The Age Of Influencers in a Post-Pandemic World

    Today we hear many people say that likes are the metric of vanity and that they do not necessarily convert into sales for brands.

    House of Music in Austria Translates Beethoven’s Deafness Anguish

    This attraction teaches the public how the cochlea ducts work and their role in transforming sounds into nerve messages that reach

    Costa Rican Farmers Learn to Use Natural Inputs for Replacing Agrochemicals

    "Some 5,500 Costa Rican farmers learn to use natural inputs from the same organic waste from their farms and other microorganisms that inhabit virgin forest soils, it is an easy-to-implement and low-cost home technology," explains the agronomist Rolando Tencio. The...

    Costa Rica Stands Out As One of the Countries with Most “Sugar Daddies” In the World

    The fact that some women have a “sugar daddy” or some men, a “sugar mommy”

    Comic Con: 14,000 People Arrived At The Convention Center And The 2023 Edition Date Has Already Been Announced

    Comic-Con Costa Rica, also known as C2CR, is the event that brings together all the fandoms of comic conventions and pop culture.

    Morbius: The New Movie from the Spider Man Universe Makes Two References to Costa Rica

    Morbius, the most recent release from Columbia Pictures and which is part of the Spider Man Universe, makes two references to Costa Rica. The first is when a helicopter appears flying over a dense forest and in one corner...

    Costa Rican Waterfall Sparked the Magic for Joey King’s Engagement?

    On February 2, 2022, Steven Piet proposed to Joey King, and they got engaged. The couple was having a romantic vacation in Costa Rica recently. Joey’s regular updates on Instagram helped get the news out

    Costa Rican Fans Can Vote Up To 25 Times for Their Favorite Singer at the Latin America Music Awards

    Bad Bunny and Jhay Cortez lead the nominations of the seventh edition of the Latin-American Music Awards” (Latin AMAs).

    Costa Rica And Pope Francis Appear in Netflix Documentary

    Stories of a generation with Pope Francis' narrates the lives of different people in the world. Costa Rica tells the emotional story of Don Danilo and his children, natives of Matina de Limón Don Danilo Mena Hernández, 77 years old,...

    “Television De Andalusia”Came to costa Rica Looking for Spaniards Living in Guanacaste and Southern Caribbean

    Andalusian television, Canal Sur, sent two production teams to Costa Rica as part of its program Andalucía X El Mundo.
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    An Adventure On A Catamaran Sailing From The Bahamas To Costa Rica

    In today’s society full of holiday makers and people who want to venture to various parts of the world, there is an overwhelming pressure to visit as many places as possible throughout your life
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