TEC Inaugurates First Central American Laboratory Specialized in Measuring the Environmental Footprint

    This past Thursday, September 28, the Tecnológico de Costa Rica (TEC) announced to the country the opening of the first Central American laboratory specialized in measuring the environmental footprint of products and services.The Laboratory, which is the first of...

    El Salvador Asks to Discuss Solutions for Impact of “El Niño”in the Central American Dry Corridor

    The Minister of Agriculture and Livestock of El Salvador, and pro tempore president of the Central American Agricultural Council (CAC), Óscar Enrique Guardado Calderón, stressed the importance of discussing regional solutions to the food insecurity situation that the Central...

    Is It A Challenge To Protect Marine Species In Costa Rica Today?

    On the occasion of the Blue Day celebration in Costa Rica, approximately 40 organizations joined together to hold a demonstration and vigil for sharks and the health of the Costa Rican ocean.The demonstration went all the way to the...

    The Urgency of Narrating Climate Displacements in Present Global Warming Scenario

    We have heard the alarming data: in 2022, global carbon dioxide emissions reached an all-time high and July 2023 was declared the hottest month ever recorded. We have seen the fires in the Amazon rainforest, the heavy rains that have...

    The Incredible Egg-laying Process of Sea Turtles

    Sea turtles are known to be majestic creatures that spend most of their lives in the ocean. However, there is one extraordinary event that occurs on land – the sea turtle egg laying process. This phenomenon is not only...

    Aleste Receives Ecological Blue Flag for Second Year in the Biodiversity Category

    Aleste is proud to announce that it has been awarded for the second time the prestigious Ecological Blue Flag in the Biodiversity category, obtaining 5 stars this year.  This recognition highlights the firm commitment to carry out actions in...

    Costa Rica Signs With UN Agreement for Sustainable Use of Biodiversity on the High Seas

    The period for the States to sign began this Wednesday and will last for two years, until September 20, 2025

    Guanacaste: Scene of Turtle Arrivals in Costa Rican Beaches

     Guanacaste has one of the few beaches in the world, which throughout the year, but especially in the months of September and October

    OECD Will Hold Its First Environmental Sustainability Summit in Costa Rica

    On October 5, Costa Rica will host the Ministerial Summit of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) on Environmental Sustainability.
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