Productive Sector Supports Questions From The MAG Minister Against The UNDP Study On The Use Of Agrochemicals In Costa Rica

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    The organizations of agricultural producers, chambers of the agricultural sector and the agrochemical industry grouped in the Alliance for Agricultural Sustainability (ASA) indicated that they support the questions raised by the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG), Víctor Carvajal against the study on Apparent Use of Pesticides in Agriculture in Costa Rica, released in 2022 by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

    The UNDP, in an arrogant attitude and without its own studies, discredited the official information of the Costa Rican State prepared by the State Phytosanitary System (SFE), the only competent authority according to national legislation to issue this information.

    Contradictory information

    According to official SFE reports, between 2017 and 2021, the Costa Rican agribusiness used a minimum of 8.89 kl of pesticides per hectare (2021), and a maximum of 11.50 kg per hectare (2019). Values ​​that are within the norm for an agricultural country in the tropics, but very far from the figures that the UNDP maliciously wants to sell to the world, with the consequent damage to the reputation of Costa Rican agriculture and the country, characterized by its green image. and committed to the environment.

    In response to the above, the MAG Minister announced that in the coming days they will release to public opinion a study carried out by the Sectoral Technical Secretariat of this ministry, which reveals technical deficiencies and methodological application of the evaluation carried out by this organization. international, which “inflated” the data on the use of these substances in the country’s agriculture. In addition, the most recent figures for the use of pesticides in the country will be released, which once again remain within the normal range mentioned above.

    Carvajal stated that the technical deficiencies of the UNDP study are mainly due to the fact that this organization started from the assumption that agrochemical products were not used in pastures, an error that was evidenced in the evaluation carried out by the Secretariat, where it was also proven that the use of agrochemicals in the country are within the average consumption.

    The necessary technical and scientific support

    “At ASA we have insisted on the importance of these assessments always having the necessary technical and scientific support so that agricultural policy decisions in this matter are reasonable and effective, and that the image of Costa Rican farmers is not maliciously damaged. As well as preventing the dissemination of this type of studies from affecting political and institutional decisions when it comes to prohibiting the use of pesticides, which are necessary to guarantee the quality and competitiveness of the country’s agriculture,” said Jorge Cartín; Director of the Alliance for Agricultural Sustainability (ASA)

    The dissemination by national and international media of erroneous data from the study carried out by UNDP has generated criticism and questions that affect the image of the country and put at risk the sustainability of agricultural exports and with it the employment and quality of life of thousands. of people in rural areas who depend on these activities as their only source of income.

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