Álex Reyes Reached the Summit of Chirripó  Three Years After Losing His Arms

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    Alex Reyes did it.The motivational speaker who lost his arms in an accident three years ago reached the summit of Chirripó.He posted it himself on social networks with a photo of him in front of the well-known sign that gives an account of the height of the peak, which reaches 3,820 meters above sea level.

    His statement was:

    “Dedicated to my family that has never abandoned me.To those who deserve to be called my friends and to all these people who have given us their blessings, prayers and kind words”.

    “That God of the Bible is more than alive: he wants a business with you and wants to be everything in your life, because he is eager to permeate every area of it.Let’s think more about principles, values, discipline, conviction and the right motivations so that in this way we can make an honorable and brilliant personal strategy, each in his or her own context”.

    “This is not about comparing ourselves against anyone, but against our version of yesterday. You are a walking altar, you have unique gifts and characteristics that can take you to the highest peak of your life, do not lose faith, sow with love and keep hope. Remember: everything is possible for those who believe,” he said.

    Special technique

    Alex made the ascent thanks to special harnesses, which were also used for the descent.According to the established schedule, the journey began on June 9 with the departure of Alex and his team from San José to San Gerardo de Rivas.The ascent of Chirripó began on June 10 at dawn, and on June 11 at 10 a.m. Alex and the group reached the summit.

    Support network

    The team accompanying Alex on this expedition is composed of close friends and experienced hikers.Among them is Gretel, the person who has climbed Chirripó the most times in the history of Costa Rica, with 108 ascents.

    Gretel not only brings her vast experience, but also plays a crucial role in the logistics and safety of the expedition, Alex mentioned a few days ago.In addition, she has the support of two specialized guides who support the group at the most challenging points of the route.One of the highlights of this expedition will be the making of a documentary that will capture every moment of the ascent.

    Documentary filming

    The documentary will be directed by Wálter Fernández, director of the production company Nosotros Films, who has been working closely with Álex in the planning and execution of this project.In the audiovisual, the aim is not only to show the physical and emotional challenges of the ascent, but also to convey a message of hope and overcoming.

    “We want this documentary to inspire all those people who feel that their circumstances prevent them from achieving their dreams. Alex is a clear example that, with determination and effort, anything is possible,” said Fernández.

    For his part, Alex, who has dedicated his life to motivating others after his accident, sees in this expedition an opportunity to demonstrate that limitations are more in the mind than in the body.

    Inspiring all

    “This ascent can inspire many people, mainly those who feel that they are worthless, that they have no chance in life, or that something happened to them that caused them to feel that they no longer have a chance to reach their goals or dream.I want it to be a documentary, for people to say: ‘well, even though it’s not Everest, this guy doesn’t have it very easy and he still has the courage’. So, from that perspective, they can say: ‘what am I missing to be able to achieve it’. My objective, and that of the documentary, is to inspire and motivate people,” concluded Alex.

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