Bill Seeks to Promote the Bioeconomy in costa Rica

    The initiative seeks to finance research and development of the bioeconomy, and incubation of so-called bioenterprises

    A Victory for Multilateralism and for the High Seas

    The high seas cover almost half of our planet. It is our greatest global commons and makes Earth habitable by providing oxygen and food

    Talamanca Regulatory Plan is Denounced as Threatening the Gandoca Manzanillo Refuge

    The complainants indicate that the urban proposals of these corporations would disastrously affect the area, causing and accelerating

    Costa Rica Keeps a Treasury of Seeds, in the Face of Climate or Food Crises, in Turrialba

    These seeds, which can be stored at low temperatures for up to 40 years without being damaged, can be used in research, genetic improvement or supply

    Educational Centers in Costa Rica Will Recycle and Win in the Second Edition of the Ambientados Award

    In the 2022 edition, 23 educational centers from the Greater Metropolitan Area (GAM) participated

    168 Years of Chinese Culture in Costa Rica Are Celebrated With Sculpture

    Marco Polo's mythical Cathay was famed as a land of spicesjewelery and fine silks, so China's trading tradition is as old as the nation

    The Clean Wave Foundation Has Carried Out Some 320 Days of Solid Waste Collection in Guanacaste

    According to Andrés Bermúdez, President of the Foundation, this initiative, which is carried out under the "zero waste"

    What Do Climate Records That Are Being Broken On The Planet Mean?

    The dangerous heat waves that shake Europe could break new records, according to the United Nations.It is difficult to make

    The Planet Has Gone From Global Warming To Global Boiling

    In the middle of a speech before the press in the United States, Guterres lamented the little climate action in the world,

    Coexistence between Wild Cats and Cattle Is Promoted in Costa Rica

    Can wild cats and cattle live together? This is what the alliance between Corfoga and Panthera is about
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    Crowdfunding Helps Democratize Real Estate Investments

    In addition to the fact that crowdfunding opens the door for people to invest in assets that they couldn't before, it allows them to diversify and build a large portfolio
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