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    Film That Will Represent Costa Rica At The Oscars Arrives This Thursday In Costa Rican Cinemas

    Film That Will Represent Costa Rica At The Oscars Arrives This Thursday In Costa...

    If you want to see the film “Ceniza Negra”, selected to represent Costa Rica at the Oscars and Goya Awards, where it will fight for a space in the categories of Best International Film and Best Ibero-American Film
    The Best Time to Travel to Costa Rica Is Now

    The Best Time to Travel to Costa Rica Is Now

    When, we think of the year 2020; We see it as an atypical, difficult and complicated year where many plans and projects were postponed due to the current pandemic generated by Covid-19
    Tourism is reborn from the ashes like the phoenix in a different Costa Rica

    Tourism is reborn in Costa Rica

    The year 2020, also known as the twentieth year of the third millennium, is the year in which humanity is living. Which has been marked by a strong pandemic of a new disease baptized as Coronavirus or Covid-19
    Costa Rica Fully Opens Air Operations After 3 Months Of Gradual Opening

    Costa Rica Fully Opens Air Operations After 3 Months Of Gradual Opening

    The opening of the Costa Rican air border to all the countries of the world starting this Sunday - three weeks before the start of the high season - is accompanied by a vertiginous interest of the airlines for the destination

    Costa Rica Begins a New Stage in the Reactivation of its Tourism Sector

    With the total opening of its air borders and the application of specific health protocols, Costa Rica begins a new stage within the framework of the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Preparing For A Christmas In The Middle Of The Pandemic

    Christmas, also known as Easter, stands out as one of the central celebrations of Christianity. The most important day of this festival is celebrated worldwide on December 25 by the Catholic Church
    Costa Rica Reopens Airports to Rescue Tourism

    Costa Rica Reopens Airports to Stimulate Tourism

    The measures that different governments have taken in the world to prevent the spread of COVID-19 cover all sectors of daily life

    Guava Producers in Costa Rica take Important steps for Exporting the Fruit

    The improvements made to the infrastructure and equipment of the Food Processing and Marketing Center (CEPROMA) in Río Grande de Paquera
    Costa Rica Launches Gender Parity Initiative to Increase Participation of Women in the Economy

    Costa Rica Launches Gender Parity Initiative to Increase Participation of Women in the Economy

    As a strategy to face the effects of the global pandemic by COVID-19 and the direct impacts on female employment, the Government of Costa Rica launched this past week the Gender Parity Initiative (GPI)
    Cocoa Producers move Towards Organic Production in Costa Rica

    Cocoa Producers move Towards Organic Production in Costa Rica

    Farmers from the Guatuso Agro-environmentalist Cacao Producers Association (ASOPAC) of Alajuela, undertook the effort for an area of 50 hectares sown in a traditional organic manner free of agrochemicals

    The New Fight Against Corruption in Costa Rica and its Impact on Private Business

    Corruption is a figure that, despite being socially criticized, has existed since the beginning of civilization. It is not possible to point to a single event in history as the trigger that originates the figure of corruption

    Costa Rica is Ranked Third in the Region with the Lowest Gender Wage Gap

    Worldwide, on average, women receive 20.5% less in their monthly wages compared to what men earn, in Costa Rica the figure drops to 7.8%

    Philips Will Hire 300 Ticos for the Expansion of its Operations in Costa Rica

    The transnational company Philips announced, this Tuesday, August 25, the hiring of 300 people to expand its operations in Costa Rica

    WHO Rejects Allowing Sponsorship of Liquor in Sports Events in Costa Rica

    Allowing brands of alcoholic beverages to sponsor sports events is of concern to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)

    Costa Rica Registers Record Number of Beaches with Ecological Blue Flag

    This past week, the first Ecological Blue Flag (BAE) was raised by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) and awarded to 135 committees of the beaches category, corresponding to the 2019 period

    How to Appeal a Traffic Fine in Costa Rica

    Among the rights that every driver has, is the right to appeal a traffic fine, if he considers that he did not commit a violation, or that the law was not applied incorrectly
    In Costa Rica 97% of Companies Have Implemented the Telework Modality

    In Costa Rica 97% of Companies Have Implemented the Telework Modality

    The arrival of COVID-19 has generated uncertainty about possible scenarios in the next 6 to 18 months in terms of labor, and that is for companies to recognize the need to manage costs and the workforce, prepare for adapting to new forms of work that will become the new normal, as was shown in the survey "Business Response to COVID-19”

    OECD Warns that Cartelized Rice Pricing Affects the Poorest Households in Costa Rica

    The most recent analysis by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) on Costa Rica insists that exemptions to free competition rules, such as those granted to the rice sector, are regressive and inefficient for the country's economy
    Gravely ill American Citizen In Costa Rican Hospital Is Not Allowed Being Medevac to His Country

    Gravely ill American Citizen In Costa Rican Hospital Is Not Allowed Being Medevac to...

    Stress, frustration and uncertainty combine in the situation of Dane Sullivan, a patient who is currently unconscious, and has not been able to be repatriated to his country of origin (United States)

    Together We Are Stronger: “Yo Soy Costa Rica” Is Here for...

    The great family at The Costa Rica News put to service the best of its essence: to provide entrepreneurs with our full support amidst the adversity caused by the Coronavirus Pandemic

    YouTube Kids Gets to Costa Rica!

    YouTube Kids is now available in Costa Rica. This app makes it easier for children to find videos related to the topics...

    Public Use Electric Scooters Started to Move Around

    Since March 16th, 2020, transport users have a new mobility option: electric scooters. This was announced on March 10th by the Purdy...

    Costa Rica Exports Processed Products such as Tropical Fruits and Green Coffee to Dubai

    Although it sounds like an idyllic and distant destination, Costa Rica seeks to make its way to export to the United Arab...

    Costa Rica Is in a “Rush” to Becoming a Digital Economy

    The Cisco company launched its 2019 Global Digital Preparation Index last week, an investigation that calculates the digital readiness of 141 countries....

    Meet the Wonderful Technological Institute of Costa Rica (TEC)!

    The Technological Institute of Costa Rica (TEC) is a national autonomous institution of higher education, dedicated to teaching, research, and the extension...

    Coffee Enters the Set of Costa Rica’s National Symbols

    Unanimously, 42 deputies of the Assembly of Costa Rica approved in the 2nd debate, last Monday, a bill that declares it as...

    Enjoy Natural Walks in Costa Rica!

    Costa Rica is ever-connected with nature. However, if you do not know where to go or what to look for, you could miss the most spectacular views

    What Makes Costa Rica so Unique?

    Let the proud ‘Ticos’ raise their hand; being a ‘Tico’ is a blessing! This piece of land anchored to the middle of the continent is full of unique and curious benefits that many of us do not know

    Vital Culture of Our Costa Rica

    One of the best ways to experience the culture of any country is through its music. Local clubs and clubs are informal venues perfect for exploring current and popular sounds

    British Celebrities Came to Costa Rica for New Year’s Holiday

    The British actor Christian Bale, famous for his role of ‘Batman’ in the trilogy of “The Dark Knight”, came to Costa Rica to celebrate New Year’s holiday

    Costa Rica: The Best Destination in the World to Discover in 2020

    Costa Rica is a country that has positioned itself over time as the ideal place for enjoying the best time of your life

    Costa Rica and Panamá Will Host the Women's U20 Soccer World Cup

    Recently, it was known through an official FIFA statement that the countries of Costa Rica and Panamá will host the “Women's U20

    Get to Know the Main Advantages Costa Rica Offers Its Visitors

    In Costa Rica, tourists can travel almost anywhere they want, in comfortable and modern buses. Those who wish to rent a car...

    Prestigious Danish Design Institute to Open Campus in Costa Rica

    One of the world's leading design and innovation schools, the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID), will open its first headquarters outside of Europe in February 2020 in Costa Rica

    Second-Hand Goods Markets Flourish in Costa Rica

    More and more people have left behind the stereotypes around second-hand items. Precisely in Costa Rica, since 2017, the SJO Bazar is...

    Costa Rican Maricruz Ortíz Wins 4th World Youth Racquetball Title

    Costa Rican Maricruz Ortíz was proclaimed, last Saturday, world champion in youth category racquetball for the 4th time

    Government to Invest US$ 1.3 Million on Costa Rica’s First Linear Park

    President Carlos Alvarado, announced the inclusion of US$ 1.3 million in the budget of the Ministry of Housing and Human Settlements (Mivah) 2020 for the construction of a linear park

    The “Old” Controversy over Oil Exploitation in Costa Rica Is Back on

    The proposal “Use of National Energy Resources” -read it correctly: let's exploit oil, export electricity, and weaken the MINAE- that would be...

    “Lonely Planet” Says that Costa Rica Is the 6th Best Tourist Destination in the...

    Last Monday, “Lonely Planet” launched its best travel destinations list for 2020, with Costa Rica positioned in 6th place. Our country is praised for its approach to sustainable tourism and biodiversity.

    Use of Agrochemicals Impacts Bee Populations in Costa Rica!

    To public opinion, in general; to the President of Costa Rica, Carlos Alvarado Quesada, and his cabinet staff in particular…
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