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    Did You Know That the First Guided “Strawberry” Tour in Costa Rica is held...

    In Poasito de Alajuela there is the first guided strawberry tour in Costa Rica and also for the improvement of the experience it is...
    “Costa Rica Real Estate”: The Best Investment For You

    “Costa Rica Real Estate”: The Best Investment For You

    Are you considered investing abroad in residential real estate? Well, now is the right time
    What to do if a Tech Support Scammer Already has Your Info

    What to do if a Tech Support Scammer Already has Your Info

    Scammers apply scare tactics to force people to pay for support services that are supposed to solve their software, platform, or device problems

    Importance of Lysine in Your Diet

    "elixir of eternal youth"

    The Long Recovery of Indigenous Lands in Costa Rica

    Decades have passed since the Costa Rican government guaranteed the native peoples of the country that they would recover their lands. Meanwhile, they regroup...

    World Food Fair Rewards Costa Rican Company for Innovative Product

    In 2020, Costa Rica exported $ 51 million to the Middle East, with agriculture ($ 43.9 million), precision and medical equipment ($ 3.1 million) and food ($ 1.7 million) being the most important.

    Flying in Costa Rica is Possible

    our culture has come to penetrate sharply beyond our borders.

    Costa Rican National Assembly Declares the “Guanacaste Quijongo” Cultural Heritage of the Nation

    There are only two remaining live carriers of the tradition According to the Ministry of Culture and Youth (MCJ)

    Cerro Chirripó Refuge Completed Installation of High Speed Internet

    "The new network provides a symmetric service between uploading and downloading data, which allows stability when accessing websites, using mobile applications or making video calls,"

    Message for Black History Month – Never Give Up!

    In part 3 of my interview with LeRoy Larry Jr. he talks about his experiences in Costa Rica.

    “Parque La Libertad” Offers Free Courses to Young Ticos With Disabilities

    "The psychosocial benefits evidenced in the first year of the project execution, generated a precedent in our country and evidenced the responsibility of giving sustainability to inclusive cultural spaces,"

    Costa Rican Social Security Fund Will Take Advantage of the Reduction in COVID Cases...

    In December, the CCSS reported that due to the pandemic, the waiting time for outpatient visits went from 345 days to 417; in surgeries from 335 days to 467 and in procedures from 128 days to 137

    Learning FromYour Past Failures is Always the Best Path to Success!

    Science has been built on the principle of trial and error: the more mistakes you make, the closer you get to getting it right. Why not apply the same to the business world?
    The Subtle Art of Organizing Your New Home When Moving-In With a Partner in Costa Rica

    The Subtle Art of Organizing Your New Home When Moving-In With a Partner in...

    Moving in together with a partner is an important step, and it should not be taken lightly

    Eliminated Vehicle Circulation Restriction by License Plate Number on Weekends as of March 1st...

    The vehicle license plate circulation restriction on weekends will be eliminated as of March 1st. This was announced on February 22nd by the President...

    4.1 Degree Earthquake Shook San José this Past Monday Afternoon

    An earthquake of magnitude 4.1 on the Richter scale whose epicenter was in the vicinity of Puriscal, in San José

    Tico Transit Authorities Clarify to Drivers: “Cyclists Can Ride in the Center of the...

    In case it is a single lane, cyclists are within their right to go through the center, it is informed

    Young Ticos are Invited to be Part of the “Hackathon Move Safely”

    The “Move Safely” hackathon invites young Ticos, especially women, to propose innovative solutions to improve their safety while traveling by active means in public...

    Texas Tech Costa Rica Offers Courses for Women in Science and Technology

    Thinking sessions (methodology aimed at finding solutions); and a scholarship for three courses at the [email protected] Leadership Center.

    NASA Publishes Spectacular Images of the Arrival of “Perseverance” Space Probe to Mars

    NASA published images on Friday showing the spectacular descent of its Perseverance exploration vehicle to the surface of Mars, suspended by cables to slow...

    Tico Municipalities Analyze Ways to Help Tourism Companies Affected by the Pandemic

    The National Union of Local Governments (UNGL), to help in the reactivation of the tourism industry at the local levels.

    “Artificial Reefs” are Installed in the Waters of Costa Rica for Giving Habitat to...

    Costa Rica is one of the countries congratulated by the UN Secretary General, António Guterres, for its climate actions.
    Fisheries and Aquaculture Represent More than 20% of GDP for the Central American Integration System Member Countries

    New Scientific Council Will be in Charge of Species Protection for the Costa Rican...

    The decree is expected to go into effect this week and take its first concrete actions immediately.

    Tico Fans Could Soon Return to Soccer Stadiums

    The document was delivered by the National Soccer Union (Unafut) to the Ministry of Sports, which will make the respective analysis.

    The World is Changing And It’s #ThankYouPlantMedicine

    “Planet Earth and its inhabitants are taking an enormous turn, towards the opportune changes for a more conscious, sustainable and grateful future”.

    The World is in Competition for Digital Nomads

    “Even in Japan they mention us as a country that is preparing to receive digital nomads. The world is in competition for this tourism and Costa Rica has a great opportunity that it must take advantage of and reactivate its economy,”

    Tica Doctor Collaborates in Research on Nanoantibodies as Treatment Against COVID-19

    The idea is to soon translate this innovation into the generation of injectable immunotherapy, which serves to reduce the severity of the disease in patients diagnosed

    Lot of 79,560 COVID-19 Vaccines Marks the Resumption of Pfizer Shipments to Costa Rica

    On the night of February 16th, the US pharmaceutical company Pfizer resumed the delivery of its Vaccines against the novel Coronavirus to Costa Rica,...
    Mortgage Loans in Costa Rica: Advantages and Precautions

    Mortgage Loans in Costa Rica: Advantages and Precautions

    In recent months, the supply of mortgage loans has grown in Costa Rica, where they lend you 100% of the property's value. Even the entities that do not finance the total value, often grant the client a personal credit for the payment of the premium
    Women of the Bri Bri indigenous culture of Costa Rica

    Walk Five Days Through the Jungle and Get to Know the “Harvard” of Indigenous...

    Carrying out a cultural eco-tourism is possible thanks to the Koswak Usure agency, a group of indigenous Bribri who decided to show a little of their culture, the natural beauties of Talamanca, always with respect for traditions.

    ❤️ ❤️ #saintValentine´s day The Color of Love, The Language of the Soul ❤️...

    Today I invite you to examine yourself and discover what color is the love you feel for that person you have become your partner, or for your family and friends?

    Physical Fitness at Home and Outdoors Will be the Trend This Year

    “In addition to the ease and accessibility they offer to exercise anytime

    Tortuguero National Park Recorded 186 Species of Birds

    A group of 70 people participated this past weekend in the fourth bird count of Tortuguero National Park.

    Costa Rican Students with Social Risks Will Have More Possibilities of Joining the Labor...

    Young people at social risk, mainly those located in the southern zone of Costa Rica, this year will have the opportunity to specialize in...

    Interview with Nana Visitor: Inspiration for Today and Hope for the Future. (Part 2)

    The character of Major Kira is one of Star Trek's most realistic and thought-provoking because of its depth and constant evolution

    Tico Parents Who Do not Send Their Children to the Classroom Must Present a...

    The legal guardian must explain the reasons why they decide that their son or daughter does not attend in person classes and in turn

    Have You Seen the Alajuelita Cross More Illuminated?

    Six huge 1,000-watt reflectors each gave the famous Alajuelita Cross back the nighttime glow. This 26-meter-high, 11-meter-wide iron Josefino icon
    How to Afford a Trip to Costa Rica

    How to Afford a Trip to Costa Rica

    Costa Rica is an absolutely gorgeous location. Located in South America, just north of Panama, the nation has done booming business in tourism of late, with many vacationers flocking to its many resorts and natural beauty
    4 Tips for a Soothing and Peaceful Kid’s Room

    4 Tips for a Soothing and Peaceful Kid’s Room

    In your home, your bedroom is definitely your sanctuary. You have carefully chosen the furnishings, accessories, color scheme, and bedding to create a peaceful place where you can unwind and destress

    Private Tico Electricity Cogenerators Ask to be Enabled for Exporting Energy

    As a result of the decision of the Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE), not to renew more power purchase contracts to private cogenerators
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