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    Stressful Life 10 Ways to Ease your Stress TCRN

    Stressful Life: 10 Ways to Ease your Stress

    When faced with uncertain life events, it is hard not to get stressed. Typically, stress symptoms are your body's way of responding to some pressing life challenges
    Best Online Casinos in Costa Rica for 2021

    Best Online Casinos in Costa Rica for 2021

    Searching for the best online casino to play at is not such an easy task. You need to take into consideration several aspects to perform the comparison and pick the best one
    Interview with Nana Visitor Inspiration for today and hope for the future

    Interview with Nana Visitor: Inspiration for Today and Hope for The Future. (Part I)

    Among her many acting and performing accomplishments, she portrayed the character of Major Kira Nerys in the legendary series Star Trek.

    Costa Rica Offers International Visitors Great Experiences to Enjoy a Romantic Trip

    Having fun as a couple on a zip line, watching a whale or a sloth up close or participating in a cocoa ceremony are some of the experiences that await couples in Costa Rica.

    New Tico TV Program Highlights “Naivety” By the General Population with Regards to Politics

    The space combines interviews, special guests, explanatory videos and infographics to enrich the audience's learning
    Discover These Dog-Friendly Travel Destinations in Costa Rica

    Discover These Dog-Friendly Travel Destinations in Costa Rica

    Costa Rica is an amazingly dog-friendly place! You can go anywhere with a pup, including restaurants, bars, beaches, and shopping centers

    National Geographic’s “Traveler Magazine” Highlights Costa Rica Among “the Best in the World”

    "So you want to escape? Imagine a country with a quarter of its territory with national parks, a place where you can walk through...

    Wind and Cold are Still Present in Costa Rica

    "The country will continue under the influence of strong trade winds, although a decrease in the speed of the maximum gusts is expected

    New Forest Inaugurated in Carrillo to Mitigate Desertification and Drought

    With the planting of 100 trees, the State of Israel Forest was inaugurated this Thursday in Carillo, Guanacaste. The creation of the new forest...

    Ways to Avoid Back Pain When Working On Your Computer

    The Association of Chartered Physical Therapists has designed some simple stretches that, if done regularly, can help prevent aches and pains.

    Canadian Airlines Suspend Flights to Costa Rica for Three Months

    the Prime Minister of this country, Justin Trudeau, announced this Friday the agreement with the companies Air Canada, WestJet, Sunwing, and Air Transat to pause trips to Mexico,

    Did NASA Achieve Long-Distance Quantum Teleportation?

    "With this demonstration, we are beginning to lay the groundwork for the construction of a metropolitan quantum network in the Chicago area,"

    Tica Yokasta Valle Will Defend Her World Boxing Title in Costa Rica

    The greater the contributions received, the greater the value of the fight and, consequently

    Construction of the First Electric Sailboat Made in Costa Rica Advances

    Some time later, he founded his first company, Topsail Rigging, where he dedicated himself to designing and building
    5 Reasons How Technology Is Driving The Telemedicine Industry In 2020

    5 Reasons How Technology Is Driving The Telemedicine Industry In 2020

    Technology has broadened medical science perspectives to create cures and pursue medical treatment that has never been seen before

    Tourism Entrepreneurs Advocate Attracting Remote-Workers to Costa Rica Through a New Law

    Attracting remote workers or digital nomads is the intention of the National Chamber of Tourism (Canatur), supported by a bill that is being processed in the Tico National Assembly.

    Pandemic Evidences the Need for the Internet as a “Human Right”, says Tico Minister...

    Costa Rica closed its schools and colleges since March 2020. Now, they will reopen their doors in a dual in-person and distance mode

    Suspension of Higher Education in Costa Rica Due to the Pandemic Threatens Shortage of...

    The COVID-19 Pandemic has had a negative impact on the training of medical specialists, as most higher-education programs have been on hiatus for almost a year.

    Rio Piedras Dam, a Project for the Benefit of All the Tico Community

    The dam designed for the Piedras River can be defined as a large-scale project that is developed for the common good.
    What to Expect When Visiting Costa Rica

    What to Expect When Visiting Costa Rica

    Are you nervous about travelling to Costa Rica for the first time? Do not worry, as we are here to guide you on some of the basics of travelling to this world-class destination
    KLM is one of the largest international airlines worldwide.

    KLM Suspends All its Flights, Including Costa Rica

    The main airline of the Netherlands, KLM, suspended as of this Friday all its weekly long-stay flights, as well as all those to European destinations that require to spend the night abroad.

    A Book on Costa Rican Biodiversity is Published in Australia

    "Costa Rica has about 6% of the planet's biodiversity, both in species and in ecosystems, and yet it only represents 0.03% of the world's territory," the institution added.

    Hours Are Extended for the Restart of In-person Classes in Costa Rica

    The Ministry of Public Education (MEP) extended the maximum hours for returning to the classroom scheduled for the beginning of the school year, on...

    Microclimates of Costa Rica: Nature Without Limits

    The tropical climate of our country is a set of elements of the weather that define the heterogeneous climatic features that the Costa Rican territory presents.
    Retreats to look for in Costa Rica for 2021

    Retreats to look for in Costa Rica for 2021

    What is your idea of a perfect vacation? Does it include relaxing at retreats or not? If yes, then there are some of the best retreats in Costa Rica that you can enjoy
    Don't Miss a Chance to Play at These Golf Courses in Costa Rica

    Don’t Miss a Chance to Play at These Golf Courses in Costa Rica

    Costa Rica is tropical and beautiful! If you’re in the mood for a round of golf while you’re there, don’t miss the chance to play at one of these golf courses

    Playa Hermosa de Guanacaste Inaugurates Accessible Facilities for the Entire Population

    This, thanks to a trailer equipped with various facilities and that will be completely free of charge for the population.

    Protocol for Concerts with Small Audiences and in Open Spaces is Implemented in Costa...

    The Ministry of Culture and Youth (MCJ) issued this January 20th health safety protocol for the performance of concerts with small audiences and in open spaces
    Three things you can do to improve your healthy lifestyle

    Three things you can do to improve your healthy lifestyle

    We all know it’s important to stay healthy, but it can often be difficult to find the time to think about what we need to do to stay healthy

    Nicoyano was Hired by the NBA as a Content Generator

    Dreams come true, like those of Rubén Alfaro, known in the basketball scene as "Baby Yao" who is the most recent NBA signing.Alfaro, who...

    Costa Rica will End up Paying Globalvía Up to Six Times the Amount Invested,...

    The country will end up paying the Globalvía company up to six times more than the amount originally invested on Route 2

    “Rio Cuarto Lagoon”, The Deepest Volcanic Lagoon in Costa Rica

    Immersed in the forest, but easily accessible, you can find the Río Cuarto Lagoon, located in the canton of Alajuela.

    Rio de Janeiro Rules Out Celebrating its Famous Carnival in 2021 Due to the...

    Rio de Janeiro ruled out celebrating its famous Carnival in 2021, which the samba schools planned to hold in July, due to the rebound...

    This Summer Smells Like the Mountains of Costa Rica

    This Huele a Montaña (Smells Like Mountains) initiative has been developed by the different tourism chambers of each town and was born with the aim of allowing a sustainable reactivation of tourism.

    Which Airlines are Now Flying to Costa Rica?

    The Swiss airline Edelweiss Air was the latest to resume operations at the Juan Santamaría International Airport

    Why is the Return to the Classrooms so Urgent in Costa Rica?

    The return to in-person classes must take place and cannot be postponed, says the Tico Ministry of Education. Although the cases of COVID-19 in...

    Four New Modern Trains Arrived in Costa Rica this past Monday

    This past Monday Costa Rica received four new trains from China. This is a second shipment that completed all of the units that will...

    Tests made by the University of Costa Rica to detect COVID-19 in Saliva

    The work of more than 20 experts from the University of Costa Rica (UCR) to have more agile and cheaper tests of COVID-19 advanced this week to its next phase.

    Vice President of Costa Rica Invites Kamala Harris to Join in Supporting Human Rights

    Campbell highlights in her letter to Harris that, for the first time in history, the continent has two black female vice presidents elected by popular vote

    Mexico Recognizes Halt to Trump’s Wall and Return of Migrants

    Mexico today celebrates Joe Biden's executive order to interrupt the construction of Donald Trump's border wall and the return of migrants,
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