Costa Rica and France Will Organize 2025 World Ocean Conference

    As both countries will be co-hosts, the 2025 World Ocean Conference will take place in France, while the preparatory conferences for 2024 will take place in our country

    Food Will Save the World

    The essay 'Sitopia', by the British writer Carolyn Steel, proposes to review the meaning of food to survive the global crisis.

    How to Be a Resilient Person?

    An optimistic attitude enables us to trust that good things will happen to us. Trying to visualize what you want is better than worrying about what you fear.

    Tica Artist Exhibits Costa Rican Tropicality in a Respected Gallery in New York

    Daniela Martén, Costa Rican artist, winner of the CROMA Biennial, exhibits in New York together with two renowned artists from the United States and Mexico.

    Technology and Automation: How to Face the Jobs of the Future

    Digital education platforms have the potential to improve the forms of access to knowledge most in demand in the industry

    Threatened With Receiving a Yellow Card, Teams at the World Cup in Qatar Give Up On Wearing Rainbow Bracelets

    The captains of several European teams will finally not wear "OneLove" bracelets in the World Cup in Qatar due

    More than 130 Enterprises Will Be at the “Hecho Aquí 2022 Fair”

    It will give the public quality products, which will allows a fair rich in cultural identity

    Brazilian Indigenous Leader Denounces Effects of Climate Change

    Climate change deeply affects the lives of indigenous peoples due to fires, floods and other similar phenomena,

    The Californian Exodus Continues, with Los Angeles and San Francisco Leading the Way: How Did We Get Here?

    After living in the Bay Area for almost 7 years, Hari Raghavan and his wife decided to move to the East Coast late last year.

    Debi Nova, “El Chunche” and Other Influencers Explore Costa Rican Gastronomy at the ICT Initiative

    For a couple of hours, Costa Rican singer and songwriter Debi Nova forgot about music to learn how to cook a delicious dish from Guanacaste gastronomy
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    What Is The Lnk Between Perfume And Emotional Health?

    Not at all like other human detects, olfactory reactions are connected to the emotional focal point of our minds and relate straightforwardly with our previous encounters.
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