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    “Costa Rica Real Estate”: The Best Investment For You

    “Costa Rica Real Estate”: The Best Investment For You

    Are you considered investing abroad in residential real estate? Well, now is the right time
    What to do if a Tech Support Scammer Already has Your Info

    What to do if a Tech Support Scammer Already has Your Info

    Scammers apply scare tactics to force people to pay for support services that are supposed to solve their software, platform, or device problems

    Costa Rica, A Country to Feel “Pura Vida”

    From the Pacific coast to the Caribbean; from the peaks of its famous volcanoes to the dense valleys where green explodes: Costa Rica is...

    “Parque La Libertad” Offers Free Courses to Young Ticos With Disabilities

    "The psychosocial benefits evidenced in the first year of the project execution, generated a precedent in our country and evidenced the responsibility of giving sustainability to inclusive cultural spaces,"
    The Subtle Art of Organizing Your New Home When Moving-In With a Partner in Costa Rica

    The Subtle Art of Organizing Your New Home When Moving-In With a Partner in...

    Moving in together with a partner is an important step, and it should not be taken lightly

    Guatemala Closes Three Air Navigation Routes Due to Volcanic Activity

    Guatemala's La Aurora International Airport closed three air navigation routes this past Wednesday due to ash from the Pacaya and Fuego volcanoes, which maintain...

    Meeting at the United Nations Addresses Issues of Racism, Xenophobia and Discrimination

    Among the ministers expected to participate virtually in the special Ecosoc meeting is the Costa Rican Foreign Minister, Rodolfo Solano Quirós.

    Tico Tourism Sector Finds Problems in Proposal for a “Guarantee Fund”

    The urgent need that the national tourism industry has expressed, for the approval of the “bill for the creation of a Guarantee Fund”, did...
    Mortgage Loans in Costa Rica: Advantages and Precautions

    Mortgage Loans in Costa Rica: Advantages and Precautions

    In recent months, the supply of mortgage loans has grown in Costa Rica, where they lend you 100% of the property's value. Even the entities that do not finance the total value, often grant the client a personal credit for the payment of the premium

    Pulling Back the Curtain to Reach the Stars: From the Hood to Jupiter

    For this week’s blog I interviewed LeRoy Davis Larry Jr. with whom I had the privilege of doing a presentation with at the recent...

    Road Mega-Project Financed by CABEI is About to be Inaugurated in Costa Rica

    “It is of great satisfaction for CABEI to see how Costa Rica was able to materialize a mega-road project like this one in a year with adverse conditions such as 2020, and that in a few months thousands of Costa Ricans will be able to use it,

    Mandarin Education Opens the Doors of International Study to Ticos

    Mandarin Chinese is the most widely spoken native language in the world, with more than 1.4 billion speakers, and each year more foreigners join...

    It Is Now Possible to Obtain Fast Antigen Tests Against COVID-19 in Costa Rica

    If the test is positive, it will be considered confirmatory of COVID-19 and the notification must be made to the Ministry of Health

    Race Invites You to Practice Sports and Connect With Nature

    The first edition of the cross-country category race: Mission Manoa Trail Run, will offer its participants the possibility of exercising while connecting with nature....

    Spain Expects to Strengthen Its Tourism Links With Costa Rica

    Spain is working on various initiatives that would guarantee tourists from Central America an experience with the sanitary measures and conditions

    After 20 Months, Costa Rica Recovers Category 1 in Aeronautical Safety Granted by the...

    Costa Rica regained the highest category in aeronautical safety 20 months after it was downgraded by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of the United...

    Costa Rica Among the Countries With The Cleanest Air In The World

    Billions more suffer the effects of poor air quality. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO)

    Immunotherapy to Beat Cancer

    In Costa Rica, in 2020, there were 13,139 new cases of cancer and 6,028 people died from this disease, according to data from the Global Cancer Observatory.
    How to Afford a Trip to Costa Rica

    How to Afford a Trip to Costa Rica

    Costa Rica is an absolutely gorgeous location. Located in South America, just north of Panama, the nation has done booming business in tourism of late, with many vacationers flocking to its many resorts and natural beauty
    4 Tips for a Soothing and Peaceful Kid’s Room

    4 Tips for a Soothing and Peaceful Kid’s Room

    In your home, your bedroom is definitely your sanctuary. You have carefully chosen the furnishings, accessories, color scheme, and bedding to create a peaceful place where you can unwind and destress

    Tico Health Authorities Do Not Contemplate Bringing the Russian Vaccine to the Country

    International media indicate that, apparently in the previous January, Russia submitted the application for approval of the use of the vaccine against COVID-19 to the EMA

    Costa Rica Must Enhance Its Potential for Beekeeping

    Costa Rica loses the opportunity to produce more honey, as it does not have a national apiculture plan to promote this agricultural activity, said...

    Costa Rica Opens the Largest “Sky Swing” in Central America

    From its beaches for diving and surfing, to the treetops for canopying, Costa Rica has positioned itself worldwide as one of the adventure tourist destinations

    A Roadmap for the Development of Costa Rica

    If we analyze the economic reality of Costa Rica in recent years, we can conclude that we are suffering a generalized economic contraction, a drop in consumption, construction, industry, commerce, etc.

    The First “Christie RealLaser” Film Projector in Costa Rica is Installed

    The CCM Cinemas exhibition chain has already equipped itself with the first pure RGB laser projector installed in Costa Rica.
    Stressful Life 10 Ways to Ease your Stress TCRN

    Stressful Life: 10 Ways to Ease your Stress

    When faced with uncertain life events, it is hard not to get stressed. Typically, stress symptoms are your body's way of responding to some pressing life challenges
    Best Online Casinos in Costa Rica for 2021

    Best Online Casinos in Costa Rica for 2021

    Searching for the best online casino to play at is not such an easy task. You need to take into consideration several aspects to perform the comparison and pick the best one
    Interview with Nana Visitor Inspiration for today and hope for the future

    Interview with Nana Visitor: Inspiration for Today and Hope for The Future. (Part I)

    Among her many acting and performing accomplishments, she portrayed the character of Major Kira Nerys in the legendary series Star Trek.

    Costa Rica Offers International Visitors Great Experiences to Enjoy a Romantic Trip

    Having fun as a couple on a zip line, watching a whale or a sloth up close or participating in a cocoa ceremony are some of the experiences that await couples in Costa Rica.

    New Tico TV Program Highlights “Naivety” By the General Population with Regards to Politics

    The space combines interviews, special guests, explanatory videos and infographics to enrich the audience's learning
    Discover These Dog-Friendly Travel Destinations in Costa Rica

    Discover These Dog-Friendly Travel Destinations in Costa Rica

    Costa Rica is an amazingly dog-friendly place! You can go anywhere with a pup, including restaurants, bars, beaches, and shopping centers

    National Geographic’s “Traveler Magazine” Highlights Costa Rica Among “the Best in the World”

    "So you want to escape? Imagine a country with a quarter of its territory with national parks, a place where you can walk through...

    Wind and Cold are Still Present in Costa Rica

    "The country will continue under the influence of strong trade winds, although a decrease in the speed of the maximum gusts is expected

    New Forest Inaugurated in Carrillo to Mitigate Desertification and Drought

    With the planting of 100 trees, the State of Israel Forest was inaugurated this Thursday in Carillo, Guanacaste. The creation of the new forest...

    Ways to Avoid Back Pain When Working On Your Computer

    The Association of Chartered Physical Therapists has designed some simple stretches that, if done regularly, can help prevent aches and pains.

    Canadian Airlines Suspend Flights to Costa Rica for Three Months

    the Prime Minister of this country, Justin Trudeau, announced this Friday the agreement with the companies Air Canada, WestJet, Sunwing, and Air Transat to pause trips to Mexico,

    Did NASA Achieve Long-Distance Quantum Teleportation?

    "With this demonstration, we are beginning to lay the groundwork for the construction of a metropolitan quantum network in the Chicago area,"

    Tica Yokasta Valle Will Defend Her World Boxing Title in Costa Rica

    The greater the contributions received, the greater the value of the fight and, consequently

    Construction of the First Electric Sailboat Made in Costa Rica Advances

    Some time later, he founded his first company, Topsail Rigging, where he dedicated himself to designing and building
    5 Reasons How Technology Is Driving The Telemedicine Industry In 2020

    5 Reasons How Technology Is Driving The Telemedicine Industry In 2020

    Technology has broadened medical science perspectives to create cures and pursue medical treatment that has never been seen before
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