Costa Rica Blue Fund Is Close to Reach US$10 Million for Marine Conservation

    Resources will complement efforts for the 30×30 goals with management effectiveness projects for marine protected areas and the blue economy

    Guanacaste Airport Received for the First Time a 100% Female Crew Flight

    The Guanacaste Airport received a 100% crewed flight by female personnel on March 8th

    Photo of a Red-Eyed Tree Frog, Taken in Costa Rica, Receives Recognition in World Contest

    A photo of a red-eyed tree frog, from the forests of Costa Rica, received recognition at the prestigious Sony World Photography Awards 2023

    Is it True that Young Blood Mitigates the Aging of an Old Body?

    A team made up of, among others, Emmanuelle Passegué and Carl Mitchell, both from the Columbia University Irving Medical Center, in the city of New York, United States, has verified that young blood has a rejuvenating effect when introduced...

    “Afro-Costa Rican History Day, Month, Decade”:  My Story

    As a native of Limón, Costa Rica, in the early 1960s when I was 15 years old my aunt and I migrated to New York City, where I graduated from High School.

    More Than 10 Companies Show Interest in Hemp And Cannabis Production But Regulations Complicate the Panorama

    After approving the industrial use of hemp and the medicinal use of cannabis, the next debate will be regarding recreational marijuana

    Costa Rica Has a New Medicine to Treat Early Breast Cancer

    As of this month of February, patients diagnosed with breast cancer in its early phase have a therapeutic solution in the country

    The Death of the American Dream: 2022 Left More Migrants Dead than in the Last 20 Years

    Leonardo remembers that when he saw José fall from the train he felt his face get hot.It was in seconds.

    The Ozone Layer Recovers, but Some Proposals against Climate Change Put It in Danger

    The ozone layer that protects from solar radiation is being reconstituted, but some plans to fight climate change

    US Scientists Think It Is Possible to Transform Ocean Moisture into Drinking Water

    A team of American scientists claims to have invented a system that could allow the capture of ocean moisture to transform it into drinking water
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    One of the 4 Letters of RNA -the Essential Molecule for Life- Was Found in an Asteroid

    This asteroid is a blackish sphere about 900 meters in diameter that orbits between Mars and Earth at a minimum
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