Do You Know What the Swaddle Technique Consists of?

    Swaddled babies sleep more; have reduced levels of motor activity in response to stimulation, less startle, and less heart rate variability.

    Plant Medicine: The Opportunity to Improve Your Health

    Medicinal herbs (or herbal remedies) are plants used as medicine. People use them to help prevent or cure a disease.

    Get Your Palate Used to Eating with Less Salt Intake

    Excessive salt intake is related to the development of high blood pressure, increases the risk of cardiovascular disease

    Chemical Compounds from Cosmetics Detected In the Umbilical Cord of Newborns

    A recent study carried out by the Institute for Environmental Diagnosis and Water Studies (IDAEA-CSIC) has revealed the discovery of up to 11 new chemical substances

    Ageism May Be Behind More than 6 Million Cases of Depression Worldwide

    It is associated with poorer physical and mental health, greater social isolation and loneliness, greater financial insecurity, lower quality

    Mother and Daughter Are the Faces of the First Living Donor Liver Transplant in Adults in Costa Rica

    “I want to invite people to donate, we are a living example of what the Calderón Guardia staff is capable of”, expressed Loría.

    Novel Robotic Surgery Is Performed at Metropolitan Hospital

    The Metropolitan Hospital has performed this technique on several occasions, but for this surgery the "father" of the procedure, the Spanish

    Company that Will Operate in Guanacaste Is the First One to Receive Authorization to Cultivate Medicinal Cannabis

    This company will operate in 800 square meters of greenhouse, and its facilities are located in Filadelfia de Guanacaste.

    Learn About CBD and Its Many Benefits

    It does not matter if you are an expert or a novice, this text will provide you with valuable knowledge that will lead you to evaluate

    Research Confirms Cat’s Claw Healing Properties

    Research from the University of Costa Rica - UCR and Spain found more health benefits in the cat's claw plant (Uncariatomentosa) produced in Pococí Limón.
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    Developing plans and programs to create more infrastructure for cyclists, in accordance with the provisions of Law 9660 on...
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