6 Reasons Why Surfing Is the Best Sport of All

    Surely there are many feelings and emotions that move you to surf

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    My surf friends have given me very good reasons that show that surfing is the best sport of all. Do you want to know what they are?

    1. Surfing makes you fit

    I’ve said it many times; surfing is the hardest sport I have ever practiced. Everything is trained, from arms, shoulders to torso and legs. The best way to train is to get into the water as much as you can, but as I know that it is not always possible, this video to train surfing out of the water can help you with your goals.

    2. Surfing makes you patient

    We have discussed this on occasion. Sitting on the board you have to be patient for the series to come, and once it comes you have to be patient until you wait for your perfect wave.

    3. Surfing puts you in contact with nature

    Without a doubt, it is one of the points that I like the most about surfing, the communion with the ocean, being part of the landscape even during the hour or 2 hours that you are in the water. You, your board and the sea. If you are surfing on a virgin beach, this feeling is multiplied by two.

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    4. Surfing makes you happy

    It is a scientific fact. Being in the sun is good for your health, and if you mix that with playing sports, this makes the endorphins shoot up. With surfing you leave problems behind and that always makes you come out of the water with a smile on your face. In fact, in traditional medicine, some doctors already prescribe it against depression and other ailments.

    5. You will travel more

    From your first wave, the only thing you can think of is destinations to catch waves. You will start touring the world;

    6. Surfing will reinforce your personality

    With surfing you become more persistent, you don’t give up at the first disappointment. You keep wallowing in the waves until you achieve your goal. You will get out of your comfort zone again and again, and this will undoubtedly make you grow as a person, making you stronger than you would have thought possible.

    Now friends, tell us why you surf?
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