Lecanemab: The Keys to the Drug Against Alzheimer’s Approved In The United States

    It remains to be verified if its benefits are maintained over time, and the adverse effects it may have

    Baldness: These Drinks Can Increase the Risk of Alopecia

    Although hair loss is a completely natural and genetic process, some factors such as diet can influence its severity and speed

    Easy Tricks to Accelerate Metabolism after Turning 50 Years Old

    When we turn 50 years old, our metabolism slows down at a dizzying rate. However, we can avoid it by following some very simple guidelines.

    Eating an Apple a Day Has Many Health Benefits

    One of the biggest concerns of many people is to eat a healthy diet. As scientific studies point out, when it is inappropriate

    Neither Mandatory Use of Mask nor Sanitary Restriction Will Be Required in Costa Rica

    The Ministry of Health warned about the circulation of a series of false messages about new measures that the country would adopt due to the increase in patients with Covid-19.

    Most Popular Yoga Postures on Social Media

    Yoga is the ancient oriental discipline par excellence. Its followers (known as yogis) do not stop growing given its many benefits.

    New Messenger RNA Cancer Treatment: When Will Clinical Trials Start?

    The German laboratory BioNTech will carry out a series of clinical trials of cancer treatments, which will be based on the same

    Costa Rica Will Require a Negative Covid-19 Test for People From Asia

    The Costa Rican Ministry of Health reported that as of January 9th of this year, any foreign person coming from China,

    Study Reveals that the End of Antidepressants is Near

    The largest study to date shows that depression is not a chemical imbalance in the brain. The solution, is indicates, does not lie in a pill that you are taking every day

    Foods that, in addition to Salt, Can also FormKidney Stones

    Although strawberries are generally considered beneficial in cases of renal lithiasis, their consumption is not recommended in the event
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    Assistance Dogs and Their Priority Work among Groups With Functional Diversity

    According to various studies, 78.9% of people say that "their pet" is one more member of the family and, even, for 9.4% it is the most important being within the family nucleus
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