the traditional garments are a dress with no sleeves, thick, frilly ruffles sticking out from the shoulders, and a long skirt made of flowered and shiny materials. The usual colors are yellow, red, and blue, but any bright color will do. The skirt is very fancy, but from the waist up, the blouse is a plain, white, cotton top. They put a red cloth around the waist, and as a final touch, they put flowers behind their ears.  All in the name of fashion.

    Men´s fashion style is a little simpler, yet still elegant. They wear a long sleeves top, generally white, but it can be any bright color, and long pants preferably the same color as the top.  Like women, they also wear a red cloth tied similar to a cummerbund between the top and the pants. As a final touch, they wear cowboy hats, and a red handkerchief tied around the neck.  And men have their own brand of fashion too!

    These traditional garments are worn only on holidays and special occasions. The rest of the year Ticos, wear day-to-day fashions. What is unusual is that, even though the weather is warm, men generally wear long pants. Unless they are at the beach though, where they can wear shorts.

    Costa Ricans like to dress in good stylish clothing, always clean and unwrinkled, especially the boys and men. Most people wear jeans, tee-shirts, and tennis shoes. More trendy and young people dare to dress in a more European style, in spite of the warm weather.  In any case, Ticos care a lot about their personal appearance, wearing nice, clean clothes.

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