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    False Myths Distance the Tico Population from Responsible Self-Care

    Good health begins with small personal actions; however, the lack of knowledge or health literacy has allowed many myths

    Aloe Drinks and Their Health Benefits

    ur body is made up mainly of water. Whether we consume water from food or drink, it is vital for optimal daily functioning

    The Wellbeing Revolution: From Wellness to Wellbeing

    It is no secret that COVID-19 has caused profound changes and disruption in all facets of our personal and professional lives,

    Stage 0 Breast Cancer is not Cancer

    Stage 0 breast cancer is yet another form of medical bullying towards the female body

    Unprecedented Surgery In Hospital Of The Costa Rican Social Security Fund Saves Mother And...

    A team of specialists from the Saint Vincent de Paul Hospital (HSVP) saved the life of a mother and her baby by performing complex surgery during childbirth

    United States Reduces Travel Alert for Costa Rica to Pre-pandemic Level

    he United States reduced the level of travel alert for Costa Rica to the level prior to the Covid-19 pandemic

    Return to In-Person Classes Should Not Stop Due To Fourth Wave Of Covid-19, According...

    Hand washing, physical distancing, vaccination and proper use of the mask would help overcome the health crisis

    Tico Startup Wins Silicon Valley’s Top Community Award For Reducing Cardiovascular Mortality

    Ensuring continuous online monitoring and optimizing the treatment of the patient's condition

    Costa Rica:The Country Without An Army That Leads The War Against Climate Change

    We must re-educate ourselves in the face of the infamous priority of money, the wiles of power and the degrading destruction caused by climate change. From Central America, this country with low income and few resources continues to teach life, human and natural

    Costa Rica: If You Need Psychological Support During Christmas and New Year’sYou Can Call...

    Christmas and New Years are times full of loneliness,emotional, frustration, guilt, social pressure and financial obligation for some people

    Costa Rican Students Create Honey and Watermelon-Based “Shots” To Stabilize Blood Sugar Level

    The students explained that, although there are already similar products on the market, this idea presents

    When You Reach 50 Years of Age Become More Stronger And Muscular

    Reaching 50 years of age is the optimal time to regain strength and give a dose of youth to the muscular tissues of the body.

    First Latina to be Global Vice President of Design Engineering at Intel

    The multinational company highlighted the results of its operations in Costa Rica, naming them as "strategic."

    People Vaccinated Outside of Costa Rica Can Now Present Their Vaccination Cardsin Those Establishments...

    all people who were vaccinated abroad are authorized to show the physical vaccination card

    Tips for Eating Healthy On Holidays

    For many people, December is synonymous with festivals and traditions where different gastronomic dishes cannot be missed

    Harvard Professor Praises Costa Rican Health System

    The Costa Rican health system was set out as an example for the United States to follow according to Harvard Medical School professor

    Is a vegan Diet Healthier: Two Twins did the Experiment and Have the Answer

    The British twins Ross and Hugo Turner, better known on Instagram as The Turner Twins, rose to fame for their adventures and multiple expeditions to the most remote and inaccessible places on the planet.

    The Multiple Benefits Obtained for Your Integral Health by Taking Micro doses of ayahuasca

    The ayahuasca liana, also known as Banisteriopsiscaapi, and by the natives as jagube, caapi or yagé.

    Great News on the Covid front in Costa Rica

    There has been a string of great news on the Covid front recently in Costa Rica, and since that's quite rare and notably under-reported.

    Relationship between Ultra Processed Food Products And Overweight

    Ultra-processed products facilitate the day-to-day with options that satisfy our immediate needs and at relatively low prices

    Experts Alert the Population about Dangers of Antimicrobial Resistance

    To date, SARS-CoV-2 has caused 4.5 million deaths, while antibiotic resistance is expected to cause 10 million deaths per year by 2050.

    Weekend Of International Demonstrations Against Sanitary Measures In The Face Of The Pandemic

    The health measures that governments reinstate to try to stop a new onslaught of the coronavirus pandemic.

    Vaccine Discrimination Would Be Catastrophic For Costa Rica’s Economy, In Turn, Reducing People’s Ability...

    now business owners are being asked to suffer a tremendous and unnecessary financial burden

    The Importance of Stretching During the Work Day

    Whether you try these stretches or take a break to go for a walk, all movements are important.

    Scientists Manage To Decipher the Function Of The Mysterious Hot Spots Found In Brains...

    A team of researchers from the University of California at Davis (USA) claims to have deciphered the function of mysterious groups of proteins found in neurons in the hippocampus

    A Dignified and Compassionate Death:Euthanasia and its Global Contradictions

    Costa Rica does not escape the various opinions on Euthanasia and its legal practice, despite this, Deputy Paola Vega, presented a bill for the second time ...

    Costa Rican Supreme Court Orders the Tico Government to Suspend Requirement of a QR...

    The Contentious Administrative Court of the II Judicial Circuit of San José ordered the Government of the Republic to provisionally suspend the requirement of the QR code of the vaccination certificate

    Properties, Benefits, and Uses of Vanilla

    You should always consult with your doctor before starting any treatment with medicinal plants.

    7 Medicinal Benefits of Cannabis

    While the recreational use of marijuana is controversial, science is convinced that the plant must be legal for medical use. Many countries around the...

    Costa Rica Received an Award for Publicity on Social and Environmental Causes

    A few days ago, the first festival of the theLuum Awards was held at the Hilton Geneva Convention Center (Switzerland),

    Pressure Grows to Postpone QR Code Entry Into Force in ...

    Three weeks after a digital health pass or QR code begins to take effect as a new health measure against Covid-19

    An Appeal Is Presented In Costa Rica for Protection Against Compulsory Anticovid Vaccination Of...

    The logistics of applying these pediatric vaccines for this group will be communicated prior to the availability of the doses in the national territory
    Kleine-Levin syndrome

    Rest Is Essential for The Mind

    Rest is essential for the mind. When you don't rest, your memory, attention, and concentration skills suffer.

    Learn How to Correctly Include Bread in Your Diet

    Bread is a food that contains fiber, protein, and minerals such as iron and calcium.According to nutrition professionals, it is low in saturated fat and provides nutrients necessary for good health.

    Magic Mushrooms Can Reset the Brain

    A substance called psilocybin (also known as 4-PO-DMT) present in hallucinogenic mushrooms could soon be added to the list of current drugs to treat depression

    The Famous Gastronomic Festival Returns to Barrio Escalante in San José

    The famed Barrio Escalante Gastronomic Festival will return in December with an additional component: a huge cat walk in Parque Francia

    Dental Implants in Costa Rica: Is the All on 4 Procedure Right for You?

    This procedure is growing in popularity in Costa Rica, which is considered a leading dental tourism destination for American and Canadian patients.

    Costa Rica’s Magic Awaits You! (Part 3)

    the environmental, economic and social point of view, is one of the main goals of the governing body of tourism development in Costa Rica: the ICT.

    Adequate Consumption of Cow Milk Reduces the Risk of Osteoporotic Fractures By 50%

    The human body contains between 1 and 2 kg of calcium in total, and approximately 99% is found in the bones and teeth”

    Precautionary Measure Is Presented to Suspend the Decree Of Mandatory Vaccination In Costa Rica

    The group "Movement for Health and Freedom" organized a demonstration in front of the Ombudsman's Office and another in front of the Ministry of Health. mandatory
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