A Habit Will Not Speed Up Your Metabolism, but These Five Tips Can Improve and Make it Work Better

    avoid artificial lights from screens such as television, computer or tablets. These types of lights alter some photoreceptors

    8 Tips to Have a Healthy Spiritual Life

    Do you feel that something is missing in your life? Is it difficult for you to experience true joy because you struggle to find meaning or purpose?

    Pan-American Health Organization Asks All Country Members to Include Cancer Services in Universal Coverage

    The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) urged the region's health authorities to include cancer services in universal coverage, as World Cancer Day is celebrated on February 4th. "To save lives and improve health indicators, cancer control programs must be expanded,...

    The Secret to the Success of the Costa Rican Health System

    All of the above shows us how the health system in Costa Rica is a model to be followed worldwide... congratulations!

    “Voces de E!”: Documentary Analyzes the Impact of Social Media on Mental Health

    A new documentary from E! Entertainment exposes the dangers and risks of the current well-being of mental health,

    If Eating Healthy Reduces Mortality, Why Don’t TheyMake Us Do It?

    The magazine of the American Heart Association published an article a few days ago in which it estimated the benefits

    Best Types of Diets to Lose Weight, according to Science

    Losing weight is one of the purposes that is repeated the most with the entry of each new year. It is also the least fulfilled.

    Costa Rica Was Host Country of Cancer International Summit

    Costa Rica was the host country of the International Cancer Summit, an event that recently brought together prestigious specialists in oncology

    Entheogens, an Authentic Path to Holistic Health

    Integrative medicine treatment has evolved and grown throughout the world to include entheogens, also called psychedelic medicine.

    A Canadian Study Warns that the Only Safe Way to Drink Alcohol Is… Not to Drink It!

    A document, commissioned by the Health Ministry of Canada, points out that any amount of alcoholic beverages ingested carries risks.
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    Monarch Butterflies Pulsing Climate Change in North America

    The last count registered a slight increase in the population with respect to the previous one. However, warming and torrential rains threaten the species
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