Telecommuting Continues to Grow and There Are Ideal Places in Costa Rica for Them

    Digital nomads who visit Costa Rica or who are from this beautiful country and want to work from authentic spaces should know that the perfect place exists and it will not disappoint them...

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    In our environment we have been emphasizing the practice of Co-working or remote working, the new mechanisms that have emerged and the stages that occurred in times of pandemic. Before, people were anxious to socialize again just as before the pandemic, experts said, and that remote work was likely to continue.

    As in everything that is about life, adaptation is essential, remote working is here to stay and companies have been able to update to this new modality, coordinating meetings (some in-person, others via Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, among other digital platforms). The same Ivanti firm highlights the situation of companies, according to its recent study, 13% of surveyed employees want to return to the office.

    Ivanti conducted a survey of more than 4,500 employees from different global firms and found that seven out of 10 choose to work from anywhere and at any time before getting a promotion, while opting for telecommuting (30%), the modality hybrid (42%) and from anywhere in the world while traveling (15%). Only 13% want to return to the office.

    Remote work or its combination with in-person work during the week, which became known as hybrid, is positioning itself in the corporate world. In this regard, companies can close their offices if their entire payroll is working remotely, reduce the need for space for staff shifts that must be present a few days a week, or do not have to invest in more facilities or furniture if they are growing.

    It is worth noting that there are also benefits for collaborators. In this sense, Tigo also prepared a study called “Consumer Guide 2022, a world inside the house”, detailing that Telework continues to be the preference of Ticos.

    Computer security as the main problem

    Gartner, an information technology research and consulting company, recently indicated that the hybrid formula (working at home and part-time in the office) is preferred. 32% of collaborators in the world prefer it for the coming years.

    The company noted that when people are away from the office, they are 26 times more likely to fall into hackers’ traps such as phishing, clicking on links to fake sites containing malware.

    The cybersecurity firm Eset warns about flaws in security controls, configurations and bad practices: not activating multifactor authentication mechanisms, incorrect assignment of permissions and access, use of outdated systems and browsers, weak passwords, unprotected cloud services, among others.

    Costa Rica is part of the best destinations

    Some time ago, the digital platform Netspick, made a study that showed that the most attractive places for digital nomads are those in which special visas for them were recently approved, as is the case of Melbourne, Dubai, Sydney, Tallinn and San Jose, Costa Rica. Costa Rica is also in seventh place in the InsureMyTrip ranking, published by Forbes, which selected the ten best places for digital nomads.

    “Resonance Costa Rica” is the ideal place for nomads

    If you dream of working online or are already a digital nomad, Resonance is a place for you, where you will practice your productivity remotely, totally surrounded by a tropical paradise, and an environment of leading a conscious life and people who have plans similar to yours.

    In Resonance, the most attracted are entrepreneurs, digital nomads and with a vision of the future, there the spaces are opportune to generate greater productivity and joy at work, as well as concentration and relaxation to boost creativity.

    Resonance coworking is more than having comfortable spaces, with high-speed internet. Everyone stays in one vibration, with a holistic balance of work, life, wellness, play, and relationship. Resonance offers nurturing environments, even on the beach in Costa Rica’s lush jungle paradise.

    Living in connection with nature, supported by a conscious community and with access to daily wellness programs and enriching experiences, you will feel completely healthy, happy and complete. There are multiple work areas, also a conference room, a restaurant with cafeteria services to your liking.

    If you are a Digital Nomad and want to go to Costa Rica, and want a different experience in your life, Resonance is the best option, to learn more about Resonance enter to their website or follow them on their Instagram account: @resonance.costarica.

    Resonance Costa Rica
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