Costa Rican College of Physicians Urges the Population to Avoid Excesses during Holiday Season

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    Enjoying special moments with our loved ones should be one of the main watchwords at this time of year. To achieve this, it is not necessary to fall into excesses. Due to this, the College of Physicians and Surgeons recommends that the population avoid excessive consumption of foods and drinks with alcoholic content. At Christmas and the end of the year, social activities, both family and work, are very frequent, in which eating habits are generally neglected.

    Avoid excess

    “As it is the holiday season, we tend to relax in many aspects and, with this, we give way to a heavier diet. We can enjoy delicious foods, but we must try not to open the door to excess, since it can cause repercussions to our health and present problems such as indigestion and gastritis, among other discomforts, due to consuming large quantities, or foods that are not They are those that regularly form part of our diet,” explained Dr. Catalina Saint-HilaireArce, member of the Governing Board of the College of Physicians and Surgeons.

    Stop excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages

    It also recommends stopping excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, which in addition to having negative effects on health, also reduces people’s abilities and thus increases the risk of unfortunate events, such as road accidents.The authorities of the College of Physicians point out the tendency to put aside physical activity due to the time invested in social activities.

    “Many of the parties we attend are held at night or on weekends, which end up extending until late at night, reducing sleep time, which displaces the time dedicated to exercising,” said Dr. Saint-HilaireArce.

    Sleep cycle

    They precisely recommend paying attention to and respecting the sleep cycle, since altering it can even influence the production of certain hormones that are generated while the person rests.Finally, the College insists that those who are undergoing medical treatments must follow them and respect the usual schedules established by the treating doctor.

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