Being an Influencer is the Dream Job of Ticos this 2024

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    In a world where work and social dynamics are constantly evolving, Costa Ricans are no strangers to the global trend of aspiring to a career as influencers. According to an international study carried out by the firm Jobseeker, based on Google searches, becoming an influencer has positioned itself as the dream job for many in Costa Rica.


    But what exactly is an influencer? According to the Oxford Languages ​​dictionary, an influencer is a person who stands out on social networks or other communication channels and expresses opinions on a specific topic, exerting a great influence on their followers, especially on their consumer habits.


    The influencer phenomenon has gained ground in Costa Rica, where more and more people aspire to build a personal brand and have a significant impact on the online audience.


    A change in mentality

    This is reflected in the change in mentality towards the traditional notion of employment, where working in one place all your life or having one boss has become obsolete for many.


    Although professions such as pilot, flight attendant or psychologist have traditionally been valued, new Costa Rican generations are opting for careers that allow them to explore their creativity, personal expression and connection with a global audience.

    The rise of social media and the influence of platforms such as Instagram, YouTube and TikTok have democratized the possibility of becoming an influencer, allowing individuals from various backgrounds to share their passions, interests and knowledge with the world.


    In Costa Rica, this change in the work paradigm is reflected in the constant search for information on how to become an influencer.As technology advances and digital platforms continue to evolve, the influencer profession continues to gain relevance and is positioned as a viable and attractive option for those seeking creative freedom and work flexibility.


    Ranking of dream jobs in the world:


    Cabin crew










    Relocate to beach work remote
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