Debtors in Dollars Will Have a 2024 without Sudden Increases in Their Installments

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    Paying debts in dollars in advance, purchasing inventories and machinery at better prices and starting savings in that currency are some of the recommendations that experts make for 2024 to take advantage of the exchange rate.

    And the United States currency will have a year without shocks or sudden increases, so savers, debtors and investors could take advantage of the situation in the medium term.

    The expectation is that the currency will trade below ¢580 throughout the year.This is due to several factors, including the entry of Eurobonds to cover State debts and record tourism figures.


    Exchange rate is envisioned

    “For next year, an exchange rate is envisioned that would range between ¢550 and ¢580.  People who earn in colones and have debts in dollars are definitely going to have a very calm 2024.  “There are 12 months without sudden movements, at most a slight increase,” said Daniel Suchar, economic analyst.

    However, experts also warn that the currency could have sudden changes during the year due to unforeseen situations.For example, in 2022, the war between Russia and Ukraine skyrocketed the price of crude oil internationally, which translated into greater pressure to acquire dollars in the world and, with this, that country’s currency was quoted in Costa Rica at a record figure of ¢700 per unit.


    No significant changes in the exchange rate

    “If current conditions regarding currencies are maintained, we do not estimate significant changes in the exchange rate for the first half of 2024,” said Luis Alvarado, economic and stock market analyst at ACOBO Sitio de Bolsa. At this time, the dollar is sold at bank counters at a value close to ¢540.


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