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    Finding purpose with what you aspire to achieve

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    The clock said 9:00 am in the morning; the last morning of February 2022, one of those that I love, I’m having my tea, like any other day, about to start my workday, well, thinking about it! My day, because I love what I do.

    Between sips of tea, I opened my email, and immediately the subject of an email “my life is not what I want” caught my attention. I stopped at it, this caught my attention so much.

    How to embrace life if there is no clear motivation?

    The central axis of life is to have our clear objectives, and having them in mind it is necessary, in my opinion, to take into account several key points:

    How clear is your north?

    It has to be really clear, the why of each action, because this sets the guidelines to be able to focus on working, building, and doing, otherwise, I think that we are simply going to live achieving things by accident, and this is what nurtures our frustration because we fall into the delusion of believing that we have made an effort.

    When there is no clarity, it becomes easy to get lost along the way. I believe that in life it is necessary to plan and organize to achieve. For example, if you have a goal of taking a trip, and you can’t save, then perhaps your first move should be to take a finance course. When you live by accident, the money goes and we don’t know where. What takes us away from our dreams and often bogs us down in frustration.

    Discipline and perseverance must become our pillars

    Many times we want something, we hope that it will arrive “by magic”. The truth (according to my experience) is that every goal requires being accompanied by a perseverance at all times, and even when we feel that “we can’t take it anymore”, I am sure that, passing that line, you will find what you long for.

    Many people give up just when they are about to achieve it, because they make a mistake, waiting for the happiness of the final goal, instead of enjoying the achievement of each stage, forgetting that each step is a moment of joy. If we do not have a vision of the process, motivation drops.

    It is necessary to work more on the objectives at a compound level, not a simple one. It is not just about proposing what we want, it is necessary to know what actions I am going to accompany each objective.

    Here I propose three keywords:

    Define: It is your life, you decide, define the what and the why of each dream. I believe that the raison d’être of everything we dream of is “feeling good” and this is a personal conquest.

    Analyze: Once you define what you want, now if you analyze the positive impact, ask, seek help, analyze all the variables, in order to plan the path that we must follow, from now on.

    Execute: Today, already, because it is useless to dream, define, and analyze if you are watching life go by. Everything has to translate actions, dates, times, everything specifically.

    Obtaining success

    If you want success in what you set out to do, you need to get out of the victim position and maintain an attitude of conquest as I call it. Which is nothing else than loving life and transforming it with your actions.

    Shake yourself, go with determination for what you love so much. No matter what others say negatively, give power only to those words that drive and inspire you. Change your way of thinking and relating and you will see how your life changes.

    Regardless of what it costs, comply with what is proposed! Please do it for yourself, don’t give up! This is a commitment to yourself. This is not about competing with the shadows of others and never hurt others to grow.

    You, work with consistency, with integrity. This is an act of self-love, so always enjoy the process. Successes, thousands of blessings and do not forget to thank for who you are and for what you have.It’s not the universe, it’s your brain, yeah…
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