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    San José Deserves to Repopulate and Take Care of Its Cultural Wealth

    Increasing the number of people who live in San José and taking care of the historic center where there is a lot of cultural and sceniic

    Costa Rican Technology Will Travel to Space in November for Finding a Solution to the Banana Plague

    A scientific project with Costa Rican technology is ready to travel to space at the end of November.

    Decrees Create New National Symbol and Commission to Celebrate 200 Years of Nicoya Annexation

    Marking the delivery of the restoration works of the Old Government of Liberia, with the cutting of a ribbon, was another

    September 5th: International Day of Indigenous Women

    September 5th was the date chosen to establish the International Day of Indigenous Women. Commemoration that was born during the Second Meeting of Organizations and Movements of America gathered in Tihuanacu, Bolivia, in 1983.

    The “Resoñar” Gathering, Connect in Community with a Vibration: “Heal, Be Better And Grow Spiritually”

    The event will be held every year in Costa Rica, for all the people who want to attend and connect with the best of acoustic music, medicine, crafts, yoga practices, good food and our essence...

    Lauren Love: “Natural Childbirth is a Sacred Moment of Union between a Woman and Mother Earth”

    Lauren is passionate about being at the service of women, holding sacred space for them to birth in pleasure, freedom,peace, and power

    Costa Rica, the Country of Eternal Spring

    Did you know that in Costa Rica there are countless plants that help us considerably to combat stress and anxiety?

    Guanacastecans Proudly Share Their Customs and Traditions

    This year, the celebration was held last Friday, July 22nd, at the Jesús de Nazareth School in Liberia...

    Going Back to Our Roots May Be the Key to a Long and Healthy Life

    The Blue Zone of Costa Rica includes the five cantons of Guanacaste and specifically of the Nicoya Peninsula:

    National Museum of Costa Rica Opens Period for the Registration of Underwater Cultural Heritage Assets

    From now until August 18th, the National Museum of Costa Rica is launching a campaign
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    Latinos in the US Represent Fifth Largest World Economy

    It is detailed that between 2010 and 2020 the GDP of Latinos in the US was the third fastest growing among the ten largest in the world
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