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    Iberia Airlines Renews Its Commitment to Costa Rica

    During the celebration of the International Tourism Fair (FITUR) held in Madrid, the Minister of Tourism of Costa Rica

    Costa Rica: The Happiest Country in the World and the Best to Rest in...

    Rica is among the best countries to rest after being retired, only that? It is one of the best destinations for tourists to enjoy due to its incredible biodiversity,

    Do You Prefer the Jungle or the Beach?Travel to Costa Rica and Experience Both

    Costa Rica is a natural paradise like no other on the planet. Whether you like exploring the jungle or enjoying a pristine beach

    Costa Rica Seeks to Catch-up with Developed Countries that are Now Allowing Open Air...

    This proposal does not create any right of possession of the owners of the businesses on the roads or public spaces, on the contrary

    Cannabidiol Prevents the Replication of Covid-19

     Preclinical experiments in human cells and mice suggest that cannabidiol, a primary active compound in hemp and marijuana (Cannabis sativa)

    Sarapiquí Reopens Tourist Information Office

    The delivery of ₡5 million of non-reimbursable resources allowed the Sarapiquí Chamber of Sustainable Tourism Association (Catusa) to reopen its Cantonal Tourist Information Office

    Turrialba Volcano Climbs to Eruptive Category

    The decision was made to close the park again and to make a call against illegal entry

    From Pavas to Satellites: Costa Rica’s Kurt Vargas shares his NASA experience

    Another Costa Rican engineer has embarked upon an exciting career at NASA.

    Tips To Avoid Stress During Remote Working

    The confinement of people due to the Omicron variant and the stress of working from home has caused mental states such as haste, frustration and fatigue to be highly altered.

    Bill is Approved in Costa Rica That Allows Women to Choose Jobs Under Equal...

    The Costa Rican Legislative Assembly approved this week the "Law for Freedom of Employment Choice for Women"

    Costa Rican Pianist Debuts as an International Model on the Dolce and Gabbana runway...

    Where David Castillo Fung, a Costa Rican pianist, composer and model, made his debut.

    Crypto Trading in Costa Rica

    Costa Rica is one of the very few places in the world where it’s legal for employers to pay their employees with cryptocurrency. Because of this, various commentators call Costa Rica the “crypto haven.”

    Another Tico making Space Waves at NASA: Mauricio Hess shares inspiration from the Jet...

    Yet another Costa Rican has joined the list of extraordinarily talented people from this Central American country who work for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

    The Most Common Injuries When Having Sex

    Letting creativity flourish in bed is perhaps one of the most repeated maxims in sexual therapy consultations.

    Edward Castro: Costa Rican Medical Talent That Crosses Borders

    Time heals everything says a saying and it seems to be true. Well, despite the humble origins that Edward Castro had

    False Myths Distance the Tico Population from Responsible Self-Care

    Good health begins with small personal actions; however, the lack of knowledge or health literacy has allowed many myths

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) is Now 13 Years Old! And Maintains Its Essence:...

    Our anniversary has always become the perfect excuse to talk about the beauty of Costa Rica and of course

    Why Is Inflation Rising So Much Around the World?

    If it seems to you that every time you go shopping at the supermarket or fill your car's tank with gasoline, everything is more expensive, you're right.

    Procedure for Granting Permits Allowing Public Shows in Costa Rica is Ready

    A procedure that will "facilitate the process" to grant permits for public shows is now ready, as announced by the Ministries of Economy and Health

    Strong Currents in The Costa Rican Pacific After a Tsunami Caused by A Volcano...

    A tsunami recorded on the island of Tonga, in the South Pacific, caused strong currents and unusual waves in different parts of the Costa Rican coast.

    Aloe Drinks and Their Health Benefits

    ur body is made up mainly of water. Whether we consume water from food or drink, it is vital for optimal daily functioning

    How To Prevent the Cell Phone From Becoming a Virus Transmitter

    Cell phones have become extensions of our body, however, they hide a truth that we ignore. The journal Travel Medicine and Infectious Disease published an article on how cell phones represent a route for microbial transmission.
    Tech Trends in 2022

    Tech Trends in 2022

    The technology world is rapidly advancing. Many tech trends appear and change every single year. What we see now as a novelty becomes obsolete in a few years' time

    Cryptocurrency Scams: What to Know and How to Protect Yourself

    The rising value of cryptocurrencies promises huge returns for investors and cryptocurrency mining “fortunes” have echoes of the 1850s gold rush.

    The Wellbeing Revolution: From Wellness to Wellbeing

    It is no secret that COVID-19 has caused profound changes and disruption in all facets of our personal and professional lives,

    Archeology in Costa Rica Is Practiced Mostly By Professionals with Limited Resources

    Ifigenia Quintanilla, Archaeologist at the Museum of Costa Rica, highlighted the recent excavation work in the Tivives mangrove swamp and added that the archeology of Costa Rica in the last 40 years

    Stage 0 Breast Cancer is not Cancer

    Stage 0 breast cancer is yet another form of medical bullying towards the female body

    Ticos Manage to be Placed Among the 500 Best Projects for Green Awards 2022

    The PuntoSeguro initiative, which encourages the correct disposal of medicines that you no longer use, managed to reach the finalists of the Green Awards

    Unprecedented Surgery In Hospital Of The Costa Rican Social Security Fund Saves Mother And...

    A team of specialists from the Saint Vincent de Paul Hospital (HSVP) saved the life of a mother and her baby by performing complex surgery during childbirth

    National Parks Of Costa Rica Received More Than 122,000 Tourists during the Christmas Holiday

    A total of 122,465 tourists visited national parks in Costa Rica between December 22nd, 2021 and January 2nd, 2022

    Meet Julian Gutierrez: Another Costa Rican making space history at NASA

    Julian grew up in San Pedro, Montes de Oca. Both of his parents were professors at the University of Costa Rica.

    These Are the Strangest Rituals in The World

    Rituals are usually confused and reduced only to the practices of witchcraft, processions and festival religion.

    The 7 Most Requested Tourist Places in Costa Rica

    Costa Rica is a beautiful country that has attracted the attention of visitors, ecotourists and backpackers in recent years

    Climate And Inequality are Great Risks for Humanity in This Decade

    The ravages caused by climate change and social inequality, which increased with the pandemic, are the main risks facing humanity ten years from now,
    Everything You Need to Know to Adopt from Costa Rica

    Everything You Need to Know to Adopt from Costa Rica

    Adoption laws in the UK are complex and rigid and, for many couples and individuals, this time consuming process ends in disappointment - particularly...
    Clinical Trials In Costa Rica A Brief Guide

    Clinical Trials In Costa Rica: A Brief Guide

    A clinical trial is a medical research process through which new medical discoveries are tested by carrying out carefully controlled investigations on patients

    “Conscious” Travel Will Be a Trend In 2022

    The more holistic and respectful "travel with a conscience", in which the traveler discovers the destination and its surroundings in an active and conscious way

    Number of Costa Ricans Registered to Vote Abroad Quadrupled In 8 Years

    Although it does not seem that this vote is going to set the tone for what the final result will be

    Tourists Can Know Take Electric Taxis from the Juan Santamaría Airport

    The project “Accelerating the Transition to Electric Public Transport in the Greater Metropolitan Area (GAM)”
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