Legislative Commission Rejects Substitute Text and Substantive Motions to Bill to Legalize Recreational Marijuana

    As the deputies Manuel Morales, of the ruling party, and Gilberth Jiménez of the PLN had advanced

    The Secret on How to Live to Be 100 Years Old

    Cultivating a positive mindset can contribute to longevity. Practice gratitude, mindfulness, and optimism. Focusing on the positive

    What Is the Relationship Between Plant Based Medicine and Magic Mushrooms

    Plant-based medicines and magic mushrooms both have a connection to alternative and traditional healing practices.

    How to Increase Female Libido in Simple Expert Tips

    Physiologically, when we're stressed, our bodies produce the hormone cortisol, which typically declines once the stressful situation

    The Benefits of Ayahuasca for You

    Ayahuasca is a traditional Amazonian plant medicine that has gained attention for its potential benefits, but it's important to note that it should be used with caution and under the guidance of experienced practitioners in a controlled setting due...

    Check How Your Heart Is Doing Before High-Intensity Exercise Such as Running

    One of the risks of doing physical activity without some prior medical evaluation is, for example, the so-called sudden death

    Private Health Sector in Costa Rica Proposes Moving Forward with Specific Projects in Therapeutic Areas

    Costa Rican Chamber of Health makes itself available to resume urgent inter-institutional coordination to address waiting list issues

    The Placebo Effect and the Power of the Mind

    The variables involved in a response of this type have been studied and it has been found that there are certain factors related

    Two Pioneering Probiotics Focused on Constipation and Abdominal Bloating Are Presented to the Public

    Sigosent SGS and Sigosphere SGS probiotics, targeting constipation and bloating respectively

    What are the Key Aspects of Your Life to Reach Total Wellness

    To reach wellness, there are several key areas you can focus on. Here are some steps you can take
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    Crowdfunding Helps Democratize Real Estate Investments

    In addition to the fact that crowdfunding opens the door for people to invest in assets that they couldn't before, it allows them to diversify and build a large portfolio
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