Is it Better to Excercise in the Morning or Afternoon?

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    We are going to give you all the benefits of each option so that you can make the decision that best suits your needs. You and only you will know if you have more motivation to do one or the other. And, remember, that even if you try to train in the morning or afternoon and it doesn’t work for you, you can always create the opposite routine. The important thing is not to stop on this fitness journey that you have proposed.

    In addition to choosing one option or another because it is convenient due to schedules or commitments, it is good to understand all the additional advantages that are achieved by training in the morning or afternoon.

    Benefits of training in the morning

    You do it when you have the most energy. Although it is thought that after waking up there is a lethargic period, you can train yourself to activate quickly. Without a doubt, when we have the most energy is in the morning because we have slept and the body is ready to start the day. Every day that passes when you train in the morning you wake up faster.

    It’s stimulating. Along with the previous advantage, getting active makes us more stimulated, not only during training but for the rest of the day. Starting with that break of rest provides endorphins that motivate us.

    It’s harder to forget to train. If training is the first thing you do after waking up, it is more difficult to forget what you should do. Having such a privileged reserved space means that skipping it is deliberate, and no one wants to skip training and feel lazy for the rest of the day.

    It easily becomes a routine. Again, having a permanent gap in your schedule that involves getting up early makes it easy to implement. Although it may seem that, on the contrary, it is more difficult to get up early to do so, those who enjoy training will be eager to wake up and get to it. If you are one of those who need motivation to train in the morning, we have the solution for you. Training in the morning also means testing commitment and perseverance. They would train too.

    Gyms are usually empty at this time. It is the most difficult to reconcile due to work issues, so, if you have the possibility, you should take it. Having an empty gym is equivalent to not having to wait to use any machine. This means doing it quickly and efficiently. It also has the added bonus that if you don’t like being seen while you train, you can.

    Advantages of training in the afternoon

    It helps to feel like the day is ending. Doing your session after studying or working closes one more daily cycle. You give the last of your energy to something you are passionate about and the feeling of reward that remains after it is inimitable.

    You will sleep more and better. Finishing using up the energy you have means that, after lying in bed, you fall exhausted. And this is good for those with insomnia or other sleeping problems like anxiety. Time will be better optimized and you will be able to follow your schedules and calculate sleep hours perfectly.

    There is a temporary space in which many hormones are released that help training. Testosterone, serotonin and more hormones have a peak during this time that, if used well, will make the sessions more intense.

    Other considerations about training in the morning or afternoon

    To make the decision you must also take into account your meal times and how your body responds to it. For example, there are those who train in the morning on an empty stomach. Others need to eat breakfast and wait a while before they can exercise. In the afternoon there are also heavier meal times that can influence the development of the session and make it less pleasant. Fitness life is closely related to food and it is something to take into account.

    Furthermore, the ideal is that you set one of the routines and follow it closely. Alternating would not be ideal. You can try both before deciding. The minimum to know if it works or not would be a week. Training just one day in the morning and not getting all the benefits is not enough. It is an isolated event.

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