Breast Cancer: The Powerful Alliance Between Medicine and Wellness

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    According to the World Health Organization (WHO), breast cancer is the leading cause of death in women. Last year alone, more than two million cases were recorded. This is one of the many reasons why this topic has been given priority, but there is still a huge lack of information that deprives us of being able to help those who suffer from it, to improve their lifestyle, looking for the path become less heavy.

    As part of that search is to create greater awareness of the complex topic. Research has been done to help people better understand the needs of a time and condition in which the body is at such a vulnerable time. Adriana Azuara, who represents Wellness for Cancer in Mexico, talks with us about her mission of training and preparing different spas and beauty centers to serve patients with breast cancer, in order to understand them and help them in the best way possible.

    Adapting to the lifestyle

    “Our beauty and exercise routine must be adapted to the lifestyle we lead and the condition in which we find ourselves. 90% of people affected by cancer have skin changes and some appearance problems that affect their confidence and self-esteem,” she explains.

    At present, there are still many ideas and preconceptions about the treatments that cancer patients can or cannot undergo. Something that we must understand is that their immune system is weakened, since it is completely dedicated to attacking cancer cells, but the correct treatment, hand in hand with the right personnel, can have great benefits on them, especially with early detection.

    Massage for breast cancer patients

    “After a study, a discovery was made that massage should be promoted among breast cancer patients as a therapy, as it helps reduce stress and anxiety. Although the definitive role of massage in reducing the various symptoms of anxiety has not yet been conclusively proven, the low probability of harm, combined with studies suggesting a benefit for pain and other symptoms, makes it a attractive complement,” says Dr. Lisa Corbin, who is the director of Integrative Medicine at the University of Colorado.

    To this is added that when choosing daily care products, the ingredients must be selected, taking care of every detail to guarantee that they improve their quality of life instead of bringing unwanted consequences. The most recommended products when undergoing treatment for breast cancer include a lower percentage of chemical components and, in most cases, emollients and moisturizers that fill the dermis with nutrients, such as shea butter, jojoba oil, blue agave and aloe vera within the formula to choose.

    On the other hand, there are options that are better to avoid, such as those that include aggressive treatments such as renovators or depigmentation with high concentrations such as glycolic acid, salicylic acid or retinol, since they are more complex to receive in the body. The purpose of this, in addition to pampering the body in difficult moments, also seeks to help it detoxify and fill it with energy and power, while avoiding chemicals or formulations that are difficult to process.

    “In the medical world we are using elements of a spa: massage, yoga, meditation and breathing. There is an opportunity to work collaboratively…” says Dr. Brent

    Wellness and medicine joining forces

    If two industries as big as wellness and medicine join forces, a new path full of faith and hope begins to be traced in which we can concentrate on different points to treat diseases more completely and effectively, in addition to improving quality of life for the patient during the process. Like an infallible team, these areas of care complement each other to reach positive results in the medical, psychological and aesthetic aspects, which have a direct influence on the state of mind and mental health after such a strong treatment, which is sometimes ignore.

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