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    6 Reasons Why Surfing Is the Best Sport of All

    My surf friends have given me very good reasons that show that surfing is the best sport of all.

    Costa Rica Can be a World Center for Preseason International Cycling

    Investing in young people, creating awareness on the road and taking advantage of the country's natural resources are some of Andrey Amador's dreams for Costa Rica to stand out as a benchmark country worldwide. The Team Ineos rider spoke about...

    What To Do When Your Child Has a Tantrum

    Did you know that a child´s tantrum is an emotional kidnapping? The amygdala in the brain is an almond-shaped structure that is closely related to stress and anxiety processes. When the amygdala is activated (generally in situations of fear...

    If You Want to Achieve the Goals You Set Yourself This Year Apply These 5 Recommendations

    A new year inspires billions of people in the world to set goals for the next 365 days. Unfortunately for lack of having designed a concrete plan to achieve them, 33% of all of them will be discarded by...

    How Much Could You Enhance Your Professional Profile When Working Abroad?

    Acquiring multicultural experience, strengthening soft skills highly desired by the labor market, significantly increasing the ability to perform in a second language, and developing a remarkable and fruitful network of professional contacts; those are 4 real advantages for those...

    The 10 Most Wanted Professional Skills in the Post-Pandemic Era

    With accelerating changes in job automation, people will have power over the machines by developing professional skills in tandem with the technical skills of each job. ManpowerGroup presented its Human Age 2.0 study, where it reflected the future forces...

    50 Things to Do in Costa Rica (Part 4)

    just follow the “pura vida” style and… Enjoy all the recommended things to do in Costa Rica!

    Strategies to Get More Work Done In Less Time

    It is possible that more than once your workday has been extended many more hours than you had planned. Perhaps it happens to you frequently and you feel the weight of the clock on your shoulders. Why is there...

    Learn About 5 Valentine’s Activities Distanced From Materialism

    the "Pura Vida" style and showing that on this day the true essence of love must reign. And not social or commercial impositions.

    Tico National Museum Offers Virtual and In-Person Workshops during January

    The National Museum of Costa Rica (MNCR) will offer 13 virtual and in-person workshops, from Monday, January 11th to Friday, January 22nd. The workshops in the virtual modality will be transmitted through the Museum's accounts on Facebook and YouTube,...
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    What Is The Lnk Between Perfume And Emotional Health?

    Not at all like other human detects, olfactory reactions are connected to the emotional focal point of our minds and relate straightforwardly with our previous encounters.
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