From Corcovado to Tiktok: The Tico Naturalist Guide Who Enchants With His Videos of the Park’s Fauna And Flora

    Beautiful images of humpback whales; a puma that rests peacefully in the middle of the forest or a tapir or peccaries and their young that walk through this green natural

    How Traveling Changes Your Life

    There’s no denying the fact that millions of people travel every day. After all, it’s a good way for them to declutter their minds and let themselves loose

    Sustainable Gastronomy Takes Into Account the Origin of Ingredients

    We recently celebrated World Environment Day under the slogan “One Earth”. This motto was the spearhead of the first Stockholm

    7 Cultural Beauties of Costa Rica that You Should Know by Now

    Even though some will say that Costa Rica does not have cultural wonders, at the beginning there were 28 options that we found with the potential to be the favorites of Costa Ricans and those with the greatest tourist...

    The Magic of Costa Rica: An Adventure Through Biodiversity

    Knowing Costa Rica is an adventure that can take on the excitement you want. From a romantic experience full of spectacular

    Why Everyone is Travelling to Costa Rica Right Now

    Strung between Nicaragua and Panama like a pendant on Central America’s isthmus chain of countries, Costa Rica has long been the region’s most popular destination for travelers from the USA. But if you’ve noticed your Instagram feed increasingly full...

    Global Personalities Choose Costa Rica as their Favorite Tourist Destination

    Entertainment and sports celebrities from all over the world choose Costa Rica as a vacation destination for its majestic landscapes of great biodiversity full of “Pura Vida” The Central American country has become a privileged place to vacation for recognized...

    6 Reasons to Visit Costa Rica

    Are you wondering whether or not to visit Costa Rica?  With so many travel destinations globally, choosing the best vacation stop can be daunting. Read on for six reasons to visit Costa Rica

    Costa Rica:  One of the Most Sought After International Places by American Travelers

    The technology platform, Airbnb, revealed that after the revival of tourism worldwide, the number of Americans traveling around the world has increased. According to the company, a total of 10 have been the most sought-after destinations for these tourists,...

    Vacation Trip to Costa Rica Was the Essential Prize for North American Tourists

    Being the inspiration for his wife Bárbara Beck in difficult moments of quarantine, illness and death caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, allowed Canadian computer technician Lukas Beck to win a 7-day trip to our country. Beck was one of the...
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    Tourism Entrepreneurs in Costa Rica Continue to Reinforce Their Campaign “Depending On Tourism”

    “I depend on tourism” is the name of the campaign launched by the group of Costa Rican Tourism businessmen in order to educate and raise awareness economic
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