Foreign Ministry and Embassies of Costa Rica Receive Ecological Blue Flag

    The Ecological Blue Flag Program the efforts of institutions and companies that carry out actions to minimize the environmental damage.

    With “Operation Rich Coast” Costa Rican Environmentalists Unify Criteria for Maritime Conservation

    “Costa Rica is a nation that has an extraordinary natural beauty with incredible marine and terrestrial ecosystems that motivates

    Ostional Expects More Than 200,000 Turtles! Arrival of November Has Already Begun

    The Kemp's ridley sea turtles that made the Ostional sector famous have already begun their traditional nesting season,

    Deforestation, a Key Element of the Landslides in Venezuela

    Experts warn that the damage caused by the rains in Venezuela is the product of a dangerous combination of factors such as: deforestation, lack of early warning and construction in vulnerable areas

    CO2 Emissions From Fossil Fuels Increased Little in 2022 According to the International Energy Agency

    According to climate scientists, the world must cut its CO2 emissions in half by 2030 to keep alive the hope of controlling the increase in global temperature to a maximum of 1.5ºC

    By 2050 There Will Be More Plastic Than Living Things In The Oceans

    Thirteen million metric tons of plastic enter the ocean every year, according to various studies, this is equivalent to one garbage

    Costa Rican Future Focused On Renewable Energy And Reducing Dependence On Crude Oil

    Costa Rica has had great achievements in areas including electrical energy and even progress with renewable energy.

    More than 100 Volunteers Cleaned Tamarindo Beach

    "Powerful local force" for the development of initiatives in favor of the environment.

    Potential of Wind Energy from the Sea for Costa Rica Grows

    The Province of Guanacaste expands its contribution to the national energy flow with its renewable energy potential.

    More than 2 Thousand Kilos of Waste Were Collected On Tico Beaches by “Urban Beach Clean Up”

    By 2022 they aim to exceed that number with the support of various sectors involved.
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