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    A Google Earth Tool shows how Costa Rica and the World Looked on Maps of 1587, 1790 and 1812

    A functionality of the Google Earth application allows you to navigate the world in 1587, with the digitized version of the maps

    The Costa Rican Symphony Orchestra Will Dazzle With Verdi’s Requiem, Performed by More Than 150 Artists

    The invited soloists for this concert are the German soprano Anna-Maria Kalesidis, the American mezzo-soprano Margaret Lattimore,

    Decriminalizing Recreational Marijuana in Costa Rica Will Allow Us to Move from an Illegal Market to a Regulated One

    The fact that marijuana is illegal for recreational use has not stopped many people from using it.

    Costa Rica Will Have First Exclusive Festival of Short Films Made with Mobile Phones

    The call is open to adults from all over the country as long as they can easily travel to the Greater Metropolitan Area

    The Challenges of Remote Work in Costa Rica: It is Not That Clear Cut

    If you want to work in a safe and pleasant environment, what better way to do it than from home.

    Scientists Discover Possible Explanation of What Happens in the Brain When People Die

    Some people who have had a brush with death report experiencing the sensation of moving through a tunnel toward a bright light

    New Edition of the Art City Tour of San José Will Be with Online Access

    The second face-to-face edition of the 2023 Art City Tour “Chepe de Moda” modifies its access format to the various activities

    Mother’s Day and Its Celebration According to the Dates and Cultures of Different Countries

    Celebrating mothers should be every day, but there is a very special day to remind them even more how much they are loved and how grateful we can be for their presence in our lives. Not in all countries it is celebrated on the same date and Costa Rica has a special history

    “Dance Equations”: A Connection Between Math and Movement

    Miranda Abbott, a Canadian dancer, and choreographer based in Costa Rica, recently launched her program Dance Equations.

    Do You Suffer from Stress or Anxiety? These Tips Will Help You Sleep Better

    But it is not just a question of sleeping well or badly, but rather the latest studies on the subject have managed to define with greater
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    Tax on Air Tickets Will Only Affect National Tourists, Confirms Rodrigo Chaves

    If you like to go outside the country, without a doubt this news must not have gone down well.
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