Costa Rica Sets Out in Search of German Tourists during International Berlin Fair

    Between March 7th and 9th, Costa Rica participated in the ITB Berlin tourism fair, in Germany

    Liberia Airport Received Historic Direct Flight between Australia and Costa Rica

    The aircraft, a Bombardier Global 7500 registration N444WT from Oceania, flew around 7,400 nautical miles

    Do You Want to Venture Into an Air Traffic Controller Career in Costa Rica? Know the Main Requirements

    If you are one of the people who are attracted to airplanes, airports and control towers, you could value the idea of ​​developing a career

    Volcanoes You Can Visit in Costa Rica

    I want to introduce you to the 6 volcanoes that you can visit in Costa Rica without any problem. It is really impressive to have the possibility of appreciating a colossus, the vegetation.

    An Adventure On A Catamaran Sailing From The Bahamas To Costa Rica

    In today’s society full of holiday makers and people who want to venture to various parts of the world, there is an overwhelming pressure to visit as many places as possible throughout your life

    Traveling in the Rainy Season to Costa Rica

    The rainy season does not always seem like a good time to travel anywhere. Most holidaymakers and travelers seek warm relaxing weather compared to a wet one

    10 Essential Activities in the Northern Plains of Costa Rica

    The Costa Rican Tourism Institute, ICT, has produced an interactive guide to the Northern Plains region

    From Corcovado to Tiktok: The Tico Naturalist Guide Who Enchants With His Videos of the Park’s Fauna And Flora

    Beautiful images of humpback whales; a puma that rests peacefully in the middle of the forest or a tapir or peccaries and their young that walk through this green natural

    How Traveling Changes Your Life

    There’s no denying the fact that millions of people travel every day. After all, it’s a good way for them to declutter their minds and let themselves loose

    Sustainable Gastronomy Takes Into Account the Origin of Ingredients

    We recently celebrated World Environment Day under the slogan “One Earth”. This motto was the spearhead of the first Stockholm
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    Costa Rica is the Happiest Country in Latin America for 2023

    Global happiness has not been affected in the three years of the Covid-19 pandemic. Life assessments from 2020 to 2022 have been "remarkably resilient,"
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