Indulge in the Unique Flavors of Costa Rican Gastronomy in a Delicious Audiovisual Series

    “I discovered a Costa Rica of flavors”

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    The Costa Rican Tourism Institute invites you to taste Costa Rican gastronomy, learn about its history, products and recipes through an immersive trip to the areas of Caño Negro, Tortuguero, Golfito and Pavones, San Vito de Coto Bus and Pérez Zeledón.

    “I discovered a Costa Rica of flavors” is the name of the audiovisual series of five videos that will be enjoyed on the ICT’s Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channel for the second consecutive year, along with the story of local entrepreneurs and some sodas from these areas. Complementary audiovisuals of stories of gastronomic entrepreneurs called “Con las Manos” will also be included and “The Taste of Sodas” will be shown.

    Taste and crave

    For the second consecutive year, the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) invites Costa Ricans to do tourism in different regions of the country, placing gastronomy as a delicious travel motivator, through the audiovisual series “I discovered a Costa Rica of flavors”, leading them to explore, taste and crave the ingredients, products, recipes, traditions and culinary identity of the North-North, North Caribbean and Brunca regions.

    In this season of the series that will run from April to June, tourist destinations and communities stand out such as Caño Negro, in Los Chiles; Tortuguero, Pérez Zeledón, San Vito de CotoBrus, Golfito and Pavones. The premieres will be made weekly on the ICT social networks on Facebook, the YouTube channel (Costa Rican Institute of Tourism) and Instagram (oficial_ict).

    Craving dishes from these regions such as smoked meat, seafood soup or Caño Negro sponge cakes; the green plantain hash with pork from San Vito de CotoBrus; “Bien me sabe”, the piangua ceviche or the sour “atoll” from Golfito are some examples of the dishes to be shown in the audiovisual material.

    A virtual gastronomic trip

    “We invite Costa Ricans to take a virtual gastronomic trip through these videos, hoping that it will later lead them to decide to personally explore each of these areas, taste their rich and extensive gastronomy, learn about their history, traditions and discover the beauties natural that hide in each place. Without a doubt, gastronomy is one of the travel motivators par excellence,” said Ireth Rodríguez, head of promotion at the ICT.

    The communication tactic “Discover a Costa Rica of Flavors” is part of the ICT strategy called “Costa Rica, a country of flavors to discover,” which invites travelers to visit places in the country motivated by their flavors and ingredients.

    Complementary ingredients

    In addition to the five main videos of the “Discover a Costa Rica of flavors” tactic, the ICT will also share five video stories on its social networks, under the name “With the hands”, from entrepreneurs from Caño Negro, San Vito, Golfito , Tortuguero and Pérez Zeledón, who have made a name for themselves among their neighbors for their good spoon.

    In addition, there is the complementary series called “The flavor of sodas”, composed of three videos, each of them recorded at “Soda Las Palmeras”, in Caño Negro; “Soda Ebenezer”, in Pavones de Golfito and “Soda Fresia”, in San Vito, as places that every tourist should visit when traveling to these locations.

    The first edition of “Discover a Costa Rica of flavors” was launched in January 2023 and documented tourist and gastronomic material on Isla Venado, Punta C oral and Tambor, in the Pacific; Nicoya, Guaitil de Santa Cruz, Artola de Sardinal and Pozo de Agua, in Guanacaste; Bananito de San Andrés, Puerto Viejo, Meleruk, from the Bribri territory of Talamanca and central Limón; Santa Cruz de Turrialba, BirrísUjarrás, Paraíso de Cartago, Llano Grande Cartago and Barrio Los Ángeles de Cartago.

    According to the study “Image and positioning of Costa Rica as a tourist destination (post-pandemic scenario)”, prepared in May 2023 for the ICT by the Spanish company Two Much Research Studio, the traveler who visits us is interested in enjoying gastronomy, especially eating local food, the same one that Costa Ricans taste. 47% of those surveyed in the study highlighted “delicious food” as part of the country’s image, exceeding the 42.5% who responded the same in 2018.

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