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    The Balance of Nature: How Delicate Is It?

    The balance of nature may be disturbed by various causes. Events such as cataclysms are geological phenomena that alter the conditions of...

    Perfect Destinations to Visit in Costa Rica

    The beautiful beaches in Costa Rica are a perfect destination for those who love nature and ecotourism. Here, you will see a...

    Depression: A Silent Disease that Attacks Many Costa Ricans

    Many studies revealed that at least 2,000 Costa Ricans each year suffer from depression. Depression is a silent disease

    Secretary of State, Michael Pompeo, Arrives in Costa Rica

    This Tuesday, the US Secretary of State, Michael Pompeo, arrived at the Presidential House in Costa Rica, as part of Pompeo's tour of Colombia

    4 Very Damaging Myths…

    Firstly, let’s look at what a myth really is. Often a widely held but false belief or idea, myths consist of narratives or stories that play a fundamental role in society

    You Should Not Do These Things When Waking Up!

    At the time we wake up, we all have specific habits. That is, when we finally manage to open our eyes after a few hours of sleep

    Some Tips To Feel Better When You Wake Up

    When we wake up we get in touch with the light of a new day, a new opportunity for life, new challenges await us in the new hours

    Customer Acquisition As the Key to Business Success

    The most important person in companies is, and will always be, the customer. It depends on the sustainability and growth of every business organization

    Meet the Wonderful World of Digital Advertising!

    Technology allows us to insert ourselves in all the spaces where we develop, and that is that it becomes necessary and almost obligatory in order to be able to be in tune with the new changes that are taking place in today’s world

    Discover the Top-10 Best Places in Costa Rica!

    Costa Rica has chosen ecotourism with force and you will understand why

    Enjoy Natural Walks in Costa Rica!

    Costa Rica is ever-connected with nature. However, if you do not know where to go or what to look for, you could miss the most spectacular views

    What Makes Costa Rica so Unique?

    Let the proud ‘Ticos’ raise their hand; being a ‘Tico’ is a blessing! This piece of land anchored to the middle of the continent is full of unique and curious benefits that many of us do not know

    Vital Culture of Our Costa Rica

    One of the best ways to experience the culture of any country is through its music. Local clubs and clubs are informal venues perfect for exploring current and popular sounds

    MINAE Cancels Permits to ‘Del Monte’ Company for Its Pineapple Project

    The Minister of Environment and Energy (MINAE), Carlos Manuel Rodríguez, explained -in December 2019- the issue of the suspension of the permits given to the corporation 'Corporación de Desarrollo Agrícola Del Monte, SA' -better known as Pindeco- for the planting of pineapple in the South Zone

    British Celebrities Came to Costa Rica for New Year’s Holiday

    The British actor Christian Bale, famous for his role of ‘Batman’ in the trilogy of “The Dark Knight”, came to Costa Rica to celebrate New Year’s holiday

    Costa Rica: The Best Destination in the World to Discover in 2020

    Costa Rica is a country that has positioned itself over time as the ideal place for enjoying the best time of your life

    ‘Lonely Planet’ Appoints the Best Destinations for 2020

    If you have not decided on your travel plans for next year, here are some suggestions

    The Importance of Sex

    This was confirmed for me in a recent class I was taking. Being a woman who owns and adores her natural feminine chaos

    Costa Rica and Panamá Will Host the Women's U20 Soccer World Cup

    Recently, it was known through an official FIFA statement that the countries of Costa Rica and Panamá will host the “Women's U20

    Costa Rica: A Unique Destination…

    Costa Rica is a country considered one of the main natural treasures of Central America. Its heavenly beaches and warm weather, almost...

    Discover the Main Attractions of San José!

    San José is a capital city, a province and, additionally, the main center of human concentration in Costa Rica. It is located...

    Get to Know the Main Advantages Costa Rica Offers Its Visitors

    In Costa Rica, tourists can travel almost anywhere they want, in comfortable and modern buses. Those who wish to rent a car...

    Discover the Spectacular ‘Oropéndola’ Waterfall!

    If you are one of the people whose goal is to meet new waterfalls. Well, today I want to invite you to...

    Meet Those Charming Places in Montezuma

    What to see in Montezuma? We are convinced that you will like this place instantly. You cannot stand the desire to know...

    When the Amazon Burns, the Rest of the World Alarms!

    The Amazon rainforest -which encompasses much of northwestern Brazil and extends to Colombia, Peru, and other countries in South America- is the...

    “Rincón de la Vieja”: Water-Skin, Fire-Heart

    The "Rincón de la Vieja" (Old Lady’s Corner) National Park, located in the volcanic mountain range of Guanacaste, at the height of...

    Discover Costa Rica’s Exotic Animals!

    Do you feel that nature and all its mysteries invite you to explore? Then you will be identified with destinations that involve...

    Costa Rica’s Future: One Step Away from the Threshold

    An ambitious National Decarbonization Plan, the 71st anniversary of the Abolition of the Army, or the 4th best position among Latin American countries in the PISA report

    WestJet Inaugurates the First Direct Flight between Canada and Roatán

    The first flight of the Canadian airline WestJet arrived a few days ago in Roatán with more than 130 tourists from Canada

    Costa Rican Youth Dedicates Herself to Rescue Stray Dogs

    Nicole Chacón, a young neighbor from the district of Florence, is responsible for rescuing dogs in extreme conditions, on the verge of death, to recover from punishment, and find a new home

    The Hammerhead Shark Listed as a Critically Endangered Species

    The red list of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) of 2019 shows that, at least, 73 species worldwide...

    Costa Rica: One of the Most Innovative Countries in Latin America

    With less than 5 million inhabitants, it has not prevented Costa Rica from being at the forefront of innovation in Latin America....

    Prestigious Danish Design Institute to Open Campus in Costa Rica

    One of the world's leading design and innovation schools, the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID), will open its first headquarters outside of Europe in February 2020 in Costa Rica

    Arenal Power Plant: 40 Years Generating Renewable Electricity

    Last Tuesday, December 4th, 2019, the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE) celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Arenal Hydroelectric Plant in Tilarán Park

    The MD-2 Pineapple Variety: The Bitter Side of Sweetness

    As it is well known, since 2007, Costa Rica dominates the world’s pineapple market, thanks to the MD-2 variety (better known as “Sweet Gold” or “Golden”)

    Costa Rica Prohibits Use of Glyphosate in Its Protected Wild Areas

    The National System of Conservation Areas (Sinac) issued a guideline, which prohibits the use of glyphosate in the 11 Protected Wild Areas (ASP) of the country, as well as in the institution's offices

    Surfer Brisa Hennesy Qualifies for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

    Surfer Brisa Hennesy became, last Sunday, the 5th Costa Rican athlete qualified for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. The surfer...

    Second-Hand Goods Markets Flourish in Costa Rica

    More and more people have left behind the stereotypes around second-hand items. Precisely in Costa Rica, since 2017, the SJO Bazar is...

    Sniffer Dogs Against Vegetable Contraband at the Juan Santamaría Airport

    A pair of canine units will track baggage in search of contaminated fruits and vegetables in order to reduce the risk of...

    In Costa Rica, 1 Out of 4 Fresh Vegetables Is Contaminated with Pesticides

    The State Phytosanitary System has published today the “Report 2018 on Analysis of Pesticide Residues in Fresh Vegetables in Costa Rica of...
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