Two New Shipping Services Begin To Operate In Moín

    The new service that Sealand will enable will allow Costa Rican exporters to have access to a faster connection from Costa Rica to Honduras and Guatemala

    Gas Industry Becomes a Driver of Economic Reactivation in Costa Rica

    But how do they do it? “Large companies that produce a diverse range of medical devices and others, installed in Costa Rica, use nitrogen

    Megamindsin Megatrends 2023: CINDE Gathers World Experts to Discuss the Future of the Global Economy

    Megamindsin Megatrends 2023: CINDE Gathers World Experts to Discuss the Future of the Global Economy

    8 Out of 10 SMEs Die Early: How Can Artificial Intelligence Reverse This Scenario?

    In Costa Rica, the mortality rate of small companies in the first 3 years of life is 80%; with the advent of Artificial Intelligence, life expectancy promises to be extended

    Costa Rican SMEs Strengthen Cybersecurity as Part of Their Digital Transformation

    SMEs decided to resort to digital tools to keep their businesses alive by adapting to a new reality

    Costa Rica Decides to Negotiate a Free Trade Agreement with the United Arab Emirates and Israel

    The Ministry of Foreign Trade (Comex) decided to negotiate free trade agreements (FTAs) with the United Arab Emirates and with Israel

    Young Entrepreneurs in Costa Rica Could Earn Up to $12,000 for Their Venture

    The Social Skin contest opened its 2023 call, to reward growth-stage ventures and functional prototypes.

    Costa Rica May Be One of the Leading Countries in the Production of Green Crypto Mining, According to Experts

    Alternative digital mining seeks to promote operations with cryptocurrencies, strengthening the harmony between the environment and cryptomining, under a sustainable model of clean energy production processes at low cost

    What Are the Labor Rights that You Have as a Migrant in Costa Rica?

    The laws of Costa Rica recognize foreign workers the same labor rights as a Costa Rican national. But without accessible information,

    Costa Rica Activates Outdoor Advertising Campaign in New York, Chicago, and Toronto

    The millions of vehicle passengers and passersby who go about their daily activities in New York, Chicago, and Toronto will be able to appreciate
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