Costa Rica is a Deep Romance”: Evangelina, Who Toured the Country on a Skateboard, Declares Her Love For It in a Documentary

    Evangelina details to her 65,000 followers on this platform the reasons why she is in love with Costa Rica

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     “My first trip to Costa Rica was the beginning of one of the deepest romances of my life”.With these words Evangelina González describes her love with our country. A romance that began in 2021 when she traveled a good part of the territory on an electric skateboard.

    And in this 2024 it does nothing but grow, to such an extent -and with two visits on her back: the other one was in 2022- that she published a documentary on her YouTube channel called Alinfinitoo.

    In this video of just under 25 minutes, this Argentinean resident in Germany details to her 65,000 followers on this platform the reasons why she is in love with Costa Rica.

    How she got here:

    “It all started in 2021. I was going by train from Frankfurt to Munich¡ and I had just been approved for a sports project by the brand of my E-skate: Bewatt.”I was going to tour five countries on five continents with my electric skateboard. I was on that train with my laptop on my lap, thinking about the project and planning the countries I was going to tour”.

    “I chose Portugal to start in Europe. And as I thought about the other continents, the big question came to me: “How to decide which countries to travel?” I had to choose countries that were small/medium in size, safe for a woman traveling alone, and that would offer me a cinematic scenery”.

    “When I did the first search on America, I typed in the search engine: ‘safest countries in Latin America’ and it first appeared on my radar: Costa Rica.I saw the magnificent scenery of volcanoes and jungles. And I honestly didn’t investigate further. I talked it over with Emilio Scotto, the motorcyclist with the record for the longest motorcycle trip and my idol. He told me: ‘You have to do Costa Rica through the Pacific’,” said Evangelina.

    The people, the food, the scenery

    She said that when she arrived in Costa Rica, she only had one volunteer program booked in the South Pacific, in Uvita. There she would exchange work for room and board for a few weeks.

    From the moment she arrived in the country everything began to seem like a very pleasant adventure: from the connectivity of the buses, the cleanliness of the Juan Santamaría airport and the scenery.

    “I took my bus heading to Osa and there I discovered that you can cry when you see the sea, palm trees and a pristine landscape,” she said.The surprises continued every day. The Ticas who worked with me at the hostel were the sweetest, most patient and mischievous people I had ever met after traveling 40 countries around the world”.

    “More surprises: I went with Bar, a guy from Israel, to surf and at one point I looked back, with that intense green landscape and the fog of the rainy season, and I looked at my colleague with teary eyes and said, ‘This place is incredible, I can’t believe this exists!'”

    “It was nothing but surprises, and what surprises I had left to experience! I went to Costa Rica without expecting anything, without reading anything (very badly done) and with several pains in my soul. And Tiquicia healed my grief, made me brave, silenced my problems and replaced them with friends, landscapes, pure life and peace.In Costa Rica I was happy for the first time,” she concluded.

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