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    Exploring Costa Rica’s Unique Slave History

    Costa Rica was involved in the slave trade, but had a slightly different path than many other countries in central America and the Caribbean

    Neither Age nor the Evolution of Society Stops Amanda Moncada

    Life is, without a doubt, a train loaded with diverse moments, each one leaving us with the best sensations. One thing we must all be very clear about is that we must enjoy each stage, with patience and motivation,...

    Explaining Costa Rica’s Remote Work Revolution

    Costa Rica generated a significant demand for remote workers during the height of the coronavirus pandemic, and this appeal has endured

    Be Prepared When Buying Restaurant Equipment

    Buying restaurant equipment is often overlooked, yet this is probably the most expensive part in the process – unless you buy the building, rather than rent it

    Ritual: White and Yellow Flowers to Intuit as Fairies

    Light the yellow candle for 10 minutes every day and leave the piece of bread next to it. Then take it to a temple to finish consuming.

    Sweets of Yesteryear Return to Pamper Costa Rican Palates

    Our meeting today is with Freddy Padilla Ceo of "DulcesTradicionales" who will give us some Tips of yesterday's Ticosweets

    Cooking up a storm within the Slots

    It’s no secret that many of us constantly have food on our minds. There’s no doubt that you’ve looked at the menu online before visiting a restaurant to decide what to have, or that you’ve ever let the thought of a good meal or snack spur you on through your workload to get it finished

    Exhibiting the Violence of Cancellation Against Comedy

    For the ancient Greeks, "humor" was a state of health. Today it seems that the "acid humor" has died. If we had to make an immediate reference to the most mediatic  award in the history of cinema, we intuitively...

    The Memory of Canada`s Indigenous Minors Wins the “Photo Of the Year for the 2022 World Press Photo Contest”

    The image, signed by Amber Bracken for 'The New York Times', shows a row of crosses with hanging clothes that recall a history of global colonization

    Costa Rica Inspires Us to Be Happy and Thrive

    If your purpose is to travel and live a unique experience, Costa Rica is the right country, here you will not only enjoy nature, but also return home being your best version. ...
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    Organic Waste from Daniel Oduber Airport Will Fertilize Orchards in Liberia

    The organic waste produced by passengers at the Daniel Oduber airport in Guanacaste will serve as fertilizer for the gardens of families in the San Rafael neighborhood of Liberia.
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