Women Gamers in Costa Rica Earn Up to $1,500 a Month Playing Video Games and Pay for their Studies

    For some parents, video games could be considered distractors in their children's educational process, and although this is still entirely true, this activity commonly related to leisure could also be the main source of financing a university degree for...

    More than 50% Costa Rican Territory Presents Some Degree of Drought: For the First Time the Caribbean and Pacific at the Same Time

    The National Meteorological Institute (IMN) reported that more than 50% of Costa Rica's territory presents some degree of drought.Furthermore, based on historical records, it is unprecedented that the Pacific and Caribbean slopes present drought at the same time. According to...

    TheCostaRicaNews Your Window to the Global Community

    Publicizing your product or service on can be a lucrative and strategic move for your company. It is a popular online news platform that focuses on Costa Rican news, culture, tourism, business, and lifestyle. With its wide readership...

    In Costa Rica they Create a Diary that Serves as Support for Patients Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

    In order to support people who are diagnosed with breast cancer, Sharing the Journey: A Patient Support Diary for Patients was launched this week. It is a 58-page book that contains stories, testimonies, simple advice, step-by-step instructions on how...

    A Third Tica Wins the Triple Crown of Aquatic Marathons

    Once again, a Costa Rican leaves the country's name high, after having achieved a historic feat.This is the experienced Costa Rican open water swimmer, Carolina Mora Solano, 45, who recently won the Triple Crown of Aquatic Marathons. As detailed by...

    Ticas Win International Award at Artificial Intelligence Festival

    Three young Costa Ricans became the global winners of one of the categories of the Intel AI Impact Festival

    Are You a Cycling Lover?  Expo Bike 2023 Will Bring the Latest Trends in This Sport

    With the aim of promoting a greater culture of cycle-inclusion in the country;  That is to say, that cycling and means of transportation

    The Project to Exclude Costa Rica from the Gray List of the European Union Should Already Be Approved

    the bill that aims to remove Costa Rica from the list of non-cooperative countries in tax matters should be approved in 2 debates

    The Medicinal Marvel of Toad Poison: Unveiling Nature’s Healing Elixir

    Toad poison, often considered a deadly venom, holds a fascinating secret within its toxic embrace – medicinal

    Arenal Volcano: Nature’s Fiery Majesty in Costa Rica

    Nestled within the lush landscapes of Costa Rica lies the awe-inspiring Arenal Volcano
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    The “Stay in STEM” Program Is Carried Out In Costa Rica

    Intel Costa Rica shares guide with public and private universities to promote careers free of harassment and discrimination The...
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