Costa Rican Courts Condemns Health and Gives Two Months to Regulate the Ban on Vaping Devices

    As a result of an appeal for protection filed by a company that produces vapes with cannabinoids

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    The Constitutional Chamber sentenced the State to pay costs, damages and losses for the decree of the Ministry of Health that prohibited vaping devices. The high court’s resolution comes as a result of an appeal for protection filed by a company that produces vapes with cannabinoids, an oil derived from hemp.

    The magistrates gave the governing body two months to issue the corresponding regulations that regulate this type of electronic devices. On May 14, the minister of that portfolio, Mary Munive, argued the decision based on the negative effects of these products and stated that they hoped to issue the regulation no later than next December.

    For now, the ban remains in place

    Since then, vapes with synthetic nicotine and CBD have been banned in the country. For now, the ban remains in place, pending the entity’s compliance with the issuance of the corresponding regulations. The company estimates losses of more than 100 million colones, but rules out collecting the court’s sentence.

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