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    Hermitage of Aquiares: A Jewel in a Coffee Plantation Estate

    The estate initially created by the merchant Stanley Lindo Morales (born in Kingston, Jamaica, 1875 – died in New Orleans, United States, 1958) houses the Hermitage of Aquiares.

    They Pay Tribute to the first Woman Cacique of Costa Rica and Central America

    Under the motto "Leadership of women, an example to the world"

    Did You Know That July Is The Month To “Resoñar” In Costa Rica?

    It is never too late to dare to live authentic experiences that add well-being to our lives and allow us to continue dreaming and building...

    Adventure Tourism Companies Have 3 Months to Certify Personnel

    Adventure tourism companies would have a period of 3 months to have personnel trained in specific activities and accredited by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT), due to a decree issued by the government on June 16th, 2022, which...

    The “Cerro De La Muerte” Strips Its Legends

    All the countries of the world have their urban legends, some of them adapted to their culture, geographical location, and way of dealing with others. This particular Costa Rica does not escape from having its own, that is why...

    The True Meaning of Pura Vida!

    Wherever you walk or explore in Costa Rica you will hear the words, Pura Vida. From the first time, it is heard it becomes more and more frequent until being noticed by everyone in this small country and says...

    10 Extreme Adventures You Can Only Experience in Costa Rica

    1. Swim in the Cerro Chato Volcano lagoon Located in the Arenal National Park, next to the famous Arenal Volcano, is the Laguna del Cerro Chato. Climbing to the top takes about 2 hours of walking through the jungle, on...

    Starting This Weekend, the “Circuit of Circus Festivals” Will Arrive for Free in Different Communities in Costa Rica

    To collaborate in the reactivation of the national circus guild and also offer communities spaces to learn about and approach these arts for free, Parque La Libertad and the Center for Artistic Production and Cultural of the Ministry of...

    The Cocoa of Our Tico Land

    We owe the indigenous cultures of America the art of harvesting and processing cocoa, a fruit that is the protagonist of today's material. There are many stories surrounding this fruit, but the most important thing that we can recognize...

    Make A Style Statement With Marble Floor Tiles

    Choosing the right flooring tile is very important. Rough surfaces reduce the safety of people at home. In addition, it creates an inappropriate effect in the interior. Floor tiles are produced in various models
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    Organic Waste from Daniel Oduber Airport Will Fertilize Orchards in Liberia

    The organic waste produced by passengers at the Daniel Oduber airport in Guanacaste will serve as fertilizer for the gardens of families in the San Rafael neighborhood of Liberia.
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