Plan Promoted by Costa Rica Will Ask, the International Court for a Pronouncement on Responsibilities for Climate Change

    The United Nations (UN) will ask the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for an advisory opinion on the obligations of states regarding climate change.

    The Environmental Impact of Mobile Phones

    But, did you know that these devicescause environmental damage? Similarly, the production of smartphones affects the environment

    Just from Home… Help Reduce Wastewater Pollution in Costa Rica!

    Taking a "dip" to cool off during a family outing or outing with friends could end up in a hospital visit. Swimming in a river or stream whose waters are contaminated can affect your health in different ways, from...

    Who is in Charge of the Costa Rican Biosphere Reserves?

    Directing the Central Conservation Area, where the 650,000-hectare Cordillera Volcánica Biosphere Reserve is located, has been a challenge for engineer Meryll Arias, who has done very well with her commitment in her country, Costa Rica..

    Actions for Environmental Protection in Costa Rica Continue to Have an Impact Worldwide

    Every year in Costa Rica the activities that make the country a world example of environmental protection increase. As the days go by, more volunteers join and organizations are created, which is important because without a doubt their actions leave positive traces...

    Costa Rican Ecological Organizations Accuse the State for Illegal Fishing of Threatened Sharks

    The negative opinion could be a wake-up call to Costa Rica to take corrective measures

    Santa Cruz Will Be Hotter and Drier Over the Next 20 Years, Experts Forecast

    “Climate change scenarios describe a sustained trend of temperature increase, starting with an average annual value of 26° Celsius in 1979,

    Building a Hotel on Cocos Island?

    The possibility of building a hotel on Cocos Island --for a super-exclusive tourism of diving, bird watching

    Citizens Quality of Life Can Improve with the Collection of Rainwater

    Access to water is a fundamental component for life on the planet and is essential to achieve the economic and social development of people

    ICT and MINAE Sign Agreement to Improve Infrastructure in National Parks of Costa Rica

    The Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) and the Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAE) signed a framework agreement last Friday at the Presidential House
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    WHO Warns of Health Risks of Sweeteners to Replace Sugar

    Sweeteners that replace sugar would also not help reduce non-communicable diseases (NCDs), such as cancer or diabetes, the report says
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