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    Ngabe Native Community Proposes Collective Farms to Organize Their New Territory in Sixaola

     For his part, Gonzáles assures that his interest is “to have our own territory where we can live peacefully in the future

    Illegal Ascents to Active Volcanoes in Costa Rica Continue: Experts Warn About the Risks

     “According to the videos, the path they follow is called “lomo del burro”, the cone behind is the von Siebach.

    The Message that the US Sent to Costa Rica For Its Independence Day

    The head of North American diplomacy signed the communication highlighting characteristics of Costa Rica and its important ties with the United States

    Three Young Tica Women Become the First Female Physical Engineers in Central America

    The ordinary graduation held last Friday, September 8, at the central campus of Cartago, where 375 people received their professional degree

    Guanacaste Airport Announces Increase in Alaska Airlines Frequencies

    The terminal will receive 14 weekly flights by Alaska Airlines from the city of Los Angeles

    US Programs Have Welcomed More Than 1,300 Foreigners Who Remained in Costa Rica

    In previous days, Undersecretary Youth explained in a Press Conference other strategies that the United States

    Raquel Solis on Her Success as a Triathlete and the Dream of Paris 2024

    The Costa Rican athlete, with her focus and discipline, has achieved success leaving the country and has a goal set to be present with the Costa Rican flag in the Olympic Games 2024. Learn more about her here...

    Santo Cristo de Esquipulas Sanctuary in Alajuelita Launches Campaign to Improve Its Facilities

    The Santo Cristo de Esquipulas National Sanctuary, located in Alajuelita, announced the campaign “A red for the Sanctuary”.

    Costa Rican Deputies Modify Authorization on Paternity Leave When the Mother Dies at Childbirth

    "The reform that is proposed through this bill seeks to resolve this situation, providing that the license in the event

    Costa Rica Tries To Position Itself as a Destination for Investments That Other Latin American Countries Scare Away

    “Costa Rica differs from the rest of the region. At a time when we have an atrocious war in Ukraine
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    What Are the Main Differences Between Living in South America with Regards to Central America

    Living in South America and Central America may seem similar at first glance, given their geographical proximity and shared cultural heritage.
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