Climate Change Affects the Birth of Sea Turtles in Costa Rica

    The effects of climate change are increasingly evident in various parts of the planet.

    More Than 50 Thousand People Sign Petition to Ban Chlorothalonilin Costa Rica

     An online petition signed by 51,926 people from around the world asks the Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica to approve the File 23783 bill on the regulation of highly hazardous pesticides and the Executive Branch to “implement the eight...

    Despite Being in Rainy Season, Costa Rica Presents a Rainfall Deficit; Situation Impacts Water and Electricity Supply

    Costa Rica is in the rainy season, however, the closing of the previous month reflects a larger deficit than expected

    What Is Being Done In Costa Rica To Defend The Public Electricity Service?

    A group of environmentalists met and talked with our team about the actions they will take against the bills that are in the Legislative Assembly that threaten the principles of Costa Rica's successful model of electricity generation...

    Southern Costa Rica, the Area That Is Home to Sanctuaries for Whales and Hundreds of Bird Species

    From large humpback whales to small birds and amphibians, southern Costa Rica is home

    What do Banks Have to do With Climate Change?

    All Banks are engines for economies and agents of change in societies.

    Climate Change: The Battle on All Fronts in Costa Rica

    I took advantage of those first weeks to explore the city on foot. Possibly that was my first encounter with the reality

    Climate Change: Justice, A Radical Demand

    The projection of climate scenarios for Latin America and the Caribbean is worrisome.

    Recent Impact of the Crazy Ant: Animals Dying Blind and Damage in Forested Areas in Guanacaste, Warns Report

    It is about an invasive species native to South America, whose first traces in Costa Rica date back to 2016, specifically in Argentina de Grecia.

    Organic Agriculture as a Measure Against Climate Change

    Costa Rica is known for its biodiversity and natural landscapes. However, like many other nations, it is facing the challenges of climate change.
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