The Project to Exclude Costa Rica from the Gray List of the European Union Should Already Be Approved

    the bill that aims to remove Costa Rica from the list of non-cooperative countries in tax matters should be approved in 2 debates

    The Medicinal Marvel of Toad Poison: Unveiling Nature’s Healing Elixir

    Toad poison, often considered a deadly venom, holds a fascinating secret within its toxic embrace – medicinal

    Arenal Volcano: Nature’s Fiery Majesty in Costa Rica

    Nestled within the lush landscapes of Costa Rica lies the awe-inspiring Arenal Volcano

    Minors Can Take a Theoretical Driving Test from the Age of 13 in Costa Rica

    Minors, from the age of 13, can take the theoretical driving test in the country

    Costa Rican Minister of Foreign Affairs Expressed Disagreement with Decriminalizing Abortion

    Tlaleng Mofokeng, special rapporteur of the United Nations Organization (UN), declared during a 10-day visit to Costa Rica,

    Latin America and the Caribbean Have a Gap of 2.5 Million Digital Talents in the Next 5 Years, According to a Study

    It is estimated that in Latin America and the Caribbean another 2.5 million digital talents will be needed in the next five years

    Israel Sees Costa Rica’s Potential for Trade, Technology and Agriculture, Says It’s New Ambassador

    Michal Gur-Aryeh is in the process of presenting credentials as Israel's ambassador to Costa Rica but is already attending to relations

    National University of Costa Rica Obtains Permit for Hemp Cultivation and Will Develop Research on It

    The Tico agricultural ministry reported that the National University (UNA) will carry out research on the Hemp plant,

    52 Costa Ricans Pedal in the Cycling World Cup in Scotland

    During this August 2023, 52 Costa Rican cyclists participate in the World Cycling Championship, which takes place in Glasgow (Scotland)

    There Is a Growing Interest of Americans for the Enjoyment of Nature in Costa Rica

    American tourists increased interest in sustainable tourism, environmental conservation and local culture.
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