If You Want to Achieve the Goals You Set Yourself This Year Apply These 5 Recommendations

    Having designed a concrete plan is essential

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    A new year inspires billions of people in the world to set goals for the next 365 days. Unfortunately for lack of having designed a concrete plan to achieve them, 33% of all of them will be discarded by February and nine out of ten objectives will not be achieved in these 12 months.

    To increase exponentially the probability of being part of the ten percent that does achieve its mission, the suggestion is to put into practice all the following tips:

    1. The goals must be coherent and aligned

    With the ideal of life embodied in the “Blackboard with your Vision”. Any decision that is going to be made must be compared against what was agreed in this magical tool and based on this, discard or include it as the case may be.

    For example, if in the life vision it was declared “I am Financially Free before December 31, 2026”. It makes sense then that one of the goals is “My equity is greater than $ 100,000 before December 31, 2022.” And the idea of ​​changing the car will be easily discarded.

    2- Hiring a mentor

    To whom you have to deliver progress reports on a weekly and monthly basis increases the chances of success by 80%. For this reason, people who have personal trainers change their body composition more quickly since two factors come into play that help them.

    First, the payment of a price that keeps them at bay from their training, rest, diet, hydration because if they did something against the above they know that they are throwing their money away.

    Second, close monitoring to be able to consult, correct, be weighed and measured periodically in order to control all the variables. A variation is to have a person who is willing to achieve the goal with you. Ideally it is the couple, because in this way both are in the same line. This is the same as having a gym partner to train who is counting on us.

    3. Pick few goals

    The fewer goals the more likely they are to be achieved because time, energy and money resources are channeled. Continuing with the model of the first point, a couple of additional specific goals are sufficient: My income is greater than $ 40,000 per year before December 31, 2022. My passive income is greater than $ 10,000 per year before December 31, 2022.

    4. Writing goals by hand

    And on paper increases the chances of reaching them by 40% according to studies. By putting the Reticular Activation System to work, the mind filters and focuses on the information that is important to achieve them.

    5. Using a format such as SMART

    Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-based or GPS: 1 Goal, 3 Priorities, 15 Strategies, requires analyzing each of the goals at micro levels and how they should be executed and qualified.

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