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    “Costa Rica Real Estate”: The Best Investment For You

    “Costa Rica Real Estate”: The Best Investment For You

    Are you considered investing abroad in residential real estate? Well, now is the right time
    What to do if a Tech Support Scammer Already has Your Info

    What to do if a Tech Support Scammer Already has Your Info

    Scammers apply scare tactics to force people to pay for support services that are supposed to solve their software, platform, or device problems
    Mortgage Loans in Costa Rica: Advantages and Precautions

    Mortgage Loans in Costa Rica: Advantages and Precautions

    In recent months, the supply of mortgage loans has grown in Costa Rica, where they lend you 100% of the property's value. Even the entities that do not finance the total value, often grant the client a personal credit for the payment of the premium
    How to Afford a Trip to Costa Rica

    How to Afford a Trip to Costa Rica

    Costa Rica is an absolutely gorgeous location. Located in South America, just north of Panama, the nation has done booming business in tourism of late, with many vacationers flocking to its many resorts and natural beauty
    4 Tips for a Soothing and Peaceful Kid’s Room

    4 Tips for a Soothing and Peaceful Kid’s Room

    In your home, your bedroom is definitely your sanctuary. You have carefully chosen the furnishings, accessories, color scheme, and bedding to create a peaceful place where you can unwind and destress
    Best Online Casinos in Costa Rica for 2021

    Best Online Casinos in Costa Rica for 2021

    Searching for the best online casino to play at is not such an easy task. You need to take into consideration several aspects to perform the comparison and pick the best one
    Interview with Nana Visitor Inspiration for today and hope for the future

    Interview with Nana Visitor: Inspiration for Today and Hope for The Future. (Part I)

    Among her many acting and performing accomplishments, she portrayed the character of Major Kira Nerys in the legendary series Star Trek.
    Discover These Dog-Friendly Travel Destinations in Costa Rica

    Discover These Dog-Friendly Travel Destinations in Costa Rica

    Costa Rica is an amazingly dog-friendly place! You can go anywhere with a pup, including restaurants, bars, beaches, and shopping centers
    5 Reasons How Technology Is Driving The Telemedicine Industry In 2020

    5 Reasons How Technology Is Driving The Telemedicine Industry In 2020

    Technology has broadened medical science perspectives to create cures and pursue medical treatment that has never been seen before
    What to Expect When Visiting Costa Rica

    What to Expect When Visiting Costa Rica

    Are you nervous about travelling to Costa Rica for the first time? Do not worry, as we are here to guide you on some of the basics of travelling to this world-class destination
    Retreats to look for in Costa Rica for 2021

    Retreats to look for in Costa Rica for 2021

    What is your idea of a perfect vacation? Does it include relaxing at retreats or not? If yes, then there are some of the best retreats in Costa Rica that you can enjoy
    Don't Miss a Chance to Play at These Golf Courses in Costa Rica

    Don’t Miss a Chance to Play at These Golf Courses in Costa Rica

    Costa Rica is tropical and beautiful! If you’re in the mood for a round of golf while you’re there, don’t miss the chance to play at one of these golf courses
    These are the costs to be known while moving in 2021

    These are the costs to be known while moving in 2021

    The year 2021 has begun and with more pandemic related restrictions lifted by the authorities, the demand for moving services is surging
    TCRN STAFF 2021

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN), 12 Years Bringing “Pura Vida” ...

    Today we want to exalt the benefits of Costa Rica, the Latin American country that has allowed us to grow as professionals with the help of its founder, Visionary Daniel Yepez. This is an article that does not resemble the others because through this edition its own protagonists speak

    Costa Rican Households and Companies would recover in 2021 part of the income lost...

    2021 will bring for homes and companies the recovery of a part of the income lost in 2020; however, not enough to reach pre-COVID-19...

    Pfizer Vaccines Against COVID-19 will Arrive in Costa Rica Every Week

    Once the COVID-19 vaccines are in the country, the pharmaceutical company Pfizer projects that shipments of the doses will be made every week thereafter....

    Costa Rica facilitates mariculture development in a sustainable way

    The president of Costa Rica, Carlos Alvarado, today signed a decree that facilitates the development of mariculture in a sustainable way to generate opportunities for producers in coastal areas and reactivate local economies

    Expectation of Employment in Costa Rica Improves By 2021, According To A Survey

    Small companies report a net growth trend of 3%, followed by medium-sized companies with a fall of 1%, and micro-entrepreneurs are at - 4%

    COVID-19 Vaccination in Costa Rica will be free of cost for Everyone, Even if...

    Vaccination against COVID-19 will include everyone at risk, even if they are not insured. This was announced by the authorities of the Costa Rican...
    end violence

    “Soy Niña” Organization asks for Help to Prevent Gender Violence in Costa Rica

    The work of the “Soy Niña” organization focuses on the prevention of gender violence and the prevention of pregnancies at an early age in...

    Vaccination Against COVID-19 in Costa Rica will be Done Throughout All 2021

    With the authorization of the first vaccine against COVID-19 in Costa Rica and the preparations for its application, a glimmer of hope looms in...
    Christmas: Time to Wait With Hope

    This Holiday Season is a time for all of us to become more Spiritual

    Christmas is the time of year when family and friends find ourselves at a time where spirituality invades our lives, filling some with melancholy, others with happiness, longing, the arrival of the new year
    Costa Rica studies a new water law after 78 years

    Costa Rica studies a new Water Law after 78 years

    A project for a new water law tries to break through in Costa Rica after 78 years, in a context in which the water resource is increasingly valuable and in which there is criticism from environmental sectors for alleged setbacks in the text on the management and protection of the resource

    What Do You Know About The Spirit Of Christmas?

    The Spirit of Christmas is a tradition belonging to the Nordic countries and that, for several years, has been adopted in many cultures around...

    UN accepts Costa Rica’s request to designate an International Day of Afro-descendants

    The General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) adopted by acclamation this Wednesday 16th, a resolution presented by Costa Rica and co-sponsored by 52...

    United Nations Highlights Costa Rica’s Rise in the Human Development Index

    The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) highlighted on Tuesday the rise of 37 places that Costa Rica has made in this year's Human Development...

    Costa Rica Commits to Further Reduce its CO2 Emissions under the Paris Agreement

    Costa Rica is committed to generating maximum emissions of 9.11 million tons of carbon dioxide by 2030, which according to the Ministry of Environment...

    Application of the Vehicle Restriction Remains Unchanged for all December, say Tico Authorities

    In order to eliminate any doubts regarding the application of the vehicle circulation restriction during the special end-of-year dates, the Ministry of Public Works...

    Latin America could be the World Leader in Sustainable Policies, says United Nations

    The annual report, which analyzes and classifies the human progress of each of latin america country, raised Costa Rica and Panama in its ranking,...

    Costa Rica Adds Sixth Consecutive Year with more than 98% of Renewable Electricity Generation

    The National Electric System (SEN) will add at the end of 2020 the sixth consecutive year with more than 98% of renewable electrical generation,...

    5 Curiosities of Costa Rican Coffee: “The Golden Grain”

    According to the Coffee Institute of Costa Rica (Icafé), there are currently more than 93,000 hectares of coffee and more than 38,000 producers dedicated...

    Costa Rica Breaks Record of Foreign Investment Projects Amid Pandemic

    The crisis caused by COVID-19 was positive for Costa Rica in terms of attracting foreign investment projects, reveals the latest annual report of the...

    Bandera del Turismo, the country’s largest flag of Costa Rica, flies as a symbol...

    Its enormous measures show the desire for the recovery of the national tourism sector. Faced with the extraordinary challenges that the pandemic has posed,...

    Parable # 46: It’s Not Just About You

    (This week is the 49thinstallment of the book, “The Band Director’s Lessons About Life”, which TCRN is publishing as a series during 2020. This...

    Costa Rica Reaches Nine Months of Pandemic: Christmas Holiday Celebrations put Health Authorities on...

    The country has been through more than nine months of coping with the COVID-19 Pandemic. The Pandemic leaves more than 146,421 accumulated cases, 608 hospitalizations (225 in ICU) and 1825 deaths

    EcoProject Seeks to Improve the Effectiveness of Biological Corridors in Costa Rica

    Costa Rica has 51 biological corridors that represent 38% of the national territory. A large part of the country's biodiversity is found outside of...

    Costa Rica consolidates itself as a Regional Leader in Electromobility Infrastructure

    As part of the Government's commitment to electrification and decarbonization of transport, this week, the first of the new 28 fast chargers that are installed by Grupo ICE was inaugurated in Siquirres
    Home of the Most Beautiful Species Lomas Barbudal Biological Reserve

    Lomas Barbudal Biological Reserve, Costa Rica’s “Insect Park”

    Known as the Insect Park, due to its immense variety of insects that can be found; more than 240 species of bees and 60 species of moths have been classified in the vicinity of the park. It was created on March 5, 1986, with an area of ​​2,645.71 ha
    Vital essence culture of Costa Rica

    The Rich and Unique Diversity of Costa Rican Music

    One of the best ways to experience the culture of any country is through its music. Local clubs and discos are perfect informal settings for exploring current and popular sounds
    US Tourist Arrivals Quadrupled and European Arrivals Doubled in November

    US Tourist Arrivals Quadrupled and European Arrivals Doubled in November

    24,606 Americans and 4,322 Europeans entered Costa Rica by air during November. "This signal that we receive from the most important tourist markets for Costa Rica is encouraging to more than 600,000 Costa Ricans who directly and indirectly live from tourism
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