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    The Netherlands Eliminates Mandatory Quarantine For Costa Rican Travelers And Classifies The Country As...

    Starting this Friday, all Costa Rican travelers flying to the Netherlands (Holland) will be exempt from mandatory quarantine. This, after the European country lowered...

    International Organizations Have Not Reached An Agreement On The Limit Of Global Warming

    At the meeting on Environment, Climate and Energy held from July 23 to 25, in Italy, the G20 failed to reach an agreement in...

    Costa Rica Announces Start Of Vaccination Against COVID-19 For People Over 20 Years Of...

    As of this Wednesday, all medical establishments in the country can vaccinate against COVID-19 to those over 20 years of age. The information was...
    5 Dating Apps to Use When Traveling to Costa Rica

    5 Dating Apps to Use When Traveling to Costa Rica

    As dating apps get popular, the stigma surrounding them is dramatically declining — so much so that people are now using dating apps for more than just the conventional date

    Guanacaste Airport Creates Its New Brand to Attract Tourism

    In order to attract more tourism, the Guanacaste Airport brand seeks to position the province, its beauties and the airport facilities. With the aim...

    Caribbean Countries Began To See Progressive Increase in Tourism

    The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) said today that the countries of the region began to reverse the decline in the sector that began at...

    Brisa Hennessy Makes History for Costa Rica in the Olympics and is Now One...

    Costa Rican surfer, Brisa Hennessy, made history for the country by qualifying for the quarterfinals of the Tokyo Olympics and is officially one of...
    Italian Citizenship By The 1948 Rule- How To Claim Your Maternal Lineage

    Italian Citizenship By The 1948 Rule- How To Claim Your Maternal Lineage

    Italy is one of the most preferred dual citizenship destinations for Americans for obvious reasons. The country has beautiful landscapes and offers a serene lifestyle. It makes an ideal location to spend your retirement years

    Ecotourism Proposals for Costa Rica’s Jungle (Part 2)

    Probably the largest number of orchids in Costa Rica grows in Monteverde. And not just from Costa Rica. Monteverde is believed to be home...

    Non-Residential Consumers Express Their Concern over the Regional Electricity Market

    In order to achieve greater competitiveness, the industrial companies of Central America seek to increase their participation in the Regional Electricity Market (MER), and...

    Isla del Coco: A Mysterious Wealth of Biodiversity

    Isla del Coco is surrounded by the tides of the Pacific Ocean and belongs to Costa Rica,

    Life Skills Are Formed From Childhood

    From childhood, people develop useful skills to achieve a life of greater personal fulfillment, which in turn help to overcome challenges and unexpected circumstances....

    International Domestic Workers Day

    International Domestic Workers Day

    “Campo De Oro” In Costa Rica Has No Comparison

    Sale of seeds of the plant and sunflowers as such, seeks to provide a rich source for livestock

    Daniel Oduber Airport Recovers Pre-Pandemic Passenger Volume in June 2021

    Guanacaste consolidates its leadership as a destination desired by tourists visiting Costa Rica. Throughout the first half of the year, passenger traffic has grown steadily

    Law Against Animal Abuse in Costa Rica Know Where And How To Report?

    The law against animal abuse approved in early 2017 sentenced to jail and fines those who kill or mistreat animals
    Rio Agrio Falls and Pozas Celestes, Natural Treasures of Costa Rica

    Rio Agrio Falls and Pozas Celestes, Natural Treasures of Costa Rica

    Our country never ceases to amaze us, with its landscapes and its immense nature. Surely you thought you knew everything about Costa Rica, but wait until you get to know the “Pozas Celestes” (

    Resilience: A Leadership Axis

    Resilience is an ability and a powerful way to face the challenges of an increasingly interconnected and communicated world.
    Adrenaline Index The best countries for thrill seekers

    Adrenaline Index: The best countries for thrill seekers

    There are plenty of reasons we all go camping. And, while for some, a walk to the pub and a morning coffee by the campfire is as thrilling as it gets, for adrenaline junkies, camping is about seeking out wild spots and finding those activities that really get the pulse racing
    Work Device Decluttering- Quick Fix Tips That Work

    Work Device Decluttering- Quick Fix Tips That Work

    Work devices are vulnerable to clutter, no matter how particular you are about storing files and organizing them. They will sneak in and accumulate over months, and you will have the storage full faster than you imagine

    Costa Rica is on the Path to Produce Healthy Sustainable Foods

    Public and private sectors recognize that sustainable food systems are necessary to meet the demand for healthy food. Through the third national dialogue on...

    The 8 Most Amazing Waterfalls In Costa Rica

    You can bathe just below the waterfall, although if you prefer a quieter environment and without so many currents you can do it a little further down the Fortuna river.

    Using A Mask Even During Intense Exercise Is Safe And Recommended

    Nicolás Zúñiga, Costa Rican personal trainer, explains that it is normal to feel some discomfort with face masks and that it is only a...

    Humans are Creating a Permanent Climate Emergency

    The Canadian heat wave has exceeded forecasts by five standard deviations. Without climate change it would be an event that would occur every five thousand years. That is, only once since the time of ancient Egypt

    Law is Approved that Gives Benefits To Foreign Professionals Who Work In Costa Rica

    With 35 in favor and five against, the Costa Rican legislative plenary approved in a second debate the law that promotes the visit of the so-called “digital nomads” to the country, thanks to a series of facilities that the law would give foreign professionals who come to work for a season

    Municipality of Desamparados Launches Web Portal for Composters

    Costa Rica generates, on average, 3,855 tons of solid waste every day and it is estimated that each family produces 11 kilograms of waste...

    Motorcycle Plates in Costa Rica Will Change Their Format To Give Greater Visibility To...

    The motorcycle plates in Costa Rica will have a change in their format in order to give greater visibility, if necessary, to third parties, police or judicial authorities.

    This is How Costa Rica Doubled Its Number of Forests

    Costa Rica is characterized by its paradisiacal beaches and tropical forests. And although it is true that tourism is one of its main economic activities

    Royal Canadian Mint Circulating $ 2 Coin Commemorating the 100th Anniversary Of The Discovery...

    The Royal Canadian Mint is issuing a new $ 2 circulating coin that celebrates the fact that, 100 years ago, four researchers achieved a...

    The First Tree of the Costa Rica-China Friendship Forest Was Planted

    President Carlos Alvarado and Beijing Ambassador Tang Heng planted the first tree of the Friendship Forest between China and Costa Rica

    The Fascinating Ujarrás Ruins of Costa Rica

    The curved side scrolls that join the first and third bodies that cover the gabled roof, their movement announce the arrival of the Baroque.

    Costa Rica Recovers 1,305 Pre-Columbian Pieces From US Museum

    "It was a process that began in 2010, when Brooklyn Museum asked us if we wanted to recover those objects, which at the time were taken due to lack of regulation,"

    88 Pups From Costa Rica Are Now in Their New Home in Canada

    Last Thursday, July 8, our Canadian partner rescue organization sent us a charter plane to pick up the MOST PRECIOUS cargo Costa Rica has...

    First 2021 Semester Registers Entry Of 362 Thousand US Tourists to Costa Rica

    In the first six months of this year, Costa Rica recovered half of the United States market compared to the same period in 2019....

    Canada’s Heat Wave Would Have Been “Almost Impossible” Without Climate Change

    The unusual heat wave that hit southwestern Canada and the northwestern United States with record temperatures last week would have been "almost impossible" if...

    Discover the Benefits of Living Near the Sea in Costa Rica

    There are many reasons to acquire a home near the sea in Costa Rica. For some people, the appeal lies in the quick access...

    New Norwegian Law Forces Influencers to Confess that They Retouched Their Online Photos

    In Norway, a new law comes into force that will oblige influencers on social media to not post modified photos without saying what they have done.

    Costa Rica Receives US$ 300 Million from World Bank to Support Post Pandemic Recovery

    The Executive Board of the World Bank (WB) approved this past week a loan of US $ 300 million to support the efforts of...

    Virtual Lynching through Social Media: Ever More Common

    I am a true believer in the value of social media. They clearly came to empower us and multiply our voice and, therefore, used...

    Costa Rican Entrepreneurship Collects US$ 1 Million in SportsTech Business Company

    After 2 and a half months of training and meetings, the Costa Rican startup ‘The Sonar Company’ closed its participation in the first edition...
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