Google Maps Will Indicate Which Clinics And Hospitals Offer Abortions In The United States

    Google will now indicate in its Maps application and in its search engine which clinics and hospitals offer abortions in the United States

    How is Natural Childbirth: Without Drugs or Anesthesia

    Ends the smooth delivery of a newborn, a delivery (or delivery of the placenta), and a proper adaptation of the baby to life outside the womb

    Wellness: How to Reach Physical and Mental Well-Being

    Wellness is feeling good in an integral way: having energy, emotional, mental and physical well-being, says a specialist

    Tico Study Reveals Bacteria that Produce Antibiotics in the Fur Of Sloths

    "These bacteria are beneficial to the health of the sloth and are responsible for keeping pathogenic organisms under control

    Much More than a Headache: Living With Chronic Migraine

    Disabling, poorly managed in daily clinical practice, affecting more people than diabetes, epilepsy and asthma combined.

    Prolonged TV Viewing Could Cause Brain Damage and Dementia

    According to experts, in the case of the computer, the researchers found that everything depends on how people use it

    Vapers Without Nicotine and With Vitamins, Can they be Considered Healthy?

    vapers or electronic cigarettes were designed as an electronic inhaler system to simulate the consumption of tobacco

    Do You Suffer From Urinary Incontinence? Learn How to Treat It

    To treat this condition, it is essential not to normalize it and go to a doctor if discomfort or inconvenience occurs continuously.

    World Health Organization Investigates Whether Rapid Spread of Monkeypox is Due to Mutations

    May outside of endemic countries in Africa. The WHO declared it an international public health emergency on July

    CBD: Properties And Benefits For You

    The World Health Organization itself has indicated that the use of CBD in humans is safe and that it does not show any potential risk of abuse or dependence
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    San Carlos is Home to Animals in Danger of Extinction

    The Maquenque National Mixed Wildlife Refuge, in Boca Tapada de Pital, in San Carlos, is home to diverse fauna, including some endangered species.
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