Oceans Suffer, since 2005, an “Unprecedented” Tidal Wave of Plastics

    A report, published on the PLOS One site, estimates that some 170 trillion plastic fragments float in the seas, mostly microplastics

    Ecological Disaster Could Strike Manuel Antonio National Park if Tourist Surge Continues, Researchers Warn

    The alarm of a possible ecological disaster in the Manuel Antonio National Park, at Quepos, if the numbers of people who visit the Protected

    Puntarenas Deputies Have Doubts about Project that Seeks to Protect Sharks

    Despite the fact that the proposal was endorsed by the Environment Commission, the current legislators of the province

    Cooperative in Guanacaste Promotes Project to Generate Electricity from Solid Waste

    According to the cooperative, biomass energy produces several advantages in the environment. For example, it is a renewable and abundant

    Ocean Conference in Panama Concluded with 341 Commitments to Protect the Marine Ecosystem

    A world conference on the oceans culminated last Friday in Panama with 341 government commitments to protect the marine ecosystem

    Communities and More than 20 Companies Join the Commitment to Preserve Wildlife in Costa Rica

    This year, under the slogan "Partnerships in Favor of Wildlife Conservation", the United Nations (UN) called last March 3rd, World Wildlife

    Footprints of Global Warming in the Pacific Ocean, in Honduras

    Inhabitants of Cedeño are witnesses of the disappearance of species of crustaceans and mollusks, whose habitat is in the roots

    Energy Produced with Green Hydrogen Would Be Used Only for Costa Rica’s Local Market

    At the end of the current government administration, Costa Rica would already be on its way to being a "technological hub" for green hydrogen

    Tons of Shells Extracted by Tourists put at Risk the Natural Charm of Costa Rican Beaches

    The extraction of tons of seashells from Costa Rican beaches by tourists puts the country on alert because removing these materials

    10 Smart Energy Trends That Will Change the World Towards a Greener Future

    Climate change is a global emergency, it is a problem that requires coordinated solutions at all levels and international cooperation
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