A New Way of Viewing the Planet Mars Landscape

    Panoramic photos taken by space rover Perseverance

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    The Space Probe Perseverance cameras will help scientists determine Mars crater’s geological history and atmospheric conditions, NASA released a panoramic photo of Mars taken in the area where it landed the previous week.

    The image, reconstituted from several photos taken by the vehicle, shows the crest of the Jezero crater in which, according to scientists, there was a deep lake where a river flowed, about 3.5 billion years ago. The rover took 142 photos. 360 degrees with the high definition devices installed on its mast.

    “We are installed in a very good place, from which we can see features very similar to those found by Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity (three rovers that preceded Perseverance on the red planet) in their landing zone,” said Jim Bell of the University of Arizona.

    Searching for remains of past life

    The US space agency wants to search for remains of life on Mars, and for this it will collect about thirty rock samples for at least two years. The Perseverance cameras will help scientists determine the crater’s geological history and atmospheric conditions, as well as identify rocks and sediments that will be collected to send to Earth during a future mission, scheduled for the 2030s.

    NASA had already released two documents captured by its rover: a video of its landing from all angles and the sound of a gust of wind on Mars, the first audio recorded by a microphone on the red planet.

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