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    Learn About the Properties of Tea and its Health Benefits

    Black, green or white tea ... the truth is that consuming a cup of this concoction has multiple benefits for our body because it...

    Ayahuasca: Everything You Need To Know

    The ayahuasca ceremony

    8 Tips To Eat Healthy Every Day

    Ultimately, it means changing habits and choosing to take care of yourself. We reveal the formula in 8 tips!

    6 Exercises To Improve Your Mental Strength

    According to Wendy Suzuki, a neuroscientist and professor at the New York University Center for Neural Sciences, anxiety can be a good emotion. Rather...

    We Are Energy: How To Balance Our Energy Field

    We live in times of rapid and important changes that also reach medicine. Professionals from different fields coincide in research that leads to new...

    Learn How to Avoid Headaches and Migraines Without Taking Medicine

    Migraine can cause nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light and sound; many people who have it feel pain on one side of the head only.

    The 5 Keys to Overcome Your Fears Right Now

    However, in most cases, fears are irrational, toxic and greatly limit our potential.

    How to Clean Your House of Bad Energies so that Harmony and Good Energies...

    Bad energies or negative vibrations are specific sensations that can manifest themselves in multiple ways. At home, for example

    How Is Your Personal Relationship With Money And Success?

    Money, success, abundance, prosperity. They are concepts that many of us generate mixed feelings. On the one hand they are desired, but on the other they can provoke emotions or sensations,

    Aromatheraphy: Essential Oils With Relaxing Properties for Our Body

    Aromatherapy is a discipline that uses the essences of plants and certain fruits to improve people's well-being.

    Letting Go of the Past: Five Helpful Strategies

    Spending the day remembering what happened in the past is not the best option to continue with our lives

    3 Beginner Tai Chi Movements To Get You Started

    Tai Chi, also called tai chi chuan, developed as a martial art in 13th century China

    10 Steps To Start Practicing Yoga

    Have you been thinking about practicing yoga? You don't have to think about it anymore! Make up your mind to take your first class....

    Work on Your Personal and Physical Aspects in Order to Live in a Healthier...

    Have you felt that no matter how hard you work to have the best state of mind and attitude towards life and work, you...

    Eating Grass-Fed Meat Generates Benefits for Health and the Environment

    Grass-fed meat has managed to position itself in the market and be increasingly the choice of people looking for healthier eating options. Unlike conventional...

    Photographer Finds An Abandoned Puppy On A Desert Island In Belize And Rescues It

    A photographer found an abandoned puppy on a small desert island off the coast of Belize.

    Corn: A Delicious Typical Food Product with Many Health Benefits

    Corn is one of the most important cereals in the world due to its participation in a variety of preparations for the diet. We...

    Misuse of Antibiotics Produces Bacterial Resistance

    Bacterial resistance is a way of calling the phenomenon that occurs when bacteria learn to defend themselves against antibiotics. Taking antibiotics whenever the throat...

    Learn Which Exercises Work To Preserve Cognitive Health

    Physical exercise is good for maintaining cognitive health, especially in people at risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer's

    Tico Citizen Association Expresses Concern About Alliance Between Costa Rican Ministry Of Health...

    “Healthy Costa Rica” urges the Ministry of Health to act under principles consistent with public health policies
    Russia Organizes Schedule for Application of COVID-19 Vaccines

    169 People Have Died From COVID-19 In Costa Rica Despite Being Vaccinated

    169 People Have Died From COVID-19 In Costa Rica Despite Being Vaccinated

    “Jaco Impact”, the Force of Learning by Doing

    “Jaco Impact” is Yorgina Ureña's own project. Which is widely known within her community as the motivating force behind this great initiative.

    Cardiosurgery in Germany

    According to WHO research, cardiovascular diseases remain the number 1 cause of death globally, taking almost 18 million patients' lives annually
    Online Masters in Nursing The Basics

    Online Masters in Nursing: The Basics

    Becoming a nurse is a rigorous and demanding challenge, but it can help you enter a very rewarding profession in which you can help a huge number of people.

    With Regards to: “World Salt Awareness Week”, Eat Less Salt and Avoid Heart Disease

    Consuming too much salt and sodium can lead to increased blood pressure, causing 9.4 million deaths a year and the main risk factor for...

    New Costa Rican Law Seeks to Include all Menstrual Hygiene Products in the Basic...

    Within the framework of International Women's Day, Tico deputy Carolina Hidalgo, presented a bill to promote and guarantee the Government's actions in the area...
    Special: The Positive Side of Stress

    Confront the Pandemic with Practical Advice From Neuropsychology

    The brain has an area in charge of detecting threats against life and its integrity, it is called the cerebral amygdala, which also reacts...

    What is your life project?

    I woke up to the beautiful song of birds announcing the dawn, the new opportunity to start another day, I look out the window...
    Stressful Life 10 Ways to Ease your Stress TCRN

    Nine Tips for Managing Anger and Avoiding Violent Actions

    The mental health of the Costa Rican population has been impacted by the political, economic, cultural, environmental, social and ideological changes caused by the...

    Humanizing Health Makes Us More Humane

    “The humanization of health services (it is not to say that it is doing it wrong), it is that the health professional needs these supplies, needs these tools, needs training according to the specific area

    Sunlight as a Source of Vitamin for Our Body

    The key to this trip is that without that first process of transformation by exposure to UV light it would not be possible to achieve this result

    Race Invites You to Practice Sports and Connect With Nature

    The first edition of the cross-country category race: Mission Manoa Trail Run, will offer its participants the possibility of exercising while connecting with nature....

    Immunotherapy to Beat Cancer

    In Costa Rica, in 2020, there were 13,139 new cases of cancer and 6,028 people died from this disease, according to data from the Global Cancer Observatory.
    Stressful Life 10 Ways to Ease your Stress TCRN

    Stressful Life: 10 Ways to Ease your Stress

    When faced with uncertain life events, it is hard not to get stressed. Typically, stress symptoms are your body's way of responding to some pressing life challenges
    Discover These Dog-Friendly Travel Destinations in Costa Rica

    Discover These Dog-Friendly Travel Destinations in Costa Rica

    Costa Rica is an amazingly dog-friendly place! You can go anywhere with a pup, including restaurants, bars, beaches, and shopping centers

    Costa Rican Chambers of Commerce Warns of Economic Blow Due to Toughen Health Regulations

    The Central American and Caribbean Chamber of Cosmetics and Cleaning Products (CACECOS) and the Costa Rican Chamber of Commerce (CCCR)

    Improve significantly your Health with these simple changes in your Everyday Life

    Staying active, resting well and eating healthy are part of the recommendations provided by experts to gain mental and physical health Self-care is an activity...

    True Health and How Little We Know about the Ecosystems in and Around Us

    Putting aside for a moment the terabytes of sophisticated messages coming from politics and the media and industry for a moment, how well does...
    Health: Microbes play hide and seek

    Microbes play hide and seek, be careful!

    People think that germs are in certain places but they really do concentrate in others. Which without any fear, they always have contact as are the elevator buttons and door handles
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