Personal Development, Learn Here A Step By Step Method to Achieve Your Goals in Life

He who does not believe in himself does not deserve to succeed

Setting goals is the process by which we shape our dreams, and is that definition of what we want in concrete terms. Personal development, also known as personal growth, self-improvement, personal change, is a very varied set of techniques that aim, through a process of transformation, for the person to adopt new ideas or ways of thinking that allow them to generate new behaviors and attitudes, which result in an improvement in their quality of life and the achievement of their objectives or goals.

This is the most elementary factor of all achievement, which does not set a goal in his life, hardly reaches a good level of self-realization. If you want to achieve success in your life, you must consider creating and setting concrete and fixed goals.

What does personal development involve?

A) Self-knowledge.

It implies the maturity of knowing the qualities and defects of ourselves and assuming them. Self-knowledge is based on learning to know, accept and love ourselves.

B) Self-esteem.

It is dignity and ability. Valuing yourself is the only way to attract the appreciation of others. No one can understand, love or value you more than yourself. To put this point very much into practice.

C) Auto address.

It involves being clear about the goals and objectives to be achieved, planning the actions to be carried out, resisting difficulties, and self-evaluating to understand what is useful or not.

Where does personal development come from?

One of the first to raise the issue was Abraham Maslow, who made a hierarchy in the form of a pyramid and ranked them according to the priorities of his personal life:

1) Physiological reasons: at the base of the pyramid are the physiological reasons that include vital needs such as breathing, eating, drinking, sleeping, sex, etc.

2) Safety and protection needs are second and essential, especially during childhood (that is why personal development in children is so relevant).

3) Affectivity: that is, interpersonal relationships with friends, family, colleagues, etc. In this step, there is also the need to belong to groups.

4) Recognition: This has to do with the appreciation, respect, and feelings that our achievements generate both for others (social recognition) and ourselves (trust).

Finally, at the top, Maslow located the need for:

5) Self-realization: which serves to give meaning to our lives?

How to make a personal development plan.

a. – Identify what is the goal and purpose of this personal development plan.

b. – Describe the steps of the action plan focusing on those issues that depend solely on you.

c. – Take an inventory of the resources you are going to use.

d. – Set short-term goals that are aligned with your main goal.

e. – Create a support network.

Although you are the main protagonist of your development plan, having alliances will help feed your motivation. Finally, we have “Success”, which is the natural result of self-satisfaction achieved by knowing that you did the best you could to become the best you are capable of being. And remember: “He who does not believe in himself does not deserve to succeed.”

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