Mobile Mammogram Will Travel Costa Rica to Promote Early Detection of Breast Cancer

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    Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in Costa Rica, with approximately more than 1,300 new cases detected per year According to data from the Costa Rican Social Security Fund, 398 women died in 2022 as a result of breast cancer.

    Precisely with the objective of promoting the early detection of this disease, a mobile mammography machine will travel to various areas of the country starting next July 8, so that women have access to undergo this examination that can detect cancer cells.

    Pay attention to the dates and places where the mobile mammography unit will be:

    Desamparados July 9 to 13

    Siquirres: July 16 to 20

    Heredia: July 22 to 26

    El Roble de Puntarenas. July 29 to August 2

    Islas de Puntarenas: August 2

    Carrillo, Guanacaste: August 5 to 9

    Cartago: August 12 to 17

    Alajuela: August 19 to 23

    ¡Ya es Hora! initiative

    This is possible thanks to the ¡Ya es Hora! initiative. promoted by a business alliance between the Metropolitan Hospital and Medismart of Grupo Montecristo, as well as Roche, Avon, Cenrad, Fundesco and BAC.

    Under the commitment of social responsibility in health and well-being issues, these organizations joined forces to provide vulnerable women in the different communities of the country with access to mammograms and awareness talks to enhance their well-being.

    “Unfortunately, breast cancer claims the lives of hundreds of women every year, so it is of utmost importance that all women have access to health checks through the mobile mammogram that allows it to be taken anywhere to promote self-care and obtain results. in just 48 hours” explained Dr. Andrés Wiernik, general director of the Metropolitan Hospital.

    Mónica Nagel, Director of Corporate Affairs at Grupo Montecristo, commented that patients who participate in the project will receive medical follow-up at no cost at the Metropolitan Hospital according to each case, whether with a breast ultrasound, including the execution of biopsies. Likewise, if someone receives a positive diagnosis of cancer, they will be provided with support through the National Solidarity Foundation Against Breast Cancer (FUNDESO).

    Great emotional and psychological impact

    Breast cancer is a disease that has a great emotional and psychological impact on diagnosed women, and has repercussions at a personal, professional, social and family level, affecting everything from productivity to their physical condition, and whose symptoms are reflected from the early stages of the disease. .

    Early detection

    “Detecting breast cancer early means contributing to the well-being of each family and society. When a breast cancer diagnosis is made in the early stages, that woman has a greater than 95% chance of being alive 5 years after her diagnosis. This shows that this disease has high curative probabilities when it is detected in its early stages, and that is why the comprehensive and early approach for patients is part of our Sustainable Strategy,” said Melissa Delgado, director of Corporate Affairs at Roche Caribbean, Central America and Venezuela.

    Mammography is the diagnostic method par excellence and should be performed annually starting at age 40. According to the pharmaceutical company Roche, younger women are currently being diagnosed with breast cancer. About 80% of women diagnosed each year are 45 years old or older, and about 43% are 65 years old or older. Therefore, it is essential to strengthen early detection to have more patients diagnosed in the early stages and move towards a cure for the disease.

    In addition to mammograms and with the aim of promoting self-care and the importance of having health checks, women will be able to receive talks on various topics related to their well-being, physical health and self-love.

    “Our commitment to the comprehensive well-being of women and their families is continuous. Since 2007, at AVON we have carried out different initiatives to fight breast cancer in the country. And today we join the ¡Ya es Hora! project, which will allow 1,200 women from vulnerable areas in different parts of the national territory to access mammograms, which will help them detect any anomaly that puts their lives at risk. Early detection makes a difference: it helps save lives,” said Priscilla Carazo, general manager of Avon de Costa Rica.

    For her part, Marta Kinderson, president of FUNDESO, commented that they are pleased to announce their participation in the “It’s Time” campaign, an initiative aimed at promoting the early detection of breast cancer through mobile mammography services. Early detection is one of our primary objectives to improve results in the treatment of breast cancer, which is why our foundation is committed to the mission of this cause.  We cordially invite all interested people to take advantage of this opportunity and join us in the fight against this disease.

    “Initiatives like “It’s Time!” They make more accessible an indispensable service, which should be available to all women, and which contributes to saving lives to a large extent. For this reason, at BAC we join this campaign, which has set a great objective: to reach communities that are not only in the GAM, but also outside this area, and where health services are generally more limited. We urge everyone to take advantage of this great opportunity,” said Laura Moreno, Vice President of Corporate Relations at BAC. The health post in each community will be properly labeled. Interested parties must register on this form to reserve their space.

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