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    Why Is Inflation Rising So Much Around the World?

    If it seems to you that every time you go shopping at the supermarket or fill your car's tank with gasoline, everything is more expensive, you're right.

    Procedure for Granting Permits Allowing Public Shows in Costa Rica is Ready

    A procedure that will "facilitate the process" to grant permits for public shows is now ready, as announced by the Ministries of Economy and Health

    Aloe Drinks and Their Health Benefits

    ur body is made up mainly of water. Whether we consume water from food or drink, it is vital for optimal daily functioning

    How To Prevent the Cell Phone From Becoming a Virus Transmitter

    Cell phones have become extensions of our body, however, they hide a truth that we ignore. The journal Travel Medicine and Infectious Disease published an article on how cell phones represent a route for microbial transmission.
    Tech Trends in 2022

    Tech Trends in 2022

    The technology world is rapidly advancing. Many tech trends appear and change every single year. What we see now as a novelty becomes obsolete in a few years' time

    Archeology in Costa Rica Is Practiced Mostly By Professionals with Limited Resources

    Ifigenia Quintanilla, Archaeologist at the Museum of Costa Rica, highlighted the recent excavation work in the Tivives mangrove swamp and added that the archeology of Costa Rica in the last 40 years

    Ticos Manage to be Placed Among the 500 Best Projects for Green Awards 2022

    The PuntoSeguro initiative, which encourages the correct disposal of medicines that you no longer use, managed to reach the finalists of the Green Awards

    These Are the Strangest Rituals in The World

    Rituals are usually confused and reduced only to the practices of witchcraft, processions and festival religion.

    The 7 Most Requested Tourist Places in Costa Rica

    Costa Rica is a beautiful country that has attracted the attention of visitors, ecotourists and backpackers in recent years

    Climate And Inequality are Great Risks for Humanity in This Decade

    The ravages caused by climate change and social inequality, which increased with the pandemic, are the main risks facing humanity ten years from now,
    Everything You Need to Know to Adopt from Costa Rica

    Everything You Need to Know to Adopt from Costa Rica

    Adoption laws in the UK are complex and rigid and, for many couples and individuals, this time consuming process ends in disappointment - particularly...
    Clinical Trials In Costa Rica A Brief Guide

    Clinical Trials In Costa Rica: A Brief Guide

    A clinical trial is a medical research process through which new medical discoveries are tested by carrying out carefully controlled investigations on patients

    “Conscious” Travel Will Be a Trend In 2022

    The more holistic and respectful "travel with a conscience", in which the traveler discovers the destination and its surroundings in an active and conscious way

    Number of Costa Ricans Registered to Vote Abroad Quadrupled In 8 Years

    Although it does not seem that this vote is going to set the tone for what the final result will be

    Tourists Can Know Take Electric Taxis from the Juan Santamaría Airport

    The project “Accelerating the Transition to Electric Public Transport in the Greater Metropolitan Area (GAM)”

    Costa Rica Leads the Quality of Mobile Video Calls In Central America

    Costa Rica along with Guatemala lead the quality of mobile video calls in Central America; however, they lag behind other countries in North and South America

    United States Reduces Travel Alert for Costa Rica to Pre-pandemic Level

    he United States reduced the level of travel alert for Costa Rica to the level prior to the Covid-19 pandemic

    Bicentennial Forest in Guanacaste Generates Employment and Protects Biodiversity

    A public space with 1,000 trees, recreational and cultural sites, will be part of the Bicentennial Forest.

    Return to In-Person Classes Should Not Stop Due To Fourth Wave Of Covid-19, According...

    Hand washing, physical distancing, vaccination and proper use of the mask would help overcome the health crisis

    An Artistic Replica of a 4000-Year-Old Mummy Arrives at the Jade Museum of Costa...

    People who visit the INS Museum of Jade and Pre-Columbian Culture, in downtown San José, will be able to get to know a mummy of the Chinchorro culture up clos
    Dealing With Family Holiday Challenges

    Dealing With Family Holiday Challenges

    Getting your trip all planned can be difficult. After all, the logistics involved in a successful trip can present unique challenges

    This Past Friday the 9 millionth Passenger Arrived at The Daniel Oduber Airport

    This Friday, January 7th in the afternoon, the nine millionth passenger arrived at the Daniel Oduber airport in Guanacaste

    These Are the New Maximum Annual Interest Rates for Credits and Microcredits in Costa...

    The calculation of the maximum annual interest rates and their publication must be carried out by the Central Bank in the first week of January and July of each year

    Tico Industries Consider: “A Step in the Right Direction” to Approve a law that...

    “A step in the right direction”. This way Tico industrialists celebrated approval of the bill that lowered the single tax on liquefied petroleum gas (LP gas)
    How To Save Songs On Instagram

    How To Save Songs On Instagram

    Just when you think Instagram can’t get any cooler, they give you a way to save songs on the platform. This is one of the sub-features of the Stories feature on Instagram

    Walkthrough Life with Curiosity

    Life is a mysterious path that we can travel in different ways, each to its own.

    First Aid Kit Must Be the Necessary Companion of Travelers on Their Vacations

    The arrival of vacations are synonymous with travel, many families make the beaches or mountains their favorite destinations

    In Costa Rica They Propose Reforming law to Create an Attention Center for Intrafamily...

    Marcela Guerrero presented a project to counter the closure of the 911 program that attends to victims of this type of violence and gender

    Is Omega 3 Good for Controlling Cholesterol?

    Today we want to talk about what exactly cholesterol is and how we can combat it, especially through Omega 3 acids.
    Tourism Sector Perfects Regulations to Minimize the Risks of Covid-19

    Tourism Sector Perfects Regulations to Minimize the Risks of Covid-19

    The tourism sector, one of the hardest hit by the pandemic, dodges its hasty recovery with strict protocols that guarantee the safety of visitors and union workers

    Digital and Human Skills That Will Grow the Most In 2022

    Acquiring this type of skills for work will keep companies, institutions and workers current in the post-COVID era, characterized by an acceleration in automation processes

    New James Webb Telescope Successfully Observes Origins of the Universe

    The James Webb Space Telescope, a revolution in the observation of the universe that astronomers around the world have been waiting for thirty years

    Costa Ricans Reach out to the Universe: NASA aerospace technician Joe Mora reflects on...

    Costa Ricans Joe and Alex Mora were two of the NASA /JPL aerospace technicians who helped build the James Webb Space Telescope

    Software of Futuristic Vehicle Will Be Made and Tested in Costa Rica

    Avionyx is called a company that has 100% of its engineering operation in Costa Rica. You may have seen the Jetsons, a cartoon series from the future

    Discover Business Innovation In Costa Rica

    Read on if you want to take this important step within your company or organization.

    Scientists From Costa Rica and the US Manage to Decipher Genome Details of the...

    The work started with taking samples at the La Selva Station, in Sarapiquí, in order to discover the secrets of their genes.
    How to Switch from Manual to Automation Testing in 5 Easy Steps?

    How to Switch from Manual to Automation Testing in 5 Easy Steps?

    If you have been using manual testing for web apps for quite a long time and planning to move to automated testing, it's crucial to have some insights into the transition process

    The 10 Protagonists Of 2021 in central America

    The personalities who put Central America on the world information map this year for their achievements and activism.

    Ecocultural Walk Will Recover Public Spaces in Cartago

    El Tejar and San Isidro de El Guarco, in Cartago, will have a new space that aims to recover and renovate public spaces

    Big Data Could Help Tourism Recovery According to The World Tourism Organization

    The role that Big Data can play in recovering and measuring the economic, social and environmental dimensions of tourism.
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