A Guide to Cryptocurrencies for Beginners

    Cryptocurrencies have roared into the mainstream over the last couple of years, transforming themselves from a niche technological marvel into a usable technology that could reshape the entire global economy

    4 Well-Known U.S. Companies That Have Succeeded In Mexico

    Over the last two or so decades, Mexico has become a major force in the international market

    With Bitcoin and Zero Fiat, this was the Vacation of a Bitcoiner in Costa Rica

    Eugenio, a native bitcoiner from Costa Rica, decided to take a vacation to show that there are already enough businesses

    Crisis in Panama Leaves Losses of US$500 Million for Agribusiness

    The blockades and protests that began more than 2 weeks ago in Panama against the high cost of living have caused losses of around 500 million dollars

    What Is Stagflation and How Can It Affect the Costa Rican Tourist Activity?

    The current situation in Costa Rica in terms of inflation is a problem that has left much damage

    Inflation in Canada breaks all records in almost 40 years

    Also, the wallet of the Canadians is very touched

    Requirements to be a Digital Nomad in Costa Rica: Income of $3,000 and Payment of $190

    those people who wish to come to Costa Rica and take advantage of the law can already do so

    Employees Say Hybrid Work Makes Them Happier and More Productive

    Hybrid working has helped improve employee well-being, work-life balance, and performance around the world, according to a new global study from Cisco. While organizations have benefited from higher levels of employee productivity, more needs to be done to build...

    The Crypto Conquest of Latin America Is Made By Consumers Themselves

    The digital payment revolution that began during the pandemic is consolidating in Latin America and driving interest in cryptocurrencies.

    Costa Rica´s Classification to the World Cup Will Increase Consumption, but Interest Rates, Dollar, and Inflation Will Remain the Same

    One week before Costa Rica's qualification for the World Cup in Qatar, speculation about everything that could improve in the economic field is not so real and experts call for caution.One of the most frequent queries or questions is...
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    Costa Rica is the Happiest Country in Latin America for 2023

    Global happiness has not been affected in the three years of the Covid-19 pandemic. Life assessments from 2020 to 2022 have been "remarkably resilient,"
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