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    The Afro-descendents of Costa Rica: An Essential Component of Tico Society

    The presence of Afro-descendants in Costa Rica can be traced back to the colonial era when African slaves were brought

    Carnaval Del Limón And Its Cultural Richness Are Among The Most Outstanding Events In Costa Rica

    It is one of the most important and emblematic events of the South Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica. Most of the people who attend are tourists...

    Analyzing the Pros and Cons of Sunbathing

    One of the main benefits of sunbathing is the boost of vitamin D production. Sunlight is a natural source of vitamin D, which plays

    Ten Costa Rican Artists Will Show Their Works in The United States at an Exhibition Dedicated to their Nation`s Diversity

    Fuckboy is a video by the national singer and artist Terrasha, produced and directed by Leimy de la Rosa.

    The Historical Relations Between Costa Rica and Italy

    Furthermore, the influence of Spanish and Catholicism on Costa Rican culture is prominent. However, Italy's cultural influence

    How Spirituality Can Save You

    Moreover, spirituality often promotes inner peace and emotional well-being. Practices like meditation, prayer, or mindfulness

    What Can Ayahuasca do for You?

    Ayahuasca is a potent psychoactive brew traditionally used by indigenous Amazonian cultures for spiritual and healing purposes. Its consumption has gained popularity in recent years, but it should be approached with caution and respect for its cultural significance and...

    Interview: How Effective Can Medical Cannabis and Ayahuasca be for our Lives?

    Attorney Andrea Castro tells about her background and valuable knowledge, as part of her experience, regarding the benefits, the risks, ...

    Ageco Will Reward People Over 60 Who Are Fond of Writing in Costa Rica

    The Costa Rican Gerontological Association (Ageco) will reach its XXXII edition of the Older People's Literary Contest this year for people over 60 years of age

    Study Reveals That Eight Out Of 10 Costa Ricans Are Proud to Pronounce “Pura Vida”

    The study on “Pura Vida” covered a sample of 700 people in Costa Rica during the month of June 2023. It also covered 167 people from two American cities
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    Costa Rican Album “Cantata Negra” is Nominated for 2023 Latin Grammys: There are 4 Ticos Nominated for this Work

    This was announced this past Tuesday by the Latin Recording Academy from the city of Seville, Spain
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