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    Volcanoes in Costa Rica That You Can’t Miss

    Ecotourism is a practice in which the well-being and conservation of nature in its complete ecosystems

    Remote Working Law in Costa Rica Requires Adjustments to Avoid Injustices

    Based on the experience we have had with the pandemic, we have come to the conclusion that legal reform must take place.
    Costa Rica

    Costa Rica’s Magic Awaits You! (Part 1)

    The mountainous geography of the country plays a very important role in its climate.

    Foods That Help You Cope Better with Menopause

    it is important to do physical activity regularly as it helps reduce inflammation problems, joint pain, and headaches that are frequent at this stage
    Why Choosing An offshore web design Is Your Best Bet

    Why Choosing An offshore web design Is Your Best Bet?

    There have been a lot of changes in the world of web development lately. Productivity is improving rapidly. Therefore, the quality of the resources is important for the owner if he wants to maintain the brand identity

    Adequate Consumption of Cow Milk Reduces the Risk of Osteoporotic Fractures By 50%

    The human body contains between 1 and 2 kg of calcium in total, and approximately 99% is found in the bones and teeth”

    Vegan Woman Breastfeeds Her Boyfriend Twice a Week Because She Says It Is Nutritious

    "there is more negative impact on enslaving an animal like a cow than drinking human milk that is made for us."

    Farmer´s Market In Costa Rica, of Great Importance for Their Communities

    Really, each initiative, each fair, each representative makes a difference and if they have made great contributions to the various communities of Costa Rica
    Forex Trading in Costa Rica

    Forex Trading in Costa Rica

    How to become a successful Forex Trader, and how important is the strategy? In this article, we will provide steps to kick start your Forex trading journey in Costa Rica
    What are the Odds of Costa Rica Joining the Elites at the World Cup in 2022

    What are the Odds of Costa Rica Joining the Elites at the World Cup...

    Are you a self-confessed football fanatic? Continue reading to familiarise yourself with the odds of Costa Rica joining the elites at the World Cup in 2022
    Software development trends for 2021

    Software development trends for 2021

    The Corona disaster was sure a huge turnover for the world. There was an enormous loss witnessed in every sector. To overcome the peril many companies had to adopt the digital measure, which became the only survival guide for these sectors

    Costa Rican Illustrations Broke Borders with The Bicentennial of Costa Rica

    To the artist, filling time with a specific project, how to start a business, seemed ideal because it gave her creative freedom and at the same time a certain structure.

    How to Attract Good Luck into Your Life

    Are you going through a bad streak and looking for a solution to improve the luck in your life? Although for some skeptics luck as such does not exist

    Precautionary Measure Is Presented to Suspend the Decree Of Mandatory Vaccination In Costa Rica

    The group "Movement for Health and Freedom" organized a demonstration in front of the Ombudsman's Office and another in front of the Ministry of Health. mandatory

    Wellness Tourism in Costa Rica Is the Vacation Experience Most Requested by Foreign Visitors

    Travelers in this segment invest up to 130% more in accommodation according to the Global Wellness Institute place

    After The High Demand for Tickets Coldplay Will Give a Second Concert in Costa...

    he British band Coldplay will give a second concert in Costa Rica on March 19, after the massive demand for registered tickets for the first presentation, the organizers reported this Thursday.

    Average Income of Costa Rican Households Increased ¢ 100 Thousand In the Last Year

    The average income of Costa Rican households increased by ¢ 100 thousand in the last year,

    Equality with A World Seal

    To start getting into context; with the raison d'être of this competition (Mr. Gay World) and the strength that it has been taking in various countries of the world.
    How to Make Working From Home Less Stressful

    How to Make Working From Home Less Stressful

    There’s nothing new about working from home. But, since the pandemic strikes, it has become a trend that is more popular than ever
    Going Platinum Blonde Vital Points to Consider Before The Commitment

    Going Platinum Blonde: Vital Points to Consider Before The Commitment

    who hasn’t dreamed about going platinum blonde at least once in a lifetime? Is it actually that dangerous? Learn the things they don’t want you to know!

    Patricia Mora Castellanos: “Know That You Can Trust Me and I Will Not Give...

    ue to the political and electoral scenario of Costa Rica, known a few days ago

    A Paradise in Costa Rica: Manuel Antonio National Park

    We invite you to travel to a paradise in Costa Rica on the Pacific coast. This is a national park named Manuel Antonio.

    China Limits the Time Children Can Play Video Games to Only 3 Hours a...

    One hour a day, only on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. That is the time in which those under 18 will be able to use video games in China,
    ‘Parque del Este’ Promotes Both

    ‘Parque del Este’ Promotes BothLocal and Foreign Tourism

    We wish them every single success!”, said Alba Quesada, Icoder's national director.
    Bitcoin Could Hit $ 500,000 According to Specialist

    Bitcoin Could Hit $ 500,000 According to Specialist

    it is impossible to rule out that it will not be able to do so in the upcoming decades as the shift to fully digital finance take place.

    5 Viewpoints In San José That Will Leave You Speechless!

    We wish you a great day of viewpoints in San José and do not forget to enjoy, not only with your eyes, but also with your heart.

    5 Viewpoints In Heredia: Live This Town From The Heights!

    Enjoying nature can be experienced in several ways and one of the most exciting is from the mountain, where we can enjoy the views of the Central Valley.

    Tico Women Make Their Way Into Positions at the Moín Container Terminal

    The Moín Container Terminal (TCM) remains committed to developing female talent.It currently employs 100 women

    Distributed Generation Law Approved In Costa Rica

    The distributed generation law, which will allow consumers to produce their own electricity and inject surpluses

    Let’s Embrace The Trees So We Can Live Fully

    Scientifically, it is known that hugging trees (arbotherapy) and being in contact with nature does us good.

    Coldplay Hints That it Will Include Costa Rica in its Tour

    The British band Coldplay gave hints on their official Instagram account that they will include Costa Rica in their concert tour.
    The Complete Guide to Camping in Costa Rica 6 Must-Visit Camping Sites

    The Complete Guide to Camping in Costa Rica: 6 Must-Visit Camping Sites

    If you’re a nature nut who lives for camping near that perfect view, there’s no better place to go than Costa Rica

    Rincón de la Vieja Volcano Reports Eruption and Aftershocks in Garabito that Reach 4.0

    As reported by the Volcanological and Seismological Observatory (Ovsicori), at 7:50 am this Wednesday, the Rincón de la Vieja Volcano in Guanacaste reported an...
    Farmer's market in Costa Rica

    Local Fruits Of Costa Rica

    Because it is located in Central America, Costa Rica enjoys a tropical climate that allows the production of fruits of incomparable flavor. These contribute...

    Campaign Seeks to Teach How to Perform a Breast Self-exam in Simple Steps

    Breast cancer is the most common malignant tumor in the female population and the second most common. In 2020, 2.2 million cases were detected...

    Tica Athlete Becomes the Fastest Central American Marathoner in the Last Ten Years

    Costa Rican athlete Diana Bogantes made history in the Boston Marathon and became the second fastest Costa Rican athlete in that category and the...

    Costa Rica Heads to Elections with 27 Presidential Candidates

    Four months before the elections, there are 27 candidates for the presidential seat that Carlos Alvarado, the President of Costa Rica, will have to...

    What Species of Nocturnal Birds Live in the Central Valley of Costa Rica?

    Bird species in Costa Rica can be lively and bright parrots that fill the tropical air with high-pitched screeches, out-of-the-ordinary toucans, glistening hummingbirds, and...

    Fossil of a Jaw is the Key that Dogs Lived with Humans 12,000 Years...

    A jaw fossil could be the key to establishing that 12,000 years ago dogs inhabited Central America, along with giant animals, according to a...

    5 Practical Combinations to Burn Fat Anywhere

    Many people want to train to feel better, but obstacles such as the lack of time or the inability to work out in a...
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