‘Aquaman’ Alerts on Mining in the Oceans

    The American actor Jason Momoa, famous for his role as "Aquaman", the superhero who lives in the sea, raised a cry of alarm

    Hotels for Bees Become the Strategy to Conserve Hundreds of Solitary Species in costa Rica

    Costa Rica has between 650 and 700 species of bees, of which 90% are considered solitary

    Without Snow-Covered Hills, the Alpine Resorts Live in Almost Permanent ‘Sadness’

    The alpine resorts present a sad face at the beginning of January with bands of earthy snow winding on brownish hills

    Record Tourism in National Parks: 2022 Visitation Would Be the Highest in the Last 5 Years

    Tourist visitation to the Costa Rican national parks has already exceeded that achieved in years like 2020, with just over

    Costa Rica Consolidates as a World Environmental Leader with the Goal of Totally Decarbonizing its Economy by 2050

    Costa Rica surprises the world by positioning itself as a global environmental leader. Now the Central American nation is embracing the ultimate ecological

    New Care Center for Sloths Starts Operation in Braulio Carrillo Park

    A new care center for sloths was inaugurated in the surrounding area of the Braulio Carrillo National Park, specifically in the Rainforest

    UN Fund Delivers US$13.3 Million for Contribution of Costa Rican Forests to Humanity

    The UN Green Climate Fund delivered this week US$13.3 million in recognition of the compensation of emissions made

    More than 2600 Kilos of Garbage were Removed from Costa Rican Beaches During 2022 by Urbano Beach Clean Up

    Eleven cleaning days were carried out in various locations in the country

    US Scientists Create a Miniature ‘Sun’ that Generates Its Own Energy

    For the first time in history, self-sustaining nuclear fusion has been achieved, just as it happens in stars. The next step is to take advantage of this clean, cheap, and unlimited source of energy.

    ICE Begins to Negotiate Electricity with Private Generators without a Contract

    The Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE) began to formalize the first energy purchase processes from private generators with plants built and without a contract
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