Program Seeks to Accelerate Internationalization of Startups With Reimbursable Capital

    Do you run a Costa Rican green technology startup that wants to accelerate innovation and international presence?The Greentech program led by the CRUSA Foundation, CINDE and the Foreign Trade Promoter of Costa Rica (Procomer), in collaboration with the regional...

    Coffee Consumption Outside the Home Grows in Costa Rica

    Coffee consumption outside the home is a growing trend. According to a study by Zenith (2019) on Coffee, Machines, Uses and Habits in Central America, 73% of Costa Ricans prefer to drink coffee from a machine, when consuming this...

    Young Costa Rican Entrepreneurs Raise One Million Dollars with their Startup

    Zunify is a payment network that unifies the financial system and allows you to make payments at physical points of sale, e-commerce stores and remote payments in an easy and secure way. In a single application, the user can...

    46% of Consumers in Costa Rica Have Credit Cards

    A study carried out by the Office of the Financial Consumer (OCF) allows the creation of a profile of Costa Ricans who prefer to use credit cards and those who opt not to use them. The results were released...

    How to Pay for Travel with Bitcoin

    Travel is one of the first industries to adopt crypto as payment. Several airlines, hotels, tour operators, and booking sites today allow their customers to pay for various services in Bitcoin

    Financial Stability and Unemployment Will Challenge the Next President of Costa Rica

    Costa Rica will elect a president this Sunday, April 3rd, with an eye on urgent matters such as the stability of public finances, the generation of jobs, the reduction of poverty, and the fate of a financial agreement with...

    A Guide for Starting Your Bitcoin Investment

    Many people initially viewed Bitcoin as just a transaction currency for micropayments. However, Bitcoin has outgrown such perceptions, becoming one of today's most valuable investment assets

    Great Reasons to Invest in Costa Rica Right Now

    Costa Rica's commitment to economic growth and social development has driven its economy toward diversification, creating strong sectors in advanced manufacturing, medical devices, services, and tourism. Today, Costa Rica's exports have diversified into thousands of different products exported all over...

    Foreign Companies are Investing in Costa Rica Due to the Advancement of Hemp and Cannabis Legislation

    Three foreign companies (of American and Irish origin) are interested in Costa Rica, after recent advances made by the country for the production of industrial hemp and medicinal cannabis. This is reported by the Costa Rican Coalition of Development...

    Plan Advances to Establish Equal Pay between Men and Women in Costa Rica by Law

    The Women's Congressional Commission of Costa Rica approved this past Monday the bill that seeks to establish equal pay between men and women who perform the same job and under the same conditions. This is file 22,522, which implies...
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