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    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) is one of the top online English news publications that promote the brand of Costa Rica as a destination of choice for travel, investment and business. We also focus on the North American market which comprises over 80% of our readership base. This market has ongoing interests in Costa Rica for travel and leisure, retirement, real estate and investment.

    While encompassing just one-third of a percent of Earth’s landmass and approximately the size of West Virginia, Costa Rica contains four percent of all the species estimated to exist on this planet. Costa Rica is also considered to possess the highest density of biodiversity — worldwide. As you can imagine, this attracts people who care, people who are more interested in sustainable business, travel, tourism and moreover, people who are loyal —  if you genuinely care, as well.

    Activism | Eco-Tourism | Energy Independance

    From making the decision to step outside your door, to stepping off the plane into ’72 degrees and sunny’, we cover travel news updates in addition to advice & personal stories to ensure your Costa Rica travels are inspired and informed. The TCRN Travel Section focuses on the well-traveled Costa Rica destinations, as well as the roads less-traveled, expat news, expert retirement advice and real estate updates for both long-term planners, as well as the seasonal expat.

    Expat News | Travel News | Travel Advice | Retirement

    TCRN was founded by seasoned veterans of a small handful of industries (Biofuels, Foreign Real Estate, Medical Tourism, too name a few). So, when you add up the 160+ years of combined experience in the foreign investment/retirement verticals alone, it only makes sense that we’ll report on this topic with continuous, up-to-date and in-depth articles, how-tos, guides, etc.

    In fact, be on the lookout for our upcoming webinar series, podcasts and investment publications — which are in production as we speak — and offered as a courtesy to our readers.

    Jobs | Economy | Investing | Innovations Industry

    Many foreign real-estate investors have similar concerns when first discussing their investment plans with regard to Costa Rica: Almost everyone wants to know more about these three topics:

    • Incorporating
    • Buying property
    • Obtaining residency.

    These are the three main components of what we call a T.I.P (typical investment package). Readers get much, much more than just news in this area; we happen to know a little bit about these subjects. So, the more we share, the more educated our readers become.

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