Costa Rica is Positioned as the Best Option for “Digital Nomads”

    Currently, there are around 10.2 million digital nomads globally

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    Although the Covid-19 pandemic encouraged a digital wave that consolidated remorte working as a temporary option for company employees, currently, the ability to choose the place from which to work is positioned as one of the main motivations for people looking for a job that does not condition them to be permanently in the same geographical area.

    In Costa Rica, at the end of 2021, there was talk of a new “visa” modality to attract remote workers to the country. In July of this year, the law related to the matter (10,008) was officially published in La Gaceta, along with its regulations. A month later, and with the opportunity to process the document through the channels of the General Directorate of Migration and Immigration (DGME), the country is placed in the focus of the so-called “digital nomads“.

    According to Karen Scarpetta, WeWork Regional General Manager for South America and Costa Rica, a company that offers flexible workspace memberships in the country, “now more than ever, technology allows thousands of people to develop their economic activities, from any geographical point”.

    Digital Nomads

    Costa Rica, top of the list

    Data compiled by The Nomad List, a global community of remote workers, establishes that, on average, these workers stay 71 days in a country, before migrating to the next destination and, according to their 2022 report, Costa Rica is positioned as the destination favorite among digital nomads, above countries like Italy, the United States and Argentina.

    On the other hand, the Kayak travel company, in its Travel and Work Index, establishes that Costa Rica is the seventh best destination to travel and work among the 111 countries compared, based on six categories that include health, safety, prices of travel and social life.

    New visa opens possibilities

    Previously, remote workers who wanted to visit Costa Rica were subject to the 90-day stay limit that any tourist finds in our country. However, this new visa opens the possibility of staying up to 24 consecutive months legally. In addition to Costa Rica, other countries that offer special visas for this type of collaborator are Mexico, Germany, Australia, Greece, Portugal and Barbados.

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